Building a Scalable Restaurant Business is a Function of 3Qs: Puneet Kansal’s Proven Growth Formula

Puneet Kansal, a native of West UP, entered the hospitality industry in 2010. Puneet can never forget his days as an 18-year-old boy when he started his Kathi roll business with a small amount of INR 20,000. Initially, he started his own kiosk in Magarpatta City. Slowly with the coming in of partners, Rolls Mania scaled from 1 outlet in 2010 to 120+ outlets in 2019. Rolls Mania in Pune became a sensation within a few years of its operation. Puneet intends to expand Rolls Mania not only within the country but also globally!

In Conversation With Puneet Kansal of Rolls Mania

In an exclusive conversation with The Restaurant Times, Puneet Kansal talks of his journey in the industry, the story behind Rolls Mania, keeping up with the 3Qs- quantity, quality, quick and a lot more.

Puneet’s Journey With Rolls Mania

Puneet shares that his journey has been very exciting and motivating so far. Through Rolls Mania, Puneet aspires to deliver premium quality rolls and wraps with a Pan-India presence. 

According to Puneet, Pune was a booming market for the foodservice industry back in 2010. He wanted to offer patrons a quick bite which was different from the regular burgers and pizzas. Puneet recognized a good opportunity for offering rolls and wraps. It was something which, not many competitors were doing.

“His research showed that Rolls and Wraps are often associated with the nostalgic treat of the old times when we used to have a ‘roti’ wrapped with fillings in our childhood times. It is something which all our patrons can relate to,” says Kansal.

Puneet feels blessed to have a loyal employee base. After starting with the franchise model Puneet envisions his brand to be across the globe in the coming years.

Keeping Up The Motto Of The Brand: 3 Qs- Quantity, Quality & Quick

According to Kansal, repeat customers are an indicator of how successful you are as a restaurant. Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any restaurant. Studies show that while repeat customers on average make up just 15% of your total patrons, they contribute 30% of revenues.

At Rolls Mania, the core values of the brand consist of the 3Q’s, which are Quantity, Quality, and Quick. Rolls Mania offers a healthy and pocket-friendly menu of veg and non-veg rolls, with quantity preserved due to authentic ingredients. It strives to deliver a hassle-free quick snack that can be enjoyed on the go. It aims to recreate and deliver a filling meal in a compact form so that it’s more convenient for the patrons to consume it. With the changes in trends, patrons are now becoming more sophisticated and demanding. The demand for high quality, value for money options has increased and it has not restricted to a five-star restaurant. The more satisfied the patron, the more benefits it creates for the image of the restaurant and generates brand value.

Importance Of Customer Loyalty

Simply offering good food and great service isn’t adequate to keep your current patrons coming back for more in today’s competitive restaurant market. New patrons are often even harder to attract, so it’s best to focus on building loyalty with those who have previously dined with you. 

To retain and engage the existing patrons in this competitive world is a challenging task. It commands extensive efforts, multiple marketing strategies and innovative customer loyalty programs to satisfy customer expectations and to enhance engagement and boost conversions. At Rolls Mania, the patrons are rewarded with loyalty points for every purchase they make. 

According to Kansal, customer loyalty is the outcome of good customer experience. So if someone wants to build a solid customer loyalty program, delivering seamless customer experience and service across customers’ life cycles should be a priority.

Strategies To Run A Successful QSR

  • Confidence In The Product Offered:

According to Kansal, one must have full confidence in the product offered as a restaurateur. Kansal had an idea to bring back the roti-rolls he grew up eating. He wanted to offer healthy and tasty rolls through Rolls Mania. With confidence and belief in the product, within 9 years of its operations, Rolls Mania has 120+ outlets at the moment and will expand globally in the time to come. 

  • Long Term Plan For Your Restaurant Business:

Looking forward to opportunities on the horizon is a thought that goes through the mind of every restaurant owner. Kansal tells that it is imperative to plan for the long term and set goals for the restaurant business if you don’t want your business to be complacent and stagnant. For “upward progression” of your restaurant business, leverage the core elements of your restaurant business and create long term plans. 

Serving good food in your restaurant doesn’t always mean a full restaurant every night. It is important to have faith in your product. Once the customers are inside and trying your food, they’ll keep coming back time and time again. Great food and commitment to service is the key to run a successful restaurant.

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