Delighting Customers And Maximizing Profits During Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year for restaurateurs

With the onset of the best time of the year, restaurateurs and people associated with the F&B industry are all set to sweep their customers off their feet with fantastic menus, events, and what-not. The holiday season is the busiest season of the year for restaurateurs. Combating the immense competition around, restaurateurs never fail to come up with exciting campaigns for Christmas and New Year party. 

Ideas to delight customers on Christmas and New Year’s’ eve

Whether it’s an extra glass of wine or free chocolate cookies, customers love visiting restaurateurs that have something special in store for them. And since the true Christmas spirit is in giving back, most restaurateurs believe in having many deals and discounts run during that time. The high footfall has a direct impact on the high revenue generated.


Thus, here we have compiled the best deals, menus and promotional offers that restaurateurs are running across India for you to take some inspiration home. 

i) Cecconi’s Mumbai 

Celebrating Christmas the traditional way, with a turkey and cranberry sauce, never goes out of style. Cecconi in Mumbai brings you just that! Customers look forward to enjoying Christmas dinner here every year. Apart from turkey, the highlights of the dinner include a roast duck with herbs and oranges in it. Located in Santa Cruz, West Mumbai, Cecconi has a perfect festive decor during the festive season. 

ii) Cilantro, Delhi 

Next on the list, we have Cilantro in Delhi as your go-to place for a delightful Christmas meal this year! The restaurant has organized a Christmas brunch, with traditional treats, roast turkey and classic giblet gravy, sweet potato and apple bake! Mouth-watering! Adding to the feast, the beautiful Christmas decor takes over customers social media accounts! 

iii) Colony Clubhouse and Grill, Kochi 

Colony Clubhouse and Grill, a rooftop cafe in Kochi is yet another restaurant you need to check out this Christmas! The place has an annual ritual of preparing a Colonial Christmas feast, wherein the chefs include a sumptuous five-course meal. 

iv) Fig and Maple, Delhi 

With their signature Chicken Maryland in a Dijon Lemon sauce, Fig and Maple bring you the best possible New Year lunch! The highlights of their menu include Celery, Macadamia salad, turkey with apple and chilli sauce and what-not! Along with that, they have a great Christmas lunch too, complete with musical events! 

v) Olly, Delhi 

Another typical restaurant to celebrate your Christmas in Delhi is Olly. Their beautiful Christmas meal is only the start to a full calendar of things to look forward to. They host multiple games and events around New Year and Christmas to engage their customers better. For instance, last year, they tried a gift distribution campaign for kids at the restaurant. 

Later around New Year, the restaurant kept a resolution campaign for their customers where they were supposed to write their resolutions! Let’s see what they have in store for their customers this year, apart from the brilliant meal! 

vi) Sky Lounge

Sky lounge white christmas party

Located at Ashoka Road, Delhi, Sky Lounge has a unique idea for Christmas celebration this year. The restaurant has organized a White Christmas Party, where the entire place is going to be decorated with white lights and white furniture. The open-air space also has a crazy DJ party for its customers starting 9 pm onwards on Christmas eve. Along with that, they organize a grand New Years Party for their customers every year! 

vii) Casino Food And Bar, Noida 

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to have a carnival! The best part about Casino Food and Bar is the decoration and the idea behind the theme. Unlimited food, fun games, gift distribution sessions, so on and so forth are all waiting for you this Christmas! The festival is perfect for families and friends to enjoy. 

Tickets: INR 700 per person 

Timings: Noon onwards on December 25 

viii) Waterside, Kolkata

With a poolside view, Waterside in Kolkata has a dream-like view. Especially for the festive seasons, where people are in a party mode, the restaurant is the perfect place to go and enjoy. Along with that, the restaurant also has a Christmas themed special brunch for its customers. Can’t wait to try! 

ix) Unplugged Courtyard, Delhi

Another great way to celebrate your Christmas this year is to have a filling lunch at Unplugged Courtyard in Delhi. The restaurant has an excellent buffet lunch prepared for its customers, with a twist of fusion food. Located in the heart of the capital, the place starts the buffet lunch at noon on December 25. Hope to see you there! 

x) Toast And Tonic, Mumbai 

From roasted leg of lamb and roasted chicken with traditional stuffing to salads and festive desserts, Toast and Tonic have got it covered for you! Located in Mumbai, the restaurant offers a variety of Christmas individual items on the menu. 

xi) Tête-à-Tête at ‘CAfé, Hyatt, Delhi 

Cafe Hyatt Regency, Delhi

Last, but certainly not the least, Cafe at Hyatt has a grand event happening on New Year’s eve, called Tête-à-Tête, which means a private conversation between two people. The event starts on the night of December 31, 2019, and goes on till morning of 2020. There’ll be a DJ and free desserts in the event, along with multiple liquor packages. Experience the New Year countdown in Hyatt Regency! Book your tickets now!

Tickets: INR 6700/- per person

Timings: December 31st, 8pm- 12:30 am

Apart from these, there are so many restaurants trying to make the best use of the holiday season. From giving away free desserts and goodies to the customers to having the tastiest feasts for Christmas eve, restaurants are doing all they can to retain customers. You could take some inspiration from these tried and tested campaigns, and boost your restaurant revenue this Christmas! For any further assistance for maximizing restaurant revenue, feel free to reach out to our experts! 


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