6 Proven Tips To Enhance Customer Experience In Restaurants

Enhance customer experience in restaurants

Customer satisfaction is important in every industry but it holds even more importance in the hospitality industry. Creating and delivering immersive experiences for visitors, compels them to spread the word, and makes them want to come back for more. This is something that all businesses must strive to cater to as customer experience forms the backbone of restaurants. To do this, they leverage their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and an intimate understanding of changing customer preferences. However, how do you do this in practice?

In this article, we will discuss the top ways in which you can create a memorable experience for your customers. 

Top Ways To Provide A Delightful Customer Experience In Restaurants

Customer experience is a top priority for business as it can help in reducing churn while increasing revenue, thus providing for higher profits. For many, customer service and customer experience are seemingly interchangeable. However, one is a tangible, scalable process, while the other impacts feelings and emotions and cannot be measured in absolute terms. 

1. Encourage Effective Communication Between Staff Members

The most important principle of any great restaurant service is that there should be consistent and effective communication between the staff members. For this to happen, conduct regular meetings with them, and maintain clear communication amongst each other. A smooth flow of communication is key to the success of your outlet. The way your staff receives and responds to visitor queries is an important aspect of your customer success as it enhances their experience.

2. Showcase A Social Wall 

A social wall is a unified presentation of feeds generated on social media by your brand and your audience. This can allow you to generate a steady stream of content and engage your audience by amplifying their own posts. 

With tools like Taggbox Display, you can easily aggregate content from all social media channels, moderate the feed to make it appropriate for different social platforms, and customize it as required, to enhance the appeal of the social wall. 

When the visitors come across authentic content created by real people, they will be motivated to also create content and get featured on the digital screen. Further, this content is moving, bright and differential, which can captivate and hold onto the attention of the audience. Thus, successfully providing a delightful experience. 

Delightful customer experience for restaurants
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3. Set Up A Digital Display 

Digital displays are the best investment to make especially when you cater to the hospitality industry. This is because holding onto the attention of the audience and keeping them engaged is rather difficult. Here, digital displays can be of great help. They can enable you to showcase a variety of content on one screen. 

From highlighting the infrastructure of your restaurant to showcasing tempting images of food to displaying any ongoing offer, and additions in the menu. You can easily bring your digital screens to life and light up the experience of your restaurant’s visitors. 

4. Use Technology For Better Restaurant Service

The use of technology is increasing across all industries and with a ton of restaurants opening up, the hospitality industry is only getting competitive at each step. Automating the operations of your restaurant can greatly help in improving its efficiency, which directly contributes to a better customer experience. You can also make the menus scan and order ready while the feedback system shifts online, which also saves a lot of time at both ends. 

5. Reward Them For Their Loyalty 

It is always a great idea to reward customers for their loyalty. It encourages them to be a part of your brand community and stay with you for a longer period of time. They are the best advocates of your business, and retaining them is your best bet. Hence provide them with vouchers, offers, and exclusive discounts to induce them to visit you more often and also spread the word for your business.

6. Run Social Media Contests

Running contests on social media is an amazing way to attract the attention of your audience and keep them hooked. You can choose to conduct giveaways, hashtag campaigns, quizzes, etc., to entertain the audience and make them want to visit the eatery. Also, you can display the content generated on digital screens by creating a social wall, which will further provide a gratifying experience to your audience. 

These are some smart strategies you can adopt for providing a delightful customer experience in restaurants, and ultimately boosting your business. 

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Daniel McCarthy is a seasoned restaurant consultant and serves as the Communication Manager at Restroworks, a prominent F&B SaaS company. Drawing from his vast knowledge of leveraging innovative technological solutions, Daniel excels at enhancing restaurant operations and revenue, thereby contributing to the ongoing transformation of the industry.


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