What Do Your Customers Want? How Restaurant CRM Reports Help You Understand Your Customers Better

How To Utilize Your Restaurant CRM Reports For A Better Understanding Of Your Customers

The restaurant CRM software is something that most restaurants have, but don’t use it to its full potential. However, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is more than just a tool that stores your customer data. Capturing customer data is integral to the growth of your restaurant. Integrated with the POS, it can give you detailed insights about your customers’ ordering history and behavior, that would help you gain a deep understanding of your customers.

As per a report, 72% of customers will only engage with personalized marketing messages. Based on the CRM data, you can segment the customer base and run personalized marketing campaigns.

The success of a restaurant depends on your ability to understand what the customers want and then offer it to them. The CRM reports tell you what the customers like about your restaurant, their preferences, and behavior. Analyzing restaurant CRM reports will help you understand your customer’s choice, what your customers are liking and what is in their least favorite list. If you are running multiple outlets, these reports will help you understand what works the best in specific outlets. You can then create outlet-specific marketing campaigns to cater to the demands of that area. 

Below we will take you through the different aspects through which you can comprehend your customers better through the CRM reports. Remember, if you know your customers, you can create offers and discounts and even plan events as per their preference. 

There are several ways of utilizing restaurant CRM reports to your advantage. 

Stellar Ways To Use Restaurant CRM Reports To Understand Customers Better

Understanding the audience is especially crucial since keeping your customers happy must be of your pivotal interest. CRM reports are a great way to unearth your customer’s preferences, their likes, and their dislikes and then take appropriate steps to keep your customers hooked. 

1. The Demographics Of The People You Serve

From the restaurant CRM reports, you will be able to analyze the customer’s details such as their name, age, phone number, and the items they ordered on all their visits. This will help you understand the age group that your restaurant tends to attract. In all probability, the customers you are attracting must fall in line with your expected targeted audience. 

Moreover, depending on the customers you are attracting, you can strategize your events, the offers you intend to provide and other marketing initiatives. You must always remember that the technique to attract customers from different areas must be different. For example, if you plan to apply the same strategy to attract customers in a shopping street and a corporate locality, you would fail miserably.

Restaurant CRM reports give you details about your customers and their behavior

2. The Most And The Least Selling Items 

From the CRM reports, you will be able to understand the most selling and the least selling items at your restaurant. If the majority of the customers are unanimously ordering some items, while ignoring the others, it should be a red flag for you to revamp and analyze your restaurant menu. With the information garnered, you can sit with your chef and go through the menu engineering guidelines, to include more varieties of the most selling items while scrapping the ones that are hardly ordered. This would also help you reduce your food costs.

Updating the menu based on the data received from the restaurant CRM reports is a great way of reducing your costs.

3. Outlet Specific Analysis

If you are running a restaurant chain, and if all your outlets have the same menu, this report will come in handy. For example, an outlet in a high-end residential area must have a different menu from an outlet in a university or a college area. Even if you plan to have the same menu, considering the brand image of your restaurant, the presentation, the ambiance must be different. 

While you may have a different menu for different outlets depending on the demographics of the location, many restaurants run the same marketing strategy across all the outlets. 

With the information gathered from the CRM reports, you can then craft outlet specific marketing strategies. For example, while happy hour strategies might work very well in a student area, where your targeted clientele are looking for cheap liquor, it might not work very well in a high-end corporate locality.  

Gaining your customer’s first-hand opinion and working on them, is one of the best ways to make your customers feel important and deliver splendid customer service

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  1. The article is very comprehensive and has some great insights.CRM reports are a great way to unearth your customer’s preferences, their likes and their dislikes and then take appropriate steps to keep your customers hooked. Good Read.


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