Does Micro Moments Marketing Really Work For Restaurants?

micro moments marketing for restaurants

Picking up the smartphone to look for a nearby coffee shop while going for work, scrolling the shopping websites after watching an advertisement, the occurrence of these instant moments or user actions is what Google calls micro-moments. Micro-moments occur when people turn to an online device, preferably smartphones, to discover, learn, watch or buy something that interests them. The micro-marketing model, first introduced by Google terms these I want-to-know, I want-to-go, I want-to-do, and I want-to-buy moments as game-changers for both the consumers and the brands.

Micro-Moments Marketing For Restaurants

Is there a nearby restaurant where I can dine-in? Where is the restaurant located? Where can I read the reviews of the restaurant? With smartphones becoming the go-to sources for customers to gain information about anything related to restaurants, restaurateurs can utilize these micro-moments to form meaningful connections with their customers.  

Intent-rich moments can allow marketers to understand the needs of their customers and design marketing strategies around them.

This article on Micro-Moments marketing for restaurants will help you identify the buying motives of your customers,  providing you with simple ideas that will help you convert every customer into an admirer. 

1. Optimize Your Search Type According To Mobile Devices

With 96% of people relying on smartphones for finding a product to buy when the need arises,  restaurateurs need to have a robust mobile presence. Make sure your restaurant’s website is optimized for mobile devices. If you have a branded mobile app,  update it regularly to ensure that your community of users and patrons is engaged with your brand. A mobile-friendly web presence can yield returns in the form of word of mouth referrals and social media conversations. To know what your customers are searching for, find the search terms they are using for your restaurant brand with the help of keyword research tools such as Google Console. 

For example, ‘Restaurants near me’ can be one of the most popular mobile-centric searches. This information gives you powerful insights about what your customers are searching for in different micro-moments and improves your marketing strategy. Create mobile-friendly content with a customer-centric approach that will offer them a seamless experience.  

2. Streamline The Process Of Order Taking

For one of the largest pizza chains, Dominos, web-based ordering was a complicated process that involved 25 long steps before the completion of the order. This resulted in customer dissatisfaction, and Dominos lost many customers. After evaluating the micro-moments of their customers, Dominos introduced customer profiling and auto-filling options that reduced the overall steps in the customer’s ordering cycle. It not only helped the customers to order faster but increased the conversion rates of Dominos significantly. 

Dominos Micro Moments Marketing
Dominos Zero Click Ordering Campaign

An uncomplicated and hassle-free order taking with clear instructions and few clicks makes it easier for your customers to place orders. Such innovations in the ‘I-want-to-buy’ moments of your customers can revamp their perception towards the brand. It can also be a great way of retaining customers by catering to their needs instantly. 

3. Acquire Customers With Geo-targeting

Geo-Targeting, also known as local PPC, is the practice of advertising or delivering content to local prospects. With geo-targeting, restaurants can determine the geographic location of the consumers and deliver different content or advertisements specific to their location. For restaurant businesses, applying geolocation can be a smart move to reach out to the customers who are in the vicinity of the restaurant’s location. 

In addition to using geolocation ads via the search engine and mobile-friendly sites, integrating Social Media in your geo-targeting strategy can be one of the best mediums for identifying the micro-moments of your customer’s journey and connect with them. Apps like Facebook and Instagram are most commonly used on mobile devices that are enabled with location services. With this data, restaurant marketers can track the real-time location of the users and have a better chance of reaching out to people at the right time.  

4. Implement Voice Technology In Searches 

According to a recent survey, 60% of smartphone users have tried voice search at least once in the past months with ‘best’ being one of the most common keywords in voice search phrases. This gives a wonderful opportunity for restaurants to restructure their advertising reaches by tapping the potential of voice technology. Implementing voice inputs will make the customers search more personalized and conversational. Determine the questions your customers might ask in these micro-moments and upgrade your marketing campaigns with voice activations.  

5. Deliver The Micro-Moments Needs

What is it that your customers are searching for? For implementing the micro-moments strategy for your restaurant, understand what is it that your customers are looking for. What are the different scenarios that affect your customer’s decision-making process?

Is it the I want- to- know the moment where your customer is discovering your brand and wants to know more about it? Or is it the I-want-to-go moment where your customer is looking for ways to reach out to you? For delivering the micro-moment needs of your customers, understand the exact needs of your customers and make it easier for them to communicate with your brand. 

  • Update your business listings with the correct information.  
  • Set up location extensions so that your customers can easily find your restaurant.
  • Provide the details of your restaurant, including high-quality photos of your restaurant dishes and interiors. 
  • If you have online table reservation facilities, keep the booking process seamless and straightforward by pre-populating the reservation form
  • Add a click- to- call button to allow your diners to get in touch with your restaurant in case of any inquiry. 
  • Feature online reviews that will improve your brand image and visibility on the search engines and establish credibility with the customers.

Micro-Moment Marketing is a customer-centric approach that brands should leverage in their marketing strategy. It not only understands the requirements of customers but provides them with impeccable user experience. Identify the micro-moments of your customer’s entire journey, make sure your websites are optimized, understand what your customers seek from your brand and let them interact seamlessly with your brand. 

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