35 Theme Restaurants in Delhi NCR That Would Give You a Memorable Dining Experience

35 Theme Restaurants in Delhi NCR that Vouch for a Memorable Dining Experience
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Top Best Theme Restaurants in Delhi that are a Must-Visit

A mélange of people from all over the country has nurtured a very diverse culture in Delhi, which is also reflected in its eating habits. People are now more open to exploring new experiences, and a host of themed restaurants have come up to satiate Delhi food lover’s inquisitiveness. And it’s not just new cuisines that the customers are looking for, but also quirky and innovative ambiance, that gives them a unique and memorable dining experience. This article will serve as a guide to the top themed restaurants in Delhi NCR.

Top Best Theme Restaurants in Delhi that are a Must-Visit

Let’s talk about these 35 super cool cafes and bistros around the hottest areas of Delhi that will give you a new perspective on dining.

1. Social Offline Cafe- (Urban/Collaborative Workspace Theme)

Social offline cafe with its unique theme in Delhi

Oh, Cafe? Workplace? Or should we call it a Workbar? Well, Social is one Urban hangout with a blend of cafe & workplace that has created a kick amongst the Delhiites. Situated in Hauz Khas Village and next to Delhi Art Gallery, you will find people of different coterie at Social, making it one of the unique restaurants in Delhi. Having said that, it is known for its ridiculously tasty Cocktails and Music.

2. Soda Bottle Opener Wala- (Quirky Irani/Persian Theme)

Soda Bottle Opener wala with its unique theme in Delhi

It has quirky, fun and contemporary Irani Style archetype with the menu full of Parsi specialties and a hint of Bombay street food. Cafe has some of the delectable dishes like keema pav, Goan fish curry, Parsi kulfi and more. The ambiance will take you back in the 1950’s Parsi Culture. Its a must visit in Khan Market if you are in for some Parsi delicacies which will not burn a hole in your pockets as well.

3. Farzi Cafe- (Artful and Fusionist Theme)

Farzi cafe with its unique theme in Delhi

Why Farzi? Farzi Cafe is a fusion of the Global & Indian menu and ambiance, yet making it a very chic and a  modern style cafe. Farzi Café offers a high energy molecular gastronomic culinary style, infused with a contemporary casual dining affair. Also, try your drinks in the Farzi style with Chuski margarita and more.

 4. The Biker’s Café- (Bike Theme)

The Biker's Cafe with its unique theme in DelhiWhat do you need after a long ride on your bike? Fulfilling food accompanied by drinks, and Biker’s Café has everything you want. This place has the interiors which might be another home for any biker. With Harley parked in front, and Helmets hanging from the ceiling can surely make anyone fall in love with the idea of riding bikes! So kickstart your bike, full throttle and meet your fellow bikers at Biker’s Den: The Biker’s Cafe.

 5. Mamagoto- (Pan Asian Theme)

Mamagoto with its unique theme in Delhi

This place will never fail to delight you with the fantastic Pan-Asian Menu they have! So are you up for some fun, doozie Japanese & Pan-Asian cuisine with a twist? Step in, and you will know everything from their Manga inspired communal and modish decor. The food is not authentic but some experiments done by some MAD scientist, which results in the extensive mind-blowing menu they have. Catering to the popular demand, Mamagoto has a presence in Saket, Khan Market, and Vasant Kunj. Not heavy on pocket and serving portions good enough to be shared.

 6. Imly @ Rajendra Place – (Street Food Stopover – 250 Feet Long Luxury Train)

Imly with its unique theme in Delhi

Well, since our childhood most of us were fascinated by Trains. And what do we see now, Parked Train with Street Food served? This vegan and vegetarian restaurant is one of the unique restaurants in Delhi that puts a big smile on every street food lover’s face. Situated at Rajendra Place, the train-themed restaurant is in the shape of a train, offering delicious street food such as chapatti chaat, Gol Gappas and more. Do book your seat in the train coach before visiting and don’t forget to sip on some Buntas.

7. Boombox Café (Music Theme)

Boombox Cafe with its unique theme in Delhi

Boombox, what I know is a portable radio with powerful sound mainly used by Hip-Hop Dancers. And if you want to get the feel of it, then Boombox Cafe is the place! The music-themed restaurant has a hip-hop music theme that is reflected in the interiors. Metal shutters, wall graffiti, and their diverse menu give a variety of choices to its customers. Also, don’t forget to try their fruit-based hookah. The Boombox Café has three outlets: in Connaught Place, Khan Market, and Rajouri Garden.

