8 Key Benefits of Online Ordering System for Restaurants

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Restaurants worldwide are embracing digital transformation and providing customers with the most secure option to purchase their preferred meals online without waiting for a server to accept their orders. 

According to a report, 70% of customers who order meals online prefer to place their orders directly with the restaurants, believing their money goes directly to the establishments rather than the third-party vendor platforms.

Streamlines Order Preparation and Delivery Processes

Today, 50% of people use smartphones, and 90% of customers search for businesses online. Suppose your restaurant has an internal Internet ordering system. In that case, customers can easily and conveniently purchase food from their couches. 

Or, even when dining out, they can peruse the menu, select their favorite food, and put their order directly at the table without waiting for the waiter to take their order.

Run Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that 86% of millennials are willing to change their minds about a new restaurant after viewing food-related content online? This shows the power that marketing has on customers’ buying behaviour. 

Manage Finances

Additionally, restaurants can control their analytics with online ordering systems since they can view customer information, frequency of visits, product reports, and branch updates in one location. 

Analytics help firms make decisions based on facts. Businesses can identify their weak areas and concentrate on them to improve performance. 

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

According to a report, customers who place an online order with a restaurant are 67% more likely to visit there than those who don’t. Therefore, now is your chance to leverage an in-house online ordering system and make your restaurants easily accessible to your consumers.

Restaurants that take advantage of this chance and make their locations accessible to customers with just one click will have a head start, increase sales, and grow more quickly.

Furthermore, by maintaining a strong web presence, you may increase organic traffic to your restaurant and create orders from new and existing clients. 

In addition to organic reach, you may utilize paid social media advertising to exponentially increase your business rather than traditional marketing, which has linear growth. 

Using an online ordering system to emphasize your brand’s personality and connecting with your customer group can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Drive More Revenue

With an online ordering system, customers can take their time perusing your menu rather than feeling rushed if they order in person. Moreover, what if someone wants to order a double cheeseburger with double patties? Customers appreciate being able to personalize their orders to their preferences with the touch of a button without speaking to anyone.

Online ordering platforms can also assist you in running and automating your loyalty program and gaining repeat business from customers. Rewarding them with a compelling loyalty program is one method to cultivate relationships with your consumers. 

Loyalty programs help your company stay at the top of customers’ minds when considering their next order, whether through discounts or free food. 

Leverage Zero Commissions 

If you own a small restaurant, continuing to pay delivery aggregator fees while earning a profit is unrealistic. Third-party internet ordering firms charge a 15–25% commission on each order. You’ll also have to pay 1–2% payment gateway fees.

This means a lower profit margin on every order for restaurants. An online ordering system, on the other hand, would not only save you money but will also make you money and attract new clients.

Furthermore, clients prefer ordering directly from restaurants rather than through third-party platforms. Why not employ a restaurant ordering system to keep the revenue in-house?

The best part is that it will completely control your services. You can also turn on/off your services and optimize your menu anytime. You would also not have to worry about third-party delivery suppliers raising their commissions year after year.

Gather Real-Time Data

A restaurant ordering system delivers detailed information on your restaurant’s cash flow and growth. You can, for example, track the costs of fulfilling orders and compare them to the money collected.

Even if you’ve fulfilled thousands of orders, you may monitor daily, weekly, and monthly profitability in minutes. You can also obtain real-time client data with a strong online ordering system. These insights can be used to construct personalized marketing efforts to convert them into loyal customers and increase orders.

Another advantage of using this data is that you spot trends and customer preferences in great detail and tailor your services accordingly. For example, if you observe consumers ordering more healthy foods than fast foods, you might expand your menu to include healthier options.

Maintain Customisable Menus

Your online ordering platform lets you change your menu and design in real-time. In other words, you’ll have more say over your brand. For example, you may include your logo, branding, and color scheme to make your shop stand out and fit in with the rest of your business.

Whether you own a coffee shop or a restaurant, you can design an order management system that complements your brand. Include food photographs and anything else you think would help your business stand out, and quickly alter menu items and wait times for correct expectations and prices.

Another advantage of in-house online ordering systems is the possibility of eliminating a menu item. If you run out of a required ingredient, you can remove the item from the menu to prevent disappointing a customer later. 


Integrating your online ordering system with the restaurant’s point of sale (POS) system can further boost your operations. POS integrations are a combination of hardware and software that improve the fundamental capabilities of the POS system, offering restaurants various advantages. 

By integrating their POS systems with an online ordering system, restaurants can access multiple features, including order management, delivery management, employee management, accounting, customer engagement tools, data analytics, and marketing.

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