5 Ways an iPad Restaurant POS Is Better Than the Traditional Billing System

5 Ways an iPad Restaurant POS Is Better Than the Traditional Billing System

It cannot be stressed enough on the importance of a Point of Sale (POS) system for restaurants. With increasing technology and the invariably changing expectations in diners’ dining habits, an integrated POS system is a dire necessity for almost every restaurant format. With the innovation in technology, the traditional server-based POS terminals are fast being replaced by cloud POS that can be easily used on iPads. An iPad restaurant POS significantly reduces your Order Taking Time, improves Table Turnover Rate and increases operational efficiency.

There is a never-ending hype about iPhones and iPads, and an iPad POS for restaurants can be beneficial to your business in several ways. Though the ‘coolness’ factor is just one of the benefits of using an iPad POS, an iPad POS provides more than just a social cachet. Especially for small restaurants like Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), food trucks/courts, cafes, ice-cream parlors, and other small food outlets, where there is a shortage of space, a restaurant iPad POS comes in very handy.

Why an iPad Restaurant POS is Better than the Traditional Billing System

If you still are not convinced, listed below are few advantages of using an iPad restaurant for your restaurant billing operations.

1. Saves Cost

Cost is one of the most significant factors important to any business. While a full-blown POS system is physically enormous, it can also be more burdensome on your pockets as against an iPad POS. The traditional Point of Sale software comes with bulky hardware. There is an installation fee involved and also regular maintenance charges. In the case of a system crash, the entire data can be lost and even lead to extra costs for re-installation.

The iPad POS, on the other hand, turns out to be relatively cheaper.  while there is a monthly fee apart from the initial costs, it is still considerably inexpensive as compared to the traditional POS systems. There are several iPad pos app for restaurants, which makes an Ipad even handier.

2. Enhances Customer Experience

While table billing is one of the most helpful features of a POS system, tablets and iPads can make the billing process even more comfortable, owing to the mobility factor of an iPad POS. The wait-staff can take an iPad POS right to customers’ table providing them ease and eventually give them a good experience, which is one of the essential tools for the successful running of the restaurant business.
iPad and mobile phone-POS systems are designed to work in areas where the full-blown POS cannot. Since they are equipped with additional apps, they can serve as a great catalog for your restaurant. For instance, if a customer is having a hard time deciding a new order, instead of verbally describing the meal and having the customer gawk at you, you can switch to your iPad POS and share pictures with a pictorial description of the food. using iPad POS for improving customer experience is a great alternative for bulky old-school POS system.

3. Easy to Use

Sleek and small, iPad POS can be used anytime anywhere. They are especially convenient for small restaurant outlets, kiosks, and food trucks.

Your wait-staff might or might not be well-versed with computers, but it is unlikely that he does not know how to operate mobile. A tablet or an iPad for this matter is more natural to run and is more convenient for your staff. Posist’s iPad POS is training free software that is easy to use and does not require any complex training or technical knowledge.

4. Reduces Serving Time

You can reduce your serving time marginally, since the waiters don’t have to keep running to and fro between tables and the POS. This turns out to be exceptionally helpful when the tables are full, and customers are complaining about orders.

A mobile POS also gives an opportunity of making instant sales. The ease of sharing menu details with your customers at their table should also imply that you can place prompt orders, without delay and without having a customer to spend additional minutes deciding their order.

5. Environment-friendly

Since bills and receipts can be emailed merely to customers or uploaded to password-protected websites, it does not require any paper, making it incredibly environmentally friendly. More and more people prefer digital bills and receipts over paper receipts since it is easy to keep a record of the digital transactions.

Irrespective of the size of your restaurant, an iPad POS can provide real-time benefits by reducing costs and increasing sales, while also providing a fine customer experience.

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