How Restaurant Flyers And Pamphlets Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

How Flyers And Pamphlets Marketing Can Boost Your Restaurant’s Sales

In the era of technology, where everything sells online, digital marketing is the buzzword. Restaurants, cafes, and local eateries have adopted the digital world, and have swanky websites, social media platforms, and some even have their apps. With such clever online marketing tactics (learn about the best online marketing strategies here), does it make sense to use the good ‘old world’ paper flyers and pamphlets marketing in the restaurant business?

The answer, counterintuitively is, YES…!

Why is it so? Let’s have a look at the reasons why restaurants should use flyers and pamphlets marketing to boost their sales.

Reasons Why You Should Implement Restaurant Flyers and Pamphlets Marketing Right Away

Read below to find out why flyers and pamphlets marketing is one of the most effective restaurant marketing techniques.

1. Reaching Digitally Challenged Customers

Did you know that only 22 percent Indians have access to the Internet? Or that a mere 14 percent own a smartphone? It translates to the fact that a fair share of your customer base is digitally illiterate or challenged, which means they either do not know how to use a smartphone or are not well versed with the Internet. Teens, homemakers, and elderlies often order restaurant food and have a say in the restaurant choosing process. However, they would prefer picking up the phone and ordering their food looking at a pamphlet instead of wrestling with the complex food apps. They would recall your restaurant’s name better if they’d come across it on a flyer or a pamphlet.

Restaurants would lose out on a huge chunk of business if they do not use flyers pamphlets marketing to reach out to the potential customers.

2. Cost Effective Advertising

Some might argue that digital mediums of marketing are free; however, it is not the case. Facebook has decreased its organic reach 2% and is intending to bring it to 0%, while other mediums also expect some monetary contribution for giving you a decent share of online visibility. Food apps coerce an unreasonable discount from the restaurants to get them sales. Broadcast media is extremely expensive as well. However, a pamphlet is the restaurant owner’s territory; you can print an ad with your rates and can cycle out copies after copies without much investment or having to agree to unreasonable discounts.  Flyers and Pamphlets marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods to attract customers.

3. Bigger Recall Value

SMSs and emails are relegated to the trash bin, social media posts and tweets are lost in the mad fury of new ones, radio ads are forgotten, but pamphlets are often saved and filed. Many people keep flyers and pamphlets in their cars and use it on the go, while some use them as a ready menu cum calling card in their house. Talk about return on investment!

Having listed down the benefits of printed promotion materials, let’s look at the tips you should follow for designing the flyers and pamphlets.

How to make your Restaurant Flyers and Pamphlets Marketing Pop Out in the Crowd

Include these tips in your restaurant’s flyers and pamphlets marketing campaign and see how it helps you attract that new crowd in your restaurant.

1. Appearance Matters

Write a snappy title to grab the attention. Use a memorable or unusual word such as Discover, Now You Can, or Free (anything with Free is undoubtedly bound to catch some eyeballs!). Use colorful or striking graphics like stunning photos or illustrations that would increase the success ratio of flyers and pamphlets marketing.

2. Discounts Always Work

It is a good idea to offer a restaurant pamphlet, carrying a sweet little discount coupon, along with the bill. Such a strategy not only takes some sting out of the bill but also dangles the proverbial carrot to an already paying customer to come back to you next time. Some restaurants always offer a pamphlet/leaflet with the latest restaurant deals, offers and coupons to be used within a specified date, along with the bill. People usually save it for future use, and it nudges them to visit the restaurant or order delivery and use the offer.

3. Target Customers

According to your location or specialty of your restaurant food. If you are located in or around a corporate park, you can offer discounted lunch menus. If you are a fast food joint, you can attract college kids with a budget menu. You can target your audience with customized services with the help of the flyers and pamphlets marketing.

4. Decide the Delivery Channels

Apart from giving the restaurant pamphlets with the bill, you can try this tried and tested method of delivery. Call your local newspaper and ask them to include a flyer with the newspapers when they are delivered. They charge a nominal fee for the delivery, but your flyers get distributed to everyone at their doorstep with minimal or no fuss. You can also tie up with grocery stores and supermarkets where they will keep your pamphlets at their billing desk for no fee.

It is interesting to note that restaurant flyers marketing and pamphlets marketing has existed even before the TV, radio and the computers. And despite all the food apps, email marketing, and the online avalanche, they continue to serve us. We are not saying you delete your restaurant’s Facebook profile, or shut down your Twitter account. We are only saying that along with your online marketing campaigns, consider flyers and pamphlets as a tried and tested means of boosting your restaurant’s sale. Print a few and see your profits soar.

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Nikunj is the Communications Lead at Restroworks, a global leader in cloud-based technology platforms. In his role, he oversees global marketing and branding initiatives for Restroworks across APAC, the Middle East, and the US.


  1. Flyers And Pamphlets importance for restaurant Marketing is huge. With the online marketing taking up small restaurant business still, depend on these offline mediums. Thank you for shedding some light on their importance and making people aware that offline marketing is not dead!

  2. Flyers are fast, cheap and can be bought in the 1000’s. Getting them out into the world is a little trickier, but all in all, door to door flyer distribution, placing flyers on windscreens or simply flyering is a proven and successful marketing method. The above-written article is very comprehensive with various insights, great work.

  3. distrubuting out pamphlets work well as an offline restaurant marketing medium and have instant although shortlived results. When you give out flyers, you can expect an increase in sales for a day or two. Post that, the sales would go back to the same. It is a great medium if you want to publicize special deals or events.

  4. My personal experience has been disastrous with these flyers, especially the one with newspaper. Because your flyer becomes one of the many flyers that the newspaper is already distributing
    Make sure you design a way to hand deliver it to the ppl rather than these other means


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