Restaurants Give Navratri Food An Innovative Touch to Attract Customers

Restaurants Give Navratri Food An Innovative Touch to Attract Customers

The Navaratri period has always been slow for restaurants, as the sales drop while people observe the ritualistic fast. This year, however, the restaurant industry seemed well prepared. With Navratri food innovation striking hard, buckwheat flour, rock salt, and rice substitute millet turned out to be the stars of the show.

Several restaurants in the Capital offered special Navratri food to attract customers. Govinda’s Restaurant in Iskcon Temple held its annual Navratri festival which offers delicacies such as Falahar, Fruit Dahi Bhalla, Sabudana Pulao, Kuttu Ka Pakora. Restaurants have been stepping outside their traditional line to serve their customers and came up with the special Navratri Thali.

Navratri Food Innovation

Fusing Asian and European cuisines, The Gastronomica Kitchen and Bar came up with food items such as Sumac rice risotto with artichoke asparagus and parmesan crisp, Buckwheat flour tacos filled with grilled raw banana and fresh fruit salsa. Innovative desserts such as the Sago and coconut pudding served with seasonal fruits and a Banana Toffee were also included in the menu.

Mock meat, a trend that has been taking over the world thanks to rising veganism, became a popular choice for diners, at least for these nine days. Many restaurants, came up with soya dishes to lure in the non-veg loving crowd with innovative slogans, one such being “Nakli Murga” (Fake Meat) which was boasted by a restaurant in West Delhi and also turned quite a few heads.

While restaurants geared up for the Navaratri season,  good old authentic food was not left behind as well. The old Navaratri feasts, which included pumpkin and potato dish, kheer, kuttu pooris among many others were enjoyed by the devotees.

This holy season, the restaurants have proved that innovation and hard work can make anything possible, even making the utmost devotees eat out in their holiest of days. Amidst stark competition, restaurants really need to up their game and keep innovating and experimenting to attract and retain customers. A number of food festivals are also coming up in the festive month of October. It is yet to be seen what the next food innovation this season would bring!

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