 8. Lights Camera Action- (Chic & Bollywood Theme)

Lights Camera Action with its unique theme in Delhi

“Lights, Camera, Action!”. No no, it’s not the traditional cue of a film crew, but a place to be if you are a foodie and love Bollywood. This place is to look out for if you have a craving for filmy dialogues & some Bollywood drama! A beautiful terrace lounge, the ambiance goes well with the Bollywood theme along with their tailored dishes influenced by favorite Bollywood movies.

The menu is cleverly designed, with dishes named after famous Bollywood dialogues and songs, giving movie buffs a tremendous filmy time! LCA is situated in Rajouri Garden as well as the Hauz Khas Village.

 9. Lord Of The Drinks- (Medieval Theme)

Lord of the Drinks with its unique theme in Delhi

Have you ever traveled back in time? That is precisely the feeling you get when you enter Lord of the Drinks café. Climbing up a dimly lit staircase through a dungeon, welcomed by large wooden interiors, plush brown sofas and scrumptious bar that offers good food, and great drinks, the restaurant becomes of the most unique restaurants in Delhi. Also, if you are looking to making some new friends and sharing your table with strangers, visit this place as it’s also known for its community table concept 😉

10. Woodbox Cafe @ Satyaniketan – (Rustic & Vintage/Victorian Theme)

Woodbox Cafe with its unique theme in Delhi

The Woodbox Café at Satyaniketan is filled with fashionable items, which are made out of recycled materials and elements such as glasses, CD drives, bicycle, etc. Well planned and designed interiors attract the young crowd, and delicious food ranging from pasta to cakes they keep bringing back customers again and again.

So its a cafe for youth which is decked out in wooden interiors, and also, where you will find liquor bottles cut into the shape of glasses.

11. The Vault Cafe @ Connaught Place – (British Colonial & Royal Theme)

The Vault Cafe with its unique theme in Delhi

Introducing to you, The Vault Cafe at Connaught Place, which possesses an old heritage appeal to it, by introducing the concept of private vault chambers. So what can be better than sitting in your private chamber/vault and feeling royal as well! Not just that, it has delectable multi-cuisine along with some of their famous drinks like vault blue sea and more.

12. The Big Yellow Door- (Quirky Color Based Theme)

The Big Yellow Door with its unique theme in Delhi

Pocket-friendly food and colorful, vibrant interiors combined can be found here at The Big Yellow Door. This place is a favorite amongst the DU students, because of its mouth-watering food and inexpensive menu. Also, the vibrant yellow exterior attracts more of the young crowd, especially being situated in front of Venkateswara College. The casual mood of the cafe makes it all the more relaxing and welcoming. The big yellow door at the entrance makes up for all the expectations of the ambiance!

13. Boheme- (Mediterranean Theme)

Boheme with its unique theme in Delhi

This place will make you fall in love at first sight. The dim lights and soothing ambiance will make you relaxed after a long tiring day. Boheme radiates freshness with its cozy and relaxing interiors, which gives serenity to your senses. The terrace spot is set to uplift your mood and does a great job of giving you a complete Mediterranean experience.

14. Uzzuri Deli- (European Street Cafe Theme)

Uzzuri Deli with its unique theme in Delhi

Uzzuri is known for its handcrafted cuisine and cocktails along with the posters on the walls which will tell a lot of stories and uncover new places for its customers. So not just palatable food, but connoisseurs will have a fun time exploring new places for their next stopover. The European themed restaurant has sophisticated interiors carved of wood and continental style. A visit to Uzzuri will show you the path to your next unplanned journey for more food, & make new friends!

15. Rustom’s Cafe & Bakery- (Iranian/Persian Theme)

Rustom's cafe and bakery with its unique theme in Delhi

Rustam’s Café & Bakery, situated in Malviya Nagar, serves fine baked goods rich in true Parsi legacy. The warm and homely ambiance gives an authentic Parsi home environment and has been a great hit amongst the customers with a sweet tooth.

The menu has all the forgotten Parsi recipes, not found anywhere. Rustom’s is a must-visit for its Parsi delicacies, along with the old school classic music like Beatles, Abba.

