How Restaurant Mobile Analytics Apps Let You Run Your Restaurant From Your Home

How Restaurant Mobile Analytic Apps Let You Run Your Restaurant From Your Home

One of the major challenges of running a restaurant is keeping track of the daily business. Especially if you own more than one food outlet, judging the efficiency and productivity of operations can be a herculean task.  The highly competitive and dynamic nature of the restaurant industry requires that timely decisions are taken to keep up with the trends. While the Point Of Sale (POS) software of your restaurants might be apt for providing all the data, keeping track of all outlets at the same time is next to impossible. Depending on the restaurant manager becomes inevitable in this case. Therefore, to solve this problem, and to further improve restaurant management, restaurant mobile analytic apps have become popular.

POSist’s Cockpit app is tailor-made for comprehensive reporting and analysis of all your restaurant outlets. So if you are the proud owner of a restaurant or two, or run a long chain, you can have all the data right in your mobile phone. The app allows you to digitally monitor all your restaurant operations.

The Cockpit app by POSist, as the name suggests, is designed to give you more control and power over your restaurant. It gives you all the data that you need to know about the functioning of your restaurant real time on your mobile that you can view anywhere, anytime. You can view the reports real time by choosing the current day, or view previous days’ reports as well. It allows you to find out-

  • At what time of the day the maximum sales occur
  • Which are the best-selling items
  • Which are the most profitable items in the menu
  •  How your marketing strategies are impacting your restaurant sales

Overall data of all outlets, as well as data according to each outlet is available in the app. You can select the outlet and the date for which you wish to view the figures.

Features and Benefits of Restaurant Mobile Analytic App

Here are the other significant features of Restaurant Mobile Analytics Apps.

1. Live Outlet Count

When you’re running long-chain restaurants or multiple food outlets, you cannot be physically present at each outlet. Therefore keeping a track of the number of restaurants open can become difficult. With Cockpit’s live count feature, you can know how many restaurants are open and serving guests at any particular time and helps you keep track of the ongoing business.

2. Total Bill

The Cockpit app helps you keep a track of your business by showing the total number of bills generated for the day by your restaurants. Restaurant mobile analytic gives individual billing details for each outlet, as well the total billing of all the outlets all at one place.

3. Items Sold Count

You can keep an eye on the inventory as well as the business being done at your restaurant with the help of Cockpit. Restaurant mobile analytic app is powerfully integrated with the POS which gives the total number of total items that have been sold in that day. This helps you keep a check on on-counter thefts as well, as any variance between the items sold, and the inventory of your kitchen is easily detected.

4. Track of Discount

Offering discounts on meals have been used to attract customers for a long time. However, offering random discounts on items can lead you to losses. Dishonest cashiers and waiters may offer discounts to customers in hope of getting tipped extra or offer discounts to friends and family. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on the discounts offered to customers.

Cockpit allows you to view the total number of discounts offered by your outlet. You also get to know how much worth of discount has been offered to customers. This data helps you keep a track of restaurant costs.

5. Total Sale Details

POSist’s Restaurant Mobile Analytic app allows you to view the sales details of your outlets. The entire sales data is available for your perusal, and can be viewed on the basis of day, week, month, or annual. You can view the net sales, gross sales, the total number of bills generated, and thus the average amount spent by the customer on each order. This gives you an insight on how much an average customer spends on each visit.

When running more than one outlet, you can also view the entire cumulative sales data of all your restaurants at one place.

The Need for Mobile Analytics in Restaurants

6. Customer Details

The app allows you to view the total number of customers that have been served in your restaurant in a day.  This helps you keep a track of the volume of business being done at your outlet. You can draw inferences based on this data, and gauge the busiest time of the day.

7. Item Level Reporting

Item level reporting gives you detailed reports about how the items in your menu are performing. You can keep a track of how often an item is ordered, and adjust the menu accordingly. This is especially helpful in case of launching a new item as you can decide the price points, monitor its performance, and see how it is being received by the customers. POSist’s Restaurant Mobile Analytic app helps you gain an in-depth insight into your menu and item performance.

8. Detailed Data Representation

For your easier understanding and analysis, data is available on the basis of hourly sales, service type sales, and item wise sales on the restaurant mobile analytic app.

  • Hourly data- The data is represented in a bar graph, showing the net sales during time interval since the opening of the restaurant. You can gauge the time during which the sales have been maximum.
  • According to service- The data shows how much takeout, delivery, and table orders have been received at the restaurant.
  • Item wise– You can find out the maximum selling item, as this feature shows you the graphical representation of the sales of each item.

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Data and reports are extremely important for any business, but they are rendered useless if they are not understood and analyzed properly. Therefore, we decided to simplify the mind-boggling numbers and send it to you directly on your mobile. You can view all the real-time data and reports of your restaurant any time of the day, with the help of Cockpit POSist. You don’t need to be physically present at your restaurant location to keep a track of your business. Monitoring of data of multiple outlets becomes extremely easy with the help of restaurant mobile analytic.

Find out more about the cockpit app here, and let us know what you think about it 🙂


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