Commercial Bar Design Ideas For Your Restaurant And Bar

Commercial Bar Design Ideas For Your Restaurant And Bar

In the year 2016, the drinks sales of bars in the US crossed five hundred and fifty-six billion dollars. With the increased popularity of alcohol, you can see steady growth in the restro-bars, and this number is proof that commercial bars are doing great in the States. The question here is, how do successful restro-bar owners attract customers? The answer is through an unusual bar design!

Restro-bar owners are working towards introducing new commercial bar designs, something unique that would further attract more customers.

It is a known fact the design and interiors impact the customer experience. A restro-bar is a space for the customers to relax and unwind, and this should reflect in their bar design and interiors. 

Bar Design Ideas To Learn From Popular Restro-bars

The restro-bars mentioned below will work as an inspiration if you are looking forward to designing a restro-bar of your dreams.

1. Utilizing The Space

Restaurant bars can be found in all shapes and sizes, you can have a full-service bar setup where people can sit at the bar and enjoy their drink or, you can set up a partial-service bar where your bartenders can prepare a drink, and the servers can deliver it to the tables.

To set a bar up you do not necessarily require a vast area rather, some proper planning and the right interior designs help.

The Matchbox restro-bar located in Chicago is an excellent example of how you can utilize a place as small as four hundred and sixty square feet and convert it into something more happening!

Bar design ideas - Matchbox bar

The Matchbox proudly claims itself to be the “smallest bar” in Chicago. The quasi-triangular, single-room, red-brick building is actually shaped like a book of matchbox placed on its side.

They have tactfully placed small bar stools which make it easier for the people to walk past the people sitting at the bar.

Behind the bar, you will notice the contrasting tiles that match the tin ceiling, exposed brick walls and a random selection of artwork and photographs behind the bar set amongst red string lights at life to this restro-bar.

The atmosphere of the bar is relaxed and friendly, and is known for serving twenty different kinds of bourbon and tequila!

2. Set The Mood With Lighting

The lighting is crucial for any restro-bar, it should have adequate lighting for your customers to read the menu but, it should not be very bright.

The bar area shouldn’t be very dark instead, opt for dim ambient lighting to set the moodSubtle lighting is the key to setting the mood right.

You can use recessed lighting or track lighting which have a switch to help you adjust the intensity of the lights.

The Lovecraft Bar in Portland is an excellent example of how appropriate lighting can uplift the entire theme of the bar.

Bar design ideas - lovecraft bar

From the outside, it might seem like a regular American bar but once you step inside that door you’ll be transported to the world of vampires and witches!

Lighting is very crucial for Lovecraft since they are a horror-themed restro-bar. They seek the help of various kinds of colorful lights to create that perfect spooky atmosphere.

Amidst this, they also need to ensure that the lights are not too dim else the customers would find it difficult to navigate and read through the menu.

This restro-bar sets a perfect example of how lights can be used to enhance the customer experience and make the theme look suitable!

3. Have An Unusual Theme

A great commercial bar is the one that stands out from the crowd. Having an unusual theme for your restro-bar will definitely help you with that.

You need to determine the clientele you are targeting and plan the theme of the bar accordingly because the space that you create should be a fit for the people who will bring life to it.

Having a unique theme for the restro-bar is in vogue, and New Orleans, Carousel Bar & Lounge understands that.

Bar design ideas - Carousel Bar

They have been named as one of the most iconic hotel bars by the Food & Wine magazine for having an original theme. Carousel Bar is known for its revolving, circular, carnival-themed bar which is often filled with hotel patrons, tourists, and locals.

This bar is one of its kinds and provides the customers a feeling of having a drink at a carnival and their theme is loved by the adults as it makes them feel nostalgic. This theme is eye-catchy and attracts a lot of recognition.

Designing a bar takes a lot of hard work! You need to decide on the budget, space, etc. to set-up a bar.

Other Factors That Impact The Bar Design

Along with the points mentioned above, here are some other things you should be keeping in mind for your bar design.

(i) Buying The Right Equipment

Having the right equipment at your bar enhances its beauty and utility. It is a major step for building the space and making it look tied together. Bars should have a refrigerator, ice bins, coolers, wine racks, etc. Along with this make sure that the flooring at the bar area is not slippery, opt for rubber mat flooring for the safety of the staff/bartender. You can also invest in chairs and tables; the design should complement the interiors of the bar.

(ii) Selecting The Bar Top

It is essential to select the right material for the bar top to avoid any disasters. Stones and marbles look attractive but, provide no grip whatsoever. Slam a bottle a little too hard against the marble table and the bottle might break instead, go for the traditional wood bar tops you can choose from Oaks, Maples, Mahogany’s, or Ashes. They have a firm grip and are very sturdy.

(iii) Displaying The Liquor

It is essential to exquisitely display the liquor bottles, after all, alcohol is the star of your bar! Displaying alcohol bottles is an excellent way of decorating the bar area and letting your customers know about your alcohol collection.

Designing and operating a commercial bar in the US can be fun provided you have a great bar design idea.

Many people dream about opening a restro-bar but simply don’t know where to start from. Every bar owner has a vision before he/she starts with the bar design which ultimately results in opening up a bar of their dreams, this article will give you some clarity regarding that and will help you come up with a bar design plan.

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