Unique Cafe Ideas For Your Restaurant Startup In Singapore


Singapore’s cafe scene is catching up and has evolved beyond being a place to just have coffee, it a place for people to unwind and spend some quality time with their loved ones. People of Singapore love their coffee which has led to a growing popularity of uniquely themed cafes.

Similar to a fully operated restaurant, cafes also require something unique to attract their customers and are now judged based on the full dining experience. A great dining experience is now more than just prompt service, it is about the decor and the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee.

With that in mind, we have curated a list of modern cafe ideas you can deploy when starting a cafe in Singapore.

Innovative Cafe Ideas To Win Customers

Amazing brownies to eat, the comforting smell of something delicious brewing, good banter among the baristas is what the new age cafes are about!  

Here are some innovative cafe ideas for a restaurant startup that will make the dining experience memorable for your guests and will keep them coming back for more!

1. Multiconcept Cafe

Having a multiconcept cafe is a great way of luring in people who are looking for something more than just brunch and coffee.

Collaborate with a local designer and have their clothes, accessories, etc. displayed at your cafe for sale, this is an excellent way of attracting all the shopaholics to your cafe.  

This gives your customers a fresh appeal and an innovative experience.

Such cafe boutiques are hype in Singapore and people seem to love them, since it is a heaven for all the shopaholics!

The Social Space cafe in Singapore is equipped with a cafe, lifestyle store, and a nail salon. This cafe is quite a gem.

2. Screening In A cafe

Having a steaming cup of coffee while watching a romantic movie is something no one can say no to!

Install a projector and a small screen at your cafe and play some of the classic favorites. You can host small movie screening events at your cafe and play the most requested movies there. A movie screen adds to the relaxed vibes of the cafe and makes people feel at home, this is a good way of attracting movie enthusiasts to your cafe.

That’s not all, you can also host a live screening of matches or events like award functions, etc. at your cafe.

The Screening room cafe entices with a boutique film theatre accompanied by an unforgettable dining experience.

3. Allow Pets In Your Cafe

Every pet owner would agree that stepping out for some leisure time is an impossible task, a cafe that allows the entry of pets is everything a pet owner can truly ask for!

You can have a separate menu for pets and a small play area. This cafe idea is unusual and will attract everyone from the pet owners to animal lovers to your cafe.

You can also team up with an animal shelter and let them arrange “pet-playtime” at your cafe where people can come interact with the animals and adopt them if they wish to.

The Happenstance cafe is a great place to bring your furry friends where they can mingle with other pets. They have amenities like poo dumps, fresh bowls of water, toys, etc to ensure your pets have a good time.

4. Eco-friendly Cafes

Going eco-friendly is not only a good way of attracting millennials but will also be your contribution towards saving the environment.

Instead of plastic straws have bamboo or metal(re-useable) straws at your cafe. Serve coffee and other liquids in glassware instead of plastic cups.

You must have heard of BYOB, but have you heard about the BYOC movement in Singapore?

This movement encourages people to carry their own cups to the cafes for takeaways and avail a small discount while doing so.

Eating at an eco-friendly cafe makes people feel responsible which keeps them coming back.

The Foreword Coffee has been forward indeed with their environmentally friendly stance – they serve their drinks straw-free, but they do make exceptions for customers who specifically request for paper or metal straws.

They also offer a 10% discount for customers who bring their own takeaway cups.

5. Kids-oriented Cafe

Cafes usually cater to the adults but how about opening a cafe that appeals to the little ones? Come up with a cafe idea that serves the adults their caffeine while letting kids explore their creativity.

Decorate the interiors with colorful accents and have a separate play area for the kids. You can include a library of coloring books, short story books, etc. at your cafe.

This is a great way of keeping the kids distracted while their parents can sip their coffee peacefully.

EstPlayLove craft cafe Tucked away in Aliwal Arts Centre, this rustic cafe boasts a range of fusion delights at extremely affordable prices. Besides the delicious food, feel free to encourage your little one to unleash their inner artist at EatPlayLove’s Craft Corner.

6. Instagram-able Contemporary Cafe

Millennials love a good looking modern cafe with minimal decorations. Minimal decorations are in and people are loving it. Come up with an aesthetically pleasing decor that makes the people want to post a picture on their Instagram!

Painting your walls white, installing mosaic floors, cafe-style tables, and geometric lights, etc. make your place look modern.

A layout like this would encourage people to sit down and enjoy the interiors for longer.

Along with the interiors make sure the food presentation is also on point. Use white plates as this would pop the color of the food.

Creatures Cafe’s interior has a lot of vibrantly colored decorations adorning all around, which can be very pleasing to the eyes. The place also gives off a slight vintage feel probably owing to the framed windows on the side. Quite a different feel from the usual minimalist cafes, CreatureS gives a different setting for variety in your Instagram shots.

People chose to have coffee at the comfort of their home but choose not to and visit a cafe instead; therefore you should leave no tables unturned when coming up a great cafe idea. Cafes come in all shapes and sizes, it is all about how uniquely you enhance yours, designing beautiful and attractive interiors to keep the guests coming back.

This article aims to provide you with unique cafe ideas you can use to enhance your guest experience and outshine the other cafes.

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