How A Smart Microbrewery POS Increases Your Brewery’s Operational Efficiency

The Need for A Microbrewery POS

There has been an exponential growth in the craft beer industry in the last four years, due to drastic changes in consumer trends and beer consumptions, leading to an increase in the number of microbreweries. The operations of a microbrewery are more complex than that of a regular bar or pub, hence you need to have a smart microbrewery POS that would help you ensure the proper functioning of your business.

Benefits Of A Microbrewery POS For Your Brewery Brand

Any big or small scale microbrewery requires constant monitoring of its operations to increase sales and reduce wastage, for starters. Achieving these goals would require systematic planning and integration of a proper microbrewery POS system. A good restaurant management software is ideal for managing your day to day brewery tasks and would bring ease in the post-production processes.

Along with that, your head brewer must be well equipped with all the information regarding your staff, who’s serving what, the quantity of beer produced each day, vendor/supplier management, and finally should be able to handle billing and taxation related discrepancies. A microbrewery POS will help your head brewer to minimize human errors and have all of this information on one screen. 

i) Easy Billing and Order Taking

Generally, if billing takes too long in a microbrewery, the customers tend to be unsatisfied. A restaurant management software could be your savior by saving the associated employee a lot of manual work. The orders are taken and processed all on one screen, with multiple tabs for drinks and food items to maintain accuracy. This quickens the process and adds much more precision to it than manual paper records. 

ii) Stock & Inventory Management

The proper functioning of any microbrewery is very much dependent on the availability of the raw material and inventory. Since freshly crafted beer cannot be either stored or preserved, it needs to be constantly produced and sold to make profits. Using a POS to manage your stock and inventory will help you to never go out of raw material, and also keep a track of estimated raw material needed for the next day.

Your microbrewery POS also takes care of your relationship with suppliers and vendors. This means that you are now able to calculate your daily consumption and note down daily wastages that happen on the way. It also notes down the variance that occurs due to the unavoidable wastage.

iii) Promotions And Loyalty Programs

Customer retention is not just a subject to the quality of beer served, but also to the kind of promotion campaigns you run. Once your customers start to get relatable promotional offers, they will surely come back to your brewery. Using your customer information to offer them different promotion offers according to their previous orders, can prove out to be an excellent marketing strategy.

A POS can help you plan when to promote happy hours on the basis of peak sale hours of a particular microbrewery. The system will automatically put discounts at this hour, which eventually means lesser work and no risk of human error. You can also analyze how well the promotion worked according to the statistical reports. The incorporation of several incentive programs also leads to more customers on board. 

iv) Reduced Dependency On Physical Records

Keeping customer details, a list of their preferred items, taxation details, and sales records manually on paper would require a huge section and place in your set up to maintain. A lot of time and effort is saved when you incorporate all this information in a microbrewery POS. The reduced dependency on physical record also lowers down the fear of losing important documents or saves you from all the trouble of finding the right document at the right time.

v) Anti Theft Management

Internal thefts and pilferage are a common occurrence in busy restaurants and a microbrewery is no different. Having a smart microbrewery POS will enable you to keep track of all your billing details and analyze each transaction on the basis of risks. For each risky transaction, you’ll get a notification, signifying that internal theft might have happened at your microbrewery.

vi) Recipe Management and Consistency

Consistency in the taste and quality of beer goes a long way for a microbrewery. A proper POS will help you to keep consistency in your recipe by automatically updating the standard recipe in all your outlets. The lesser you tend to experiment with your recipe, the more customer retention you attain.

Maintaining a constant recipe also reduces your food costing heavily. Since there are a standardized number and quantity of raw materials that are needed to make a particular dish. Using a POS lets you update your recipe whenever you wish to, by using using a central software.

vii) Microbrewery Growth Analysis

Once you’ve mastered marketing and promotional techniques for your brand, you must also know how to analyze your growth because of these promotions. Using restaurant management software makes it possible for you to get each of these insights on how each of your promotional campaigns is benefitting your brand. A detailed report including your sales and the profit/losses made in a particular span of time by a restaurant will give you a fair idea about how the business is moving forward.

A smart microbrewery POS for your brand will streamline your operations by automatically adjusting to your needs. It also keeps systematic tracks of your growth. A high level of customer satisfaction and retention is ensured with such high-end technology, eventually leading to much more sales.

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