16. The Chatter House- (Textured & Vintage Theme)

The Chatter House - 35 Themed Restaurants in Delhi This English pub is undoubtedly set to make you tap your shoes on the dance floor with the full bar available at the vintage themed restaurant. With the entire influence from Europe, it offers a contemporary feel. Located at Nehru Place, The Chatter House provides scrumptious multi-cuisine dishes without burning a hole in your pockets. Also, this gastropub has casual outdoor seating for you to relax.

17. Tabula Beach Cafe- (Exotic Beach Theme)

Tabula Beach Cafe with its unique theme in Delhi

The name says it all. Tabula beach has a beach-like ambiance with amazing indoor & outdoor seating. Not just that, you will find a bar that has cocktails to offer you along with party music going on. This place has events and gigs happening regularly. The decor is simple and yet, elegant with woody touches. A small dance area will bring out your groovy mood. So if you want to get the feeling of sitting at the beach with your favorite cocktail, Tabula beach is the place for you!

18. Smaash Cafe- (Sports & Gaming Theme)

Smaash Cafe with its unique theme in Delhi

The Smaash Cafe is a family complex with a bowling alley, with multiple sporting options such as Air Hockey, F1 race, cricket, and numerous dining choices. Located at Gurgaon, Smaash Café provides a virtual gaming experience to the visitors making it one of the top theme restaurants in Delhi NCR. It is a must-visit place if you are into sports and are looking for a place that provides complete entertainment.

 19. Lutyen’s Cocktail House- (Grandeur & British Theme)

Cocktail House with its unique theme in Delhi

A tribute to Sir Edward Lutyens, the Lutyen’s Cocktail House at Janpath is a classic bar, known for its mirrored walls, an extensive collection of cigars and its grand imperial appeal. The live band is lighting up the arena and its cocktails do the magic and keep bringing back the customers.

20. Zambar – (Coastal India/Peninsular Theme)

Zambar with its unique theme in Delhi

If you are looking forward to an experience of having a scrumptious lunch or dinner at the backwaters of Kerala or wish to experience the magic of majestic South India, then this place is the one for you! It is designed in the shape of the boathouse and takes you through the journey of coastal dining. Zambar at Gurgaon brings some wonderful regional delicacies for you and delivers a memorable experience owing to the beautiful décor and ambiance, served with authentic Chettinad, Mangalorean, South Indian, Kuttanad and Madras cuisine.

21. Howzatt- (Sporty Theme)

Howzatt with its unique theme in Delhi

Howzatt at Gurgaon is a super cool pub and a brewery, frequented by the urban young Delhi crowd. Massive projector screens, glove-shaped seating and low lighting giving the perfect feel of sitting in a stadium and enjoying a live match is an absolute feast for a sports freak. Flags of different countries adorn the ceiling, giving the place a great sporty look.

22. Mumbai Matinee @ Noida (Movie/Theatre/Bollywood Theme)

Mumbai Matinee with its unique theme in NoidaMumbai Matinee, Noida, is all about movies, actors/actresses and Bollywood drama. The 80’ theme, welcoming you with a red velvet curtain and great vinyl mirrors and pictures, posters of epic Bollywood movies, and multi-cuisine that is set to uplift your mood with great hookah flavors also available.

23. 21 Gun Salute @ Gurgaon – (Retro/Royal Raj Theme)

21 gun salute with its unique theme in Delhi

21 Gun Salute at Gurgaon is a lavish retro dining spot that serves Indian and Nepalese dishes. Beautiful historical artifacts and murals on display take your breath away and delight you with the ambiance showcasing the vintage car parked inside. Serving delicious food, the royal-themed restaurant gives you complete royal dining experience.

 24. Chor Bizarre- (Vintage Theme)

Chor Bizarre with its unique theme in Delhi

As the name suggests Chor Bizarre, set in Daryaganj is all about vintage creativity. With a car turned into a buffet corner and various antiques donning the walls such as watches, lamps and pretty chairs, it looks like a thief market and serves multiple cuisines from all over India.

25. The California Boulevard- (Hollywood Stardom Theme)

The California Boulevard with its unique theme in Delhi

The California Boulevard at Gurgaon is a stylish cafe known for its Hollywood theme and cuisines from 33 countries and the great variety of wines and cocktails that it serves. Old Hollywood movies play on the cinema screen, the bar at the cafe is based out on a tramcar, giving variety and entertainment for all the Hollywood fans.

