Delhi Restaurants and Bars Would Be Able to Stay Open All Night

Delhi Restaurants and Bars Would Be Able to Stay Open All Night

The Delhi government’s proposed excise policy for 2015-2016 aims to marginally reduce the 24-hour excise license. The moderated policy proposes slashing of the license fees up to 25 to 60% for restaurants and bars inside hotels or motels.

Delhi Restaurants and Bars to Operate All Night

Hoteliers had been approaching the government for a four-hour extension to operate through the night, as the police did not allow them to continue serving after 12:15 am. A 24-hour license seems more fitting, as the number of people dining out and partying till late has increased dramatically in the last decade. The all-night restaurants in hotels would also encourage tourism.

The existing annual fee of the 24-hour license was Rs 40 lakh for seven-star hotels, Rs 30 lakh for five star and deluxe hotels, and Rs 20 lakh motels. The updated policy requires hoteliers to pay Rs 12.60 lakh for seven-star restaurants with seating capacity less than 75, and Rs 16.80 lakh for seating above 75. For restaurants and bars in five star and deluxe hotels, the 24-hour license fee would be 10.5 lakh for seating less than 75, and Rs 13.5 for seating capacity more than 75.

The proposed policy would do away with the prerequisites for a 24-hour excise license, to serve alcohol in restaurants, and others such as tourism license, police registration, and fire clearance.

Source: Indian Express

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