Why Food Delivery Packaging Is the Key to Reestablishing Customer Trust

Food Delivery Packaging

Though food delivery packaging always played an important role in the restaurant business, post COVID-19, it has become even more essential. You ask why? This is because it is through their packaging that restaurateurs can rebuild their patrons’ trust in their business. It is often the only way that they connect with customers ordering from home. Thus, food delivery packaging needs to be as sustainable and efficient as it can.

When everything went down in the pandemic, restaurants struggled to survive. Customers were apprehensive about dining in at restaurants due to the outbreak of the deadly virus. The lockdown imposed further plummeted the restaurant industry into an abyss. This turn of fate somehow worked well for the food delivery sector. Since dining was no more the option, food delivery witnessed an evident rise. There were several reasons responsible for the growth in the food delivery sector which completely turned around the scenario for the dining and delivery services. Therefore, as the food delivery sector grew (and is still growing), packaging increasingly became more indispensable. 

This article will highlight the importance of food delivery packaging in regaining customers’ trust. 

Role Of Food Delivery Packaging In Gaining Back Customers’ Trust

Since the restaurateurs were looking to make the most of their food delivery services, they started shifting towards cloud kitchens. They hoped to save on labor and infrastructure costs in the slowing economy. The rise of cloud kitchens further led to an increase in the relevance of efficient food delivery packaging. 

Here are some ideas for food delivery packaging that you can implement to regain your customers’ trust and draw more of them to your outlet. 

1. Establishes The Brand More Effectively

The first reason you should focus on food packaging is to convey your brand effectively to your customers. Post the pandemic, it has become quite hard to engage customers which leaves packaging as the only way to communicate your brand values to them. A food package having the logo, name, and tagline of the outlet speaks volumes to the customers about the outlet and creates a good brand recall each time they think about ordering online or dining out. 

For cloud kitchens, food packaging is of the utmost importance irrespective of the pandemic. These delivery-only outlets can only engage with their customers via their food delivery packages. Therefore, they need to pay special attention to how they design their packages and what ideas they incorporate into their packaging. 

For instance, Daryaganj, a popular Delhi-based restaurant, has come up with a creative concept of “5 senses in a delivery box” that aims to give its customers the vibe and feel of its fine-dine ambience. 

Following are the 5 ways in which they have incorporated the 5 senses into their food package:

  • Touch: The premium quality packaging material is worth touching and exploring.
  • Smell: The packaging preserves the aroma of North Indian cuisine.
  • Taste: The food retains the signature taste of the restaurant.
  • Hear: A well-curated playlist of retro songs provides customers with a feel of the ambience just by scanning the QR code inside the box.
  • See: The alluring food presentation and fresh ingredients delight the customers’ eyes.
Food delivery packaging
Source: Restaurant India

2. Preserves Food Quality

People have become more conscious of the quality of food they consume, post the pandemic. The first thought that comes to the customers’ minds when they receive an efficiently packed food package is that the food quality of the outlet is premium. The packaging thus reflects the food quality of your establishment. 

A good quality food packaging is one that does not spill. A messy food package kills the customer’s appetite and leaves a bad impression of the brand on their minds. In the delivery business, the way food is packed and handled plays an important role in preserving food quality by avoiding any leakage and minimizing food wastage. 

3. Enhances Convenience

Nowadays, restaurants have started taking extra care of customer satisfaction. For them, the convenience of customers is paramount. For example, extra cutlery and napkins are a must to make it easier for the customers to consume your food. Furthermore, the packaging must be such that your customers can enjoy their food even on the go. 

In the wake of COVID-19, restaurants have also started taking extra precautions pertaining to the customers’ safety. Many restaurants send in sanitizing kits with their food packages so that their customers can sanitize themselves with ease before digging in. This makes it pretty evident to the customers that the outlet cares about their needs.

4. Creates Brand Recognition

In a highly competitive restaurant industry, focussing on food packaging is an essential part of building your brand. In the era of food delivery, food packages serve as the brand ambassador of your outlet. The more efficient the packaging, the better the brand. Some of the factors to consider include ease of opening, storage, use of sustainable material, and sealability and resealability while designing your food packages. 

In addition, you need to put in extra efforts to make your food packages more innovative and appealing to your customers. The amount of effort that you put in your food packages will pay off in terms of creating customer engagement, thereby enhancing brand recognition. 

5. Promotes Eco-friendliness

Today, consumers are increasingly becoming more aware of environmental issues. Restaurants have now started addressing these concerns through their packaging and other initiatives. For instance, Burger King has started its pilot program to introduce its customers to sustainable packaging like paper straws, drink lids, wrappers, napkins, etc. to reduce the non-biodegradable waste and minimize damage to the environment. 

Going green in terms of packaging can spread a positive message amongst the customers that you care about the environment and are taking steps to go eco-friendly. As per the National Restaurant Association, 72% of restaurateurs already use recyclable material in their packaging to connect with their environment-conscious customers. Furthermore, 56% source supplies that are certified compostable. 

With so many restaurants already making efforts towards saving the environment, it is recommended that you too switch to organic, reusable, and biodegradable packaging products, if you haven’t already! 

The growing demand for food delivery lays a huge emphasis on food packaging in order to deliver the best possible customer experience. The right packaging leaves a long-lasting impact on the customer’s minds. Choose the packaging that goes with your outlet’s theme and best conveys your brand to your customers. Furthermore, leverage it as much as you can to regain your customers’ trust post the pandemic, thereby retaining them. 

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