4 Ways To Improve Restaurant Delivery Service For Increasing Restaurant Sales In Singapore

4 Ways To Improve Restaurant Delivery Service For Increasing Restaurant Sales In Singapore

Online delivery just like in any other part of the world is in a massive rage in Singapore. Some of the leading delivery platforms in Singapore are Deliveroo Singapore, Ubereats Singapore, FoodPanda Singapore, What to eat delivery, and Food Matters Singapore. Restaurants considering the predicament of the situation are rapidly engaging with these online delivery platforms to augment their restaurant delivery service. However, there are many who wants to be a step ahead and are crafting their very own delivery app to ensure the timely and proper delivery of the customers’ orders.

In 2014 the total number of establishments in the F&B sector was 6,871, which increased to 7,229 in 2015 and further grew to 7,679 in 2016. These numbers clearly show that the Singapore restaurant industry is blossoming, and most if not all restaurants are venturing into the online delivery business. Hence, you got to perfect your restaurant delivery services that will compel your customers to choose you over the others.

We in this article will take you through the steps through which you can hone your restaurant delivery service immensely. When customers call for home delivery they expect certain standards which must be maintained, which if not taken into account can drive your customers to the other competitors in the Singapore restaurant market. Hence, read below and garner a comprehensive knowledge on how you can optimize your restaurant delivery service.

Tips To Streamline Your Restaurant Delivery Service

Online delivery has become a new trend that every restaurant in Singapore is willing to leverage to increase their sales. If the situation is so, then what is stopping you from trying your hands in the online delivery business which will help you increase your sales and profits exponentially? Read below and know how you can make your restaurant delivery service just perfect.

1. Integrate With Online Delivery Platforms

As already mentioned there are a number of online delivery platforms present in the Singapore restaurant space. Some of the leading delivery platforms in Singapore are Deliveroo Singapore, Ubereats Singapore, FoodPanda Singapore, What to eat delivery, and Food Matters Singapore.

If you want to excel in this domain it is exceptionally important for you to get your restaurant integrated with all these online delivery platforms. This will help your customers to have a wide range of options to order form your restaurant. And remember, customers always love it when you provide them with a wide range of options.

2. Have Your Own Delivery App

There are many restaurants who don’t restrict their online sales just on the online delivery platforms. Instead, they go a step ahead and curate their very own delivery app. If you are planning to create one for yourself remember to keep in mind the below-mentioned points:

  • Your online menu and your website are properly optimized. It should be high on the customer interface. There should be a clear call-to-action and make the app easy to use. Confusing online menu or order placing process, more often than not, exhausts the customers and they might reconsider ordering from your restaurant.
  • Create an app that will give you real-time status of your delivery boys, so that you can assign them the next order according to their availability and proximity.
  • Your customers will be more than happy,  if they are able to track or if they are notified through SMS about the status of their orders.
  • If you have a stellar POS on board which comes with features like CRM, you can integrate it with your restaurant delivery app. This will help you create a robust CRM database and then run personalized marketing campaigns that will help you to notify your online customers about the new insertions in the online menu or about the new offers and discounts that you will be providing.

3. Give Due Importance To Timely Delivery

Customers love it when you live up to your promises. If you are having in-house delivery boys, make sure that they are competent enough to deliver the orders within the expected time.

In case, you are delivering through online delivery platforms. Make sure that your kitchen staff is competent enough to get the food prepared when the delivery boys arrive at the restaurant to pick up the orders. Making the delivery boys wait can increase the delivery time exponentially.

4. Package Well

Food packaging is one of the most important things that all restaurants must consider if they are venturing into the delivery business. It should be packaged well, to avoid leakages, spilling instances and the food getting cold and dry by the time it reaches the customers. Customers will not like it if they receive the orders when it is not fit for consumption.

And since it is the age of online reviews, they might also take their complaints to the restaurant review sites, and a negative review or a poor rating there will prove extremely detrimental to the health of your restaurant.

Hence, make sure that you remember to equip your delivery boys with insulated food bags that keep hot items warm and cool items cool through the ride. For items such as drinks and ice cream, use dry ice to keep them fresh and frozen.

Keep the above mentioned points in mind that will help you bolster your restaurant delivery service and will keep you ahead of your competitors when it comes to customer service. With the sprawling restaurant industry in Singapore it makes it all the more important for you to make your restaurant operations perfect, or else you will lose your customers easily. Implement the mentioned tips and see how online orders keep your cash registers oozing.

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