Why You Should Choose a Cloud Restaurant POS System Over Legacy POS

Why You Should Choose a Cloud Restaurant POS System Over Legacy POS

The restaurant space in Southeast Asia, and especially in Singapore is evolving on a massive scale. Taking this into consideration if you fail to keep up with the pace you will definitely be left behind and this will not be very good for the health of your restaurant business. In order to avoid any such situations, it is imperative that you, bring in and implement those new-age technologies that will help you to revolutionize your business while streamlining your operations. With the Singapore F&B space going cashless, self-service kiosks taking over, and online food ordering and delivery holding a major share in all orders placed at restaurants, technology have really grown leaps and bounds in the F&B space. Not only Food-Tech, but restaurant technology has also gone under major innovations in the past few years with the advent of cloud technology. The cloud-based restaurant POS is now serving as a one-stop restaurant management solution. Armed with new-age features and with open to integrations API, cloud-based POS solutions are automating and optimizing restaurant operations like never before and are fast replacing traditional server-based POS systems.

A cloud-based restaurant POS is better than a legacy POS in ways more than one. Not only does it give you data security, but a robust cloud POS will also be able to give you real-time reports of all the activities happening at your restaurant. This will help you to have comprehensive knowledge about your restaurant operations from wherever you are and hence, be relieved that your restaurant is not going haywire.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose a Cloud Restaurant POS System

Shifting to the cloud-based restaurant POS will not only streamline your restaurant operations and be easier on your pockets, but it will also enable you to have tight control over your restaurant operations, even if you are physically present at your restaurant. However, if you are still using one of the legacy POS available in the Singapore market, we would recommend you to reconsider your decision and look out for choosing a Cloud POS

Before diving into the concept of cloud-based restaurant POS system you must garner the knowledge of what a legacy POS is. A legacy POS is also known as “on-sight” or “traditional” restaurant management systems. They run on a closed internal network and stores data locally, in other words, the POS system is essentially a PC in your restaurant and you can only access your data there. They are typically bulkier and older and usually runs on Linux or Windows software.

Hopefully, you have gained some clarity on what a legacy POS is, now let’s dive into the various attributes of a cloud POS that should and must propel you to make that swift transition for the prosperous and healthy future of your restaurant business.  

1. Reduced Risk of Data Loss

A cloud-based POS ensures that all your restaurant data remains safe and secure. Since all the data is on the remote servers, even if the POS terminal at the restaurant suffers damage, the data remains safe and can be backed up anytime and from anywhere. 

2. Works Both Online and Offline

Even if all the data is stored in the cloud, it does not necessarily mean that your POS will only function when there is an internet connection. The new age robust cloud-based restaurant POS system allows you to keep making transactions even in the case of an internet outage. The data can be synced up when you go back online. This is more of a hybrid model that allows the restaurant operations to keep going on even in the case of an internet outage. Choosing a Cloud POS over a legacy POS gives you the security of keeping your data safe. 

3. Accelerates Restaurant Operations

A cloud-based restaurant POS enables communication between the front of the house and the back of the house of the restaurant. Transmission of data becomes easy in this case. For instance, as soon as the order is entered into the POS, it is automatically reflected in the Kitchen Display System that can be viewed by the Kitchen Staff and thus they can start preparing the order without any delay. Similarly, the customer data entered into the POS while taking the order is automatically synced into the CRM, which is then used to run restaurant marketing campaigns.

4. Remote Accessibility

You can monitor your restaurant’s business from anywhere. Cloud-based restaurant POS system is empowered to provide you with real-time data of the total number of bills generated on a particular day, or at a particular outlet, inventory report, details of the discounts and offers conferred, the details of the employees, for example, the number of tables each employee served and even helps you to compare all the reports across all the outlets. This helps you to have tight control over all the operations of your restaurant in spite of not being physically present at the outlets. Cloud-based POS makes your life as easy as possible since you will be able to receive these reports right on your mobile phones. 

5. Easy Integration of Modules

The new-age restaurant POS calls for integration with multiple third-party modules such as loyalty programs, online ordering and payment, table reservation, and accounting. Restaurants may be using different systems and tools for managing different aspects of the restaurant business. Now, unless the data from these tools is not processed in the form of reports, you won’t be able to make full use of these systems. For instance, you may be running a Loyalty Program Offers to your customers. But unless you understand the spending behavior of your customers through POS and CRM reports, you won’t really be able to run marketing campaigns that are high on ROI.

Third-party software can be incorporated into the cloud POS, and customized according to the restaurant’s needs.

6. Cheaper

Cloud-based restaurant POS system decreases upfront costs as no expensive servers are required. Since everything’s online, there are no hidden costs of re-installation in case the system crashes. Some cloud POs come with lifetime payments while others come with annual payments.

The overall ROI that comes from using cloud POS is much higher than when using the legacy POS system. A cloud POS helps slash down your operational costs significantly and improves the revenue by increasing efficiency. Moreover, considering the dearth of skilled restaurant staff that is available in the Singapore F&B space, it only makes sense if you automate your entire operations to reduce your dependency on manpower.

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