How Do POS Integrations Give Your Restaurant Business A Powerful Advantage


How powerful is the central processing system that runs your restaurant?

While a restaurant POS automates most operational functions of a restaurant, restaurateurs have felt the need for more focused technology solutions to grow their business. This exact need has resulted in the evolution of the restaurant POS systems to the systems that have value-added POS integrations. This system is enabled by technology partners that have built solutions that are focused on solving very specific problems for restaurants.

A well-integrated restaurant POS gives the restaurant powerful advantages. Read the post to understand how?

In this post, we cover the following:

  1. How technology is disrupting the restaurant business?
  2. Why do restaurants need an extensive integrated POS system?
  3. What are the advantages of an integrated POS?

Technology Is The Driving Force Behind The Most Successful Restaurants. Here Is The Proof:

  2. Belgian Waffle Co.

WOW MOMO is one of the fastest-growing QSR chains in India. So is the Belgian Waffle Co. Both businesses use technology and data to create very high operational efficiencies. Both businesses are powerful examples of growth that are venture-funded and bootstrapped. Technology is the backbone that is common across both.

The most critical technology that drives growth for the restaurant industry is going to be the POS.

The POS software for a restaurant becomes more valuable when it comes with integrations that allow the restaurant owner to solve essential challenges in growth.

But Why are Integrations Necessary For A Restaurant POS?

What is a POS? Is it merely a software that helps you manage billing and inventory OR is there more to it?

Let’s understand it by taking the example of the smartphone that is in your pocket. The most potent smartphones are the ones with the fastest and most dependable processors. A POS is that processor for your restaurant.

The additional features or the apps enhance the user experience and add more value to the smartphone. This is what Integrations would mean for your POS.

An integrated POS becomes a one-stop solution accommodating speed, technology, and usability, in a single software.

Implementing integrations in the POS is a compilation of all the operational information from all platforms and accessing the data saves time, removes the chances of errors, thereby increasing the operational efficiency of the restaurant.

Restaurant POS Checklist Integrations make your POS a super-enabled-POS that is perfectly suited to grow your restaurant business.

Key Advantages Of a Well-Integrated POS

Time savior

One of the essential insights by successful restaurateurs is that integrations have saved them a significant amount of time.

pankaj algah sandburg shakesMultiple orders from various Online food delivery aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy, Ubereats are reflected automatically in the day to day sales records.

With online delivery integrations like Zomato, Roadcast, it is easy to track the orders, average delivery time and average order processing time.

Mr. Suresh Hooli, Director of Wiggly Wine, says “We were very clear to set a partnership with online food aggregators aright. The main reason was that we wanted to save time. Order delivery has also been faster than before.”

suresh hooli wiggly wine

Easy accessibility

Running a restaurant is an operationally complex challenge. That is why it is vital to track and manage complexities. A well-integrated POS software compiles data from various operational access points into a single coherent window.

Mr Jatinder Singh, IT specialist of Hotel La Villa Shanti, is delighted with the integration of POS with Hotel Management Software. “Earlier, we faced many issues while collecting data. Now I can easily access the daily sales reports from all the verticals.”

Automated Updates

A separate dashboard for each restaurant solution requires manual inputs that are time-consuming and prone to errors. However, in a single integrated dashboard, any changes or updates are added automatically. Integrations provide real-time reports that eliminate the need for the consolidation of reports at the end of the month. It quickens the entire process and dependency on store managers for reports reduces.

“There is no hassle of working on multiple screens,” says Animesh Lodha, Founder of Cheelizza.

animesh lodha cheelizzaBetter sales performance

With an automated central dashboard, restaurateurs believe that not only the efficiency and productivity of their restaurant has improved, but they have also observed a gradual increase in sales. Upselling and cross-selling are supported by a practical analysis of data from all the sources.

Based on the accumulated data, It is also easy to understand the food ordering patterns and habits amongst the consumers.

Customer Retention

For any brand, customer retention holds more weight. The path to retain a loyal customer in the restaurant industry is simply by valuing them. An extensive partnership with Loyalty program integrations like Xeno, Dragonnapi, Capillary, curates customized offers to retain customers

Table Reservation Integrations like Dineout provide an effective solution for Queue Management, avoiding any chances of dissatisfaction amongst the customers.

Seamless experience

A vast network of integrated partners also increases the scope of brand consciousness amongst the ultimate customers. When the customer’s opinions are valued, and their needs catered, it enhances their experience.

Cloud Telephony Integrations like Knowlarity, My Operator ensure that every customer’s queries are answered and even on busy days no customer is left unsatisfied
Payment Integrations with Paytm, Paypal, CCAvenue, hold a competitive advantage by providing the customers with a plethora of payment options to choose from suiting their preferences.

With just a single integrated system, the daily functioning of the restaurant becomes a hassle-free task. The experiences are not just limited to the customers but also the users. The user may be a waiter, a manager or an owner, but in the entire working of the restaurant business, it is vitally important to create an experience that offers them an acceptable solution too.

Kitchen Display Systems(KDS) provide better coordination between the Front -of- house(FOH) and kitchen staff by reducing the stress of the entire order taking process. Passing information is backed with better transparency and validation.

Eliminates Errors

Maintaining a record of daily sales from various platforms, sending customized promotional offers and discounts, managing inventory management, distributing wages and other innumerable operations require a keen inspection on monetary terms. Integrations eliminate all the possible risks associated with manual inputs leaving no scope for errors.

Accounting Software Integrations like Tally, provide a smooth and understandable solution related to the complications associated with numbers

siddharth laskar global kitchen pvt ltd

What questions must you ask before choosing a POS basis upon the integrations it provides?

  1. Will the integrations help you increase operational efficiency?
  2. How can integrations help you manage online ordering?
  3. Can you deliver a better customer experience with integrations?
  4. Will the integrations help you grow sales?
  5. Will the integrations help you evolve to adapt to new business models like the cloud kitchen?



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