Time-tested Food Truck Menu Ideas to Generate More Sales

Stellar Menu Ideas to ace food truck

Thinking about opening a food truck business? Can’t decide what kind of food to serve? You’ve come to the right place. Your menu defines your business. It sets the stage for diners and lets them know what to expect from your brand. According to Brett Lindenberg, founder of the Food Truck Empire, a website dedicated to food trucks- the popularity of food trucks has skyrocketed following the recession when people laid off from corporate positions and decided to take a chance and start their own businesses. Food trucks are now more than just ice creams and hot dogs parlors. They now span multiple cuisines and serve ample varieties like gourmet cakes, sandwiches, and ethnic street food among others. As food trucks run on wheels, they can quickly generate revenues of $400,000 or more per year. Food trucks are a fantastic way to enter the restaurant industry without having to open a brick-and-mortar shop. If you are looking for food truck menu ideas for your new street food start-up, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Menu Ideas to Make Food Truck Business a  Hit Among Customers 

Here are some menu ideas to make your food truck business a hit.


When summer arrives and the sun shines, there’s nothing like a nice BBQ. The aroma of smoked grilled food attracts every generation from the 80s or 90s or the new GenZ. Barbecue food is so popular because of its taste and ease of cooking. Since preparation is done beforehand and the food is served quickly, it is a great menu idea for food trucks. 

We’ve observed the evolution of the food truck over the last few years, from wonderful hot dog carts to taco wagons and finally to an open gourmet war fueled by the food truck fans we see today. You can never go wrong with barbecue as it combines low-cost food with high appeal among eaters. From smoky vegetables to plant-based Charcuterie, barbecue is the best way to have a perfect evening dinner. 

Regional Cuisine 

Local food sounds great on paper and even better when included in food trucks’ recipes. Every region has its local agricultural produce that thrives there and is even completely unique to the region. The idea is to utilize the products of local agriculture and sourcing locally. Incorporating ingredients that do best in the local climate gives the menu a distinct flavor and not to mention, an aesthetic edge. 

Since food trucks are a mobile business, focusing on regional cuisine in which you are knowledgeable could be a terrific win-win. It allows you to introduce new communities with your business’ specialty while also leaving your stamp on the food business landscape. Try out the different flavors of different cities when you travel around the world with your food truck.

For the Health Freaks 

Over the last decade or two, the food business has undergone a healthy revolution. Now, more and more customers have become health-conscious. The fact that food is cooked and served from a food truck does not imply that it is unhealthy. Serving unique salad bowls with healthy sandwiches and vegan burgers could be your way to attract more health-conscious customers and create a buzz among the region’s fitness community.

Why You Should Open a Food Truck Instead of a Regular Restaurant

Fast Food on Wheels

What is a food truck without a selection of delectable, indulging fast foods? 


One thing you can never go wrong with is Burgers. With people looking for quick, affordable meals on the go, the need for quick meals continues to grow, especially for the trucks that serve the iconic American meal, the burger. The hype for burgers is always growing, thanks to the foods easy-to-make and fast-to-serve nature. 

Always a popular and perennial staple, burgers can be served simply or with flair.  A burger sounds good but a burger with a fusion twist could be manifold appealing. For instance, a burger with Korean BBQ may be the wave of the future. Westchester Burger Co. is a burger food truck that takes things to the next level. The award-winning WBC Burger is lovingly crafted with smoked mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and a savory signature sauce that has helped it earn the title of the best burger in the Hudson Valley by Westchester Magazine. 

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Just like the burger, the classic grilled cheese sandwich can never go out of style. They can be served for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, or even a late-night snack. You can experiment with different kinds of cheese and club them up with different pieces of bread for your food truck business. Furthermore, coming up with attractive names for your sandwiches could be an excellent way to capture customer’s attention. As an instance, you can name the sandwich “the retro grilled cheese” to attract millennials. Go on, play with your creativity.


Drink trucks, in particular, are a profitable section of the food truck industry and are particularly popular during the spring and summer months at a variety of indoor and outdoor events. Bubble tea, also known as “boba tea” is a great way to attract swarms of those tea drinkers out there. 

Originating from Taiwan, it is a tea-based drink that consists of condensed milk, chewy tapioca balls, and comes in a range of flavors. Juice and smoothie food trucks have also been around for quite a while and are very popular in the summer at festivals and outdoor events and also good for tapping into the healthy market of consumers. 

Most food trucks merely give a can of soda, but some go above and beyond to ensure that foodies are drinking to their full with enjoying meals. For instance, you could include a nice iced coffee served with breakfast or if you want to be adventurous, you may have a mobile gin bar for a range of events, such as summer parties, weddings, or corporate events. 

Customized Menus 

Customization is a way to attract the people who like their food a certain way and wouldn’t have it otherwise. Try to incorporate options for customized menus to suit people’s needs and specificities. 

As there are so many different people to cater to, with so many varieties of acquired tastes, preferences, it totally makes sense to offer customized products. For instance, if your regional menu offers Idlis for breakfast, you might as well give customers the choice to add coconut or garlic chutney, etc., along with letting them choose from the different sizes of idli,  such as mini idlis or the regular ones. To cater to one’s specific needs, you can even offer to cut the idlis to make it easier for them to eat it anytime and anywhere without any hassle. Or you could offer different types of idlis like regular or rawa. 

In the restaurant industry, being distinctive and sticking out is key, so make sure to have a well-crafted menu to stand out from the competition. Try to bring the flexibility to move around to your menu and add elements that are mouth-watering. Be updated with the latest food trends and try to incorporate them into your menu to attract more customers. 

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