Investment For Restaurants : 6 Proven Ways To Secure Restaurant Funding

Restaurant Funding: How To Get Investment For Restaurants

Most of us dream of having our own restaurant business, yet there is always a fear that keeps us from actually going ahead and achieving it. Among all the anxiety, the biggest hurdle is to get capital and funding for your very own dream restaurant. There are many ways to secure investment for restaurants, the newest one being Fin-tech companies investing in the restaurant business.  In this article, we will take you through the different channels of restaurant funding. Based on the need, format, and viability, restaurateurs use these methods to get restaurant investment

Proven Ways To Get Investment For Restaurants

There are six methods of funding a restaurant in the market. Based on the capital needed and the viability of each process, a restaurant owner may decide to use one of these methods or combine two or more methods in his financial plan. Here are the different ways to get investment for restaurants.:-

  • Self-funding or Private Investments
  • Partnerships
  • Bank Loans
  • Venture Capital funding
  • Crowdfunding
  • Local Associations

Let us have a look at each one of them.

1. Self-funding Or Private Investment

The best way to get investment for restaurants or start your own food business is with your own money. However, this should be the case only if you are very clear about the idea, concept, and the format you are planning to start. The restaurant business has many risks, and it is advised that anyone who intends to enter the food business should not use his/her savings unless the person has enough disposable that does not hinder or cut his/her daily needs and expenses.

One can look for borrowing money from family and friends as debt and return them when the business starts generating profits. If you plan to enter the industry in the next few years, save and invest smartly so that you can fund your dream restaurant by that time.

proven ways to get investments for restaurants

2. Partnerships

Another great way to fund a restaurant is to go to opt for partnerships. It is always better to go for a partnership in the restaurant business as it not only makes it easier on the investment but also reduces the risks in business by sharing the future profit and loss. If it’s your first restaurant venture, try to look for a partner who already has some experience in the restaurant business.

Choosing a partner can be a tricky business. It is essential to partner with a like-minded person and someone who shares the same vision. Also, every deal and partnership structure should be in black and white, backed by a formal partnership deed approved by the notary. Ideally, the partners should not be close relatives and best friends, but acquaintances who know each other well to have a formal relationship. However, individual preferences and discretion, for choosing a partner are always there.

3. Bank Loans

Bank loans are also considered a great way to get the initial investment for restaurants and working capital for your restaurant business. However, bank loans aren’t easy to get as the bank will need collateral property against the loan. Also, bank loans require a lot of documentation and paperwork. But, if there is a proper business plan and suitable collateral, bank loans can be easy to get. On average, banks charge an 11-13 percent rate of interest on the principal amount of your investment.

4. VC Funding

With the startup wave hitting the country, the restaurant business has been seeing some significant changes in the investment scenario. Venture capitalists know the restaurant industry as a new ‘Investment Interest.’ With more and more people eating out and ordering food, investors are beginning to see the enormous potential of the industry. Perhaps, it is for this reason that venture capitalists are investing more in restaurant chains.

Venture capitalists usually invest in the concepts and formats which are already successful and more than five profitable units. They invest money in the restaurant business only for 5-7 years, and they exit it. In this, the VC acts as an active director in your company and holds you liable for the business performance.  You should only seek investment from Venture capitalists when you want to scale and want to replicate your success in other cities.

5. Crowdfunding

Various platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, AngelList, and GoFundMe let you source funds from a cohort of investors. You can begin by targeting customers from in and around your area as they are your target market and can also indirectly serve as marketers. Remember, a successful campaign requires a defined business plan and transparency about using funds.

A good place to start will be to have your friends and family join in and share about the campaign, preferably through videos, on their socials to create an initial buzz. However, one needs to be mindful of all-or-nothing platforms as they deny funding when goals aren’t met. 

If you are open to issuing securities in place of the usual rewards like gift cards, bags, food discounts, etc., as is the norm, then you may also check out Honeycomb credit, which is another source of regulation crowdfunding.

6. Local Restaurant Association

Another viable option is to reach out to your peer network through restaurant associations that are located in your state. These associations have forums where you can ask for advice about loans and funding. Some of these also have a system in place of grant assistance, like Colorado Outdoor Dining Grant Program. Many associations also provide dual membership with the National Restaurant Association that can assist you in getting industry research and analysis and marketing collateral. You can also get in touch with local restaurant consultants attached to these associations and groups like rotary, which are hotbeds for networking and cultural exchange. 

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    Damodar S. Divkar,


  2. Hello Everyone
    I am Datta Kulkarni from Nerul Navi Mumbai .
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  3. Procuring investment for the restaurant is the first step towards ensuring you have sufficient funds. Thank you for the article it is very informative.

  4. Owning a restaurant is undoubtedly a viable business idea. After all, food is an essential commodity. Moreover, consumers are always ready to eat out and sample brilliant delicacies. However, starting a restaurant is expensive, and raising the much-needed capital often daunts many would-be restaurant owners. Great work Restaurant Times. Good Read.

  5. Getting a loan from the bank for opening a restaurant is tedious. These days VCs and angel investors and ready to fund restaurant startups. Fin tech companies also give loans.

  6. looking for a investor to support the idea of cooking which will completely change the behaviour of user to eat gluten free food, and vegan . or organic.

    Looking for someone who understand the industry very well and would want to invest in new idea .which will segregate us from normal restaurant.


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