10 Restaurant Design Tips That Will Make Your Customers Revisit

Restaurant Design Ideas That You Can Implement Right Away

Starting a restaurant and just creating an elaborate menu item will not be enough to satisfy and satiate your customers. You will have you create the right ambience, the right interiors that will hitch your customers to your restaurant. There are some notable restaurant design tips that you must implement to ensure that you become the talk of the town in no time. Restaurant interior designs are known to have an influence on the way customers perceive your restaurant and it also impacts their ordering behaviour. 

Restaurant Design Ideas That You Must Implement Right Away

Your restaurant must be so designed that it would hypnotize your customers to your restaurants. The various restaurant design ideas that you can bring into force are:

1. Have An Eye Turner Entrance

Make sure the entrance of your restaurant is designed exquisitely. Only when people know about your restaurant, they will come to your restaurant. Make it catch and unique, with the restaurant name bold and clear enough to be read and understood from afar. Design your restaurant entrance according to the theme of your restaurant. A restaurant selling seafood can have a shell-shaped or an aquarium entrance, while a jungle-themed restaurant can have a cave as an entrance.

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2. Focus On Target Clients

While planning your restaurant design make sure that it is in tune with the customers you are planning to target. For instance, if you are targeting the young crowd, then you can experiment with your interiors. You can use bold and bright colours, funky furniture, catchy wall art, put up intriguing posters, have a trendy bar corner and bring in other innovations. On the contrary, if you are targeting corporate crowd, then you must try and keep it as simple and chic as possible. Use base color, and keep the furniture edgy and the interiors clean, that will appeal to the corporate crowd who would visit your restaurant for corporate meetings.

3. Light It Right

Lights are more important that you might think of it as. A proper lighting can enhance the furniture, hide flaws, in short, it can increase your appeal to your customers. It can quite easily be called as the sole of your restaurant. A proper lighting actually has the ability to change the entire face of the restaurant. A tabletop filled with a pool of light in a semi-dark room can do wonders if you want to create an intimate space. On the contrary, if you want to keep it funky, then use neon lights.

4. Color It Wisely

Psychologists have stated quite clearly, that colour has a great impact on the brain of a person. Colors have a great impact on our bodies and brains. It can make a great impact on your customers. Tacky colours or the ones that hurt the eyes will not be much appreciated. On the contrary, using proper colour can help making your restaurant look spacious, similarly, a wrong choice of colour can shrink your restaurant space to a great extent. While family restaurants look good in the pastel colour, pubs and discs should have vibrant colours. The colour you use must be in accordance with the theme of the restaurant and the clientele you are planning to target. Hence, it is essentially important for you to consult some professionals while selecting the colour of your restaurant interiors.

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5. Use A Variety Of Tables

Analyze your target customers to determine the right blend of tables. Mix up 2, 4 and 6 top tables according to the type of restaurant. More 6 people table are needed in family restaurants and 2 are needed in pubs and discs. A perfect restaurant design should pay heed to the needs, demands, and privacy of every customer, and make arrangements of the tables accordingly.

6. Layout

You need to plan the layout of the restaurant, creating a visual path for the customers. You must have a proper layout to ensure that your plot is most effectively distributed amongst the various sections. For example, your washroom and kitchen size cannot and must not be the same. Hence, while deciding on the layout of the restaurant, consult in engaging with more than one professional and then finalizing on a single layout.

7. Music

Music is a very important component of your restaurant design. Music not only appeals to your ears, it appeals to all your senses. While deciding the type of music that needs to be played in your restaurant, you must take into account the theme of the restaurant. Your music must compliment your restaurant.
You must indulge in a comprehensive research about the different types of music and what effect it has on the customer behavior. For example, rock music tends to increase the appetite of the customers and makes them chew faster. On the other hand, classical music prompts the stomach for calm and refined food.

8. Restrooms

This is often the most neglected section while planning a restaurant design. However, it is one of the most important areas that reflects the image of your restaurant. It is often seen, that while restaurant owner spends bulks of money behind the restaurant design, they refuse to spend even a penny on the proper construction and maintenance of the washrooms.
If your customers are required to walk over a puddle of pee to reach the toilet seat, if your washroom smells like that of a public toilet, it will certainly not leave a very pristine impression on your customers, and in all probability, they will not return.

9. Kitchen

The kitchen is where your menu comes into life. Hence, try and be as innovative as possible. Since the open kitchen is the new thing while designing your restaurant’s kitchen you can make a big glass door, since customers find it quite fascinating to watch how the dishes are prepared. Invest in a unique shelf, if planning in an open kitchen. Keep the kitchen well lighted with proper ventilation.

10. Heating and Ventilation

If your restaurant does not have a proper ventilation and all the smoke that is generated from the kitchen, instead of leaving the restaurant, stay back, and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for your customers. In order to avoid any such situations, while designing your restaurant, you must install proper ventilation that will guide all the unnecessary smoke out of your restaurant, giving your customers a splendid environment.


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We hope that after reading this you have gained a comprehensive knowledge about how you need to venture into deciding your restaurant design. Bring in innovations and be keep to ponder into every detail of your restaurant design since it has the ability to make or break your restaurant.

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