26. Rodeo Connaught Place – (Mexican Culture Theme)

Rodeo Connaught Place with its unique theme in Delhi

Rodeo at Connaught Place is all about Tex-Mexican food, ambiance, and great service. The Mexican wall art, murals, saddle stools at the bar, heavy wood usage, fake cactus plants and staff attired in the great sombrero hats are an added bonus to the delicious Mexican food served at the mexican-themed restaurant.

27. Yeti- The Himalayan Kitchen (Himalayan and Nepalese Theme)

Yeti the Himalayan Kitchen with its unique theme in DelhiLocated in Greater Kailash 2, Yeti the Himalayan Kitchen boasts of authentic Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine, the motif being prominent in their ambiance and theme. The Himalayan-themed restaurant is sure to take you on a reminiscent journey to the Himalayas.

28. Pirates of the Grill (Pirates/Caribbean/Barbeque Theme)

Pirates of the Grill with its unique theme in Delhi

This Caribbean-themed restaurant is known for its amazing barbeque, and grilled veg and non-veg delicacies and set out in a simple and informal style; it is based on a theme of private pirate’s ship along with brown and green color. Situated in Rajouri Garden as well as Gurgaon, it offers a sumptuous buffet at great prices.

 29. Jungle Jamboree- (Jungle Theme)

Jungle Jambore with its unique theme in Delhi

Jungle Jamboree has an ambiance of a jungle and an aqua cave and also has an outdoor space, with the design and decor of a forest. Serving customers at Connaught Place and Gurgaon, it is a trendy restaurant, also known for being kid-friendly as well.

30. Garam Dharam- (Bollywood Theme- Inspired by Dharmendra)

Garam Dharam with its unique theme in Delhi

One of the few of its kind, Garam Dharam restaurant is situated at Connaught Place Outer Circle, and as the name suggests, it gives a great tribute to veteran actor Dharmendra. The desi décor gives a typical dhaba look, and the ambiance is typically Desi Punjabi. A must-visit for Bollywood lovers, and desi food.

31. Café Dalal Street- (Stock Exchange Theme)

Cafe Dalal Street with its unique theme in Delhi

Innovatively serving drinks, Café Dalal Street at Connaught Place is a restro bar, where the drink prices rise and fall as per the demand and supply. Customers can monitor the price fluctuations of the drink through the Dalal Street app, and place their orders directly.

32. Junkyard Café- (Quirky, Junk Theme)

Junkyard Cafe with its unique theme in Delhi

The Junkyard Café, doing justice to its name, has the décor made entirely out of junk. Tires, wooden logs, and barrels give the place a look of an upscale junkyard. Situated at Connaught Place, they have a vast menu, providing a variety of delicious choices to the customers.

33. Filmy Café and Bar- (Bollywood Theme)

Filmy Cafe and Bar with its unique theme in Delhi

Located in Connaught Place, Filmy Café and Bar is another Bollywood themed restaurant that has become a favorite amongst the customers instantly. The walls are covered with Filmy posters that are sure to delight the movie buff in you. They serve a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes and account for a complete entertaining-dining experience.

34. Unplugged Courtyard- (Courtyard Theme)

Unplugged Courtyard with its unique theme in Delhi

A first of its kind in Delhi, the Unplugged Courtyard in Connaught Place flaunts a beautiful courtyard with a tree. The open courtyard often hosts live performances, and the Mexican Countryside theme works well to give a classic vintage experience. The courtyard themed restaurant has indoor seating as well.

35.  Motorcycle Café- (Motorcycle Theme)

Motorcycle Cafe with its unique theme in Delhi

A must-visit for the bike enthusiast, the Motorcycle Café at Netaji Subhash Place boasts of fresh, innovative interiors and excellent tasting food. The motorcycle-themed restaurant is primarily inspired by the Bullet motorcycle, with a Bullet popping out of the front door, bike seats converted into seating chairs, and tiers serving as tables.

Which one of these as per you is the best-themed restaurant in Delhi? Let us know in the comments below!

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  7. This article is for someone like me who loves exploring restaurants with unusual themes. Would definitely try out these recommendations!
    I would like to add another “pearl” to this list, recently I got an opportunity to visit a pirate-themed restaurant in Bangalore called the Black Pearl. It is a super cool place to enjoy your food amidst the pirates, yes the restaurant team is literally dressed in pirate costume!

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  9. On my recent visit to Rajouri Garden, I came across this newly opened cafe-bar named RAAG KITCHEN & BAR and let me tell you that it has one of the best food and ambiance. It is a music themed multi-cuisine casual dining place and a must visit place for people looking to chill out with their family and friends.


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