How To Implement The Right Restaurant Promotion Ideas For Escalated Growth

7 Restaurant Promotion Ideas To Attract Customers

Merely starting a restaurant will not help you garner profit unless you bring in regular innovations that will keep your customers hitched to your restaurant. As they say, change is the only constant. And people do get bored quickly; hence you should try and weave out innovative restaurant promotions ideas that will keep you ahead of your competitors. In this article, we will guide you through the various restaurant promotion ideas that you must use to bolster the profit margin of your restaurant.

List Of Creative Restaurant Promotion Ideas That You Must Implement Right Away

Be as creative as you can! Do proper market research and garner knowledge about the various opportunities that are just waiting for you to unveil. For example, make sure to capitalize on an event or a festival to increase visibility. 

1. Capture The Holiday Rush

Since the holidays are around the corner, it is only apparent for you to think about the new creative ideas that you can implement that will compel the happy holidaying crowd to visit your restaurant. Always try and take the leverage of the holiday seasons, since it is during these periods when people are willing to indulge in some extra luxury. For example, in the season of Advent, you can introduce some new menu items for each of the twelve days of Christmas. Such events will surely bring in that extra crowd and help you in the promotion of your restaurant.

2. Use The Big Events

There must be significant events happening quite often in your city. Be it a concert, a music festival, a film festival, you can always take part in it. Why don’t you set up a stall at these events? Don’t you think that doing so will help you reach out to a variety of potential customers? Of course, yes! 

You can also give offers on these events, for example, 5% off to people who are visiting the concert or the events. Offers and discounts will compel the customers to visit your stall and hence it will increase the profits of your restaurant.

3. Offers Can Be A Great Restaurant Promotion Idea

It is a known fact that offers, discounts or freebies tend to attract a lot of customers. After all, who doesn’t want food items that will be easy in their pockets? Hence, you can use this concept that will help you to attract more customers. The various ways offers and discounts can be given are:

  • Hashtag (#)Your Photos And Get Rewarded: This is especially important as social media has emerged in a big way. You can have a “hashtag” for your restaurant, and let the customers who visit your restaurant know about it and ask them to use it whenever they post any photos taken at your restaurant. And the best picture posted on social media with the appropriate hashtag can be given a discount of 10% the next time that customer visits your restaurant. Such campaigns will not only help you in customer retention, but they might also come back with their friends who might spread the word about the offers provided. 
  • Lucky Draw At Your Restaurant: You can organize a lucky draw at your restaurant. And the person who wins can have a complementary dish the next time the customer visits the restaurant or a 30 % off on the total bill generated. All these restaurant promotion ideas help in retention and creating new customers. 
  • Happy Hour Strategies: This is one of those restaurant promotion ideas that works immensely well to attract customers, especially college-goers who are looking for cheap liquor that will not burn a hole in their pockets. Hence, bring in the offer from 4 pm to 8 pm every day, give out one plus one on beer, or provide a complimentary dish with three pints of beer and such other offers. These will not cost you much but will help you garner more profit.

4. Take Part In Charities and Involve Celebrities

Taking part in charities can be one of the best restaurant promotion ideas since you will be able to make a mark in society, which in turn will make your restaurant more credible. For example, on Christmas or Children’s Day, you can distribute food items in an orphanage. This will hit the strings of the heart of the people.

Bringing in a more prominent named celebrity or well-known local enthusiast may seem like an expensive ordeal. Try and host events and bring stars. The presence of fame at your restaurant will do the rest of your restaurant promotion. Host comedy nights, laughter nights, or special music nights and have some well-known celebrities for that particular event and see the influx of customers that happens that day at your restaurant.

It is crucial to market all of your events and activities. Remember to promote your events on social media and also run SMS and email campaigns.

Learn how you can create smart restaurant marketing strategies for your business through this comprehensive restaurant marketing manual.

5. Run a Loyalty Program

Offer customers who come more frequently at your restaurant with special discounts. Such programs will ensure that you establish a band of loyal customers. The key is making the loyalty component high enough to provide a higher number of return visits. If your restaurant can customize loyalty programs depending on the data collected at the customer database, then it will surely be a cherry on the top.

 6. Get Involved In Community Events

Restaurant promotion idea that appeals to community challenges is always a helpful way to generate business. Perhaps, there has been a local sports team that has lost funding, a nursing home that is running out of funds, or merely a local organization looking to raise money. Allowing these organizations to use your space helps you to tap into their network and bonus, and they will do all the promotions for you.

7. Host Theme Parties

Theme parties are one of the brilliant ways to attract new customers and bring back the existing ones. There are several occasions where you can organize a themed dinner party. There should be a dress code that people must adhere to. For example, you can host a Halloween night at your restaurant, in which people will have to be dressed as per the theme, and the best-dressed guest will be provided gift hampers and a 30-40% off on the bill generated. 

There is a high chance of media coverage when your restaurant pushes the desired limit and cultivate some innovative restaurant promotion ideas. A similar thing happened when a restaurant took part in providing free food to vets on Veteran Day in 2017. This shows the immense exposure that your restaurant can experience when you promote it right.

Follow these restaurant promotion ideas and see your restaurant blossom. There are several marketing mistakes that you must avoid, or else it will hamper your creative restaurant promotion ideas. Hence, make sure that you promote it just right. Be brave while promoting your restaurant and try and innovate as much as you can!New call-to-action

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