How A Restaurant POS Gives You Complete Control Over Your Business Through Smart Reports


Due to the problem of plenty in UAE’s food & beverage industry, there is a steep decline in restaurant sales which makes it necessary for the restaurant owners to be ubiquitous. At times, it can be physically challenging for the restaurant owner to look after various functions throughout the day and may require assistance. One can appoint a manager to look after a few things but is that enough? As a restaurant owner, you should have every small detail regarding your restaurant which a manager can at times fail to deliver, but a restaurant POS won’t!

One of the things that most successful restaurants in UAE have in common is an efficient restaurant POS system. It takes care of everything from billing to the daily reports and gives accurate real-time updates.

This helps in giving the restaurant owners complete control over their business, don’t believe us? Read ahead!

How A Restaurant POS Provides Complete Control Over All Operations

A restaurant POS is a one-stop solution for your restaurant management difficulties. It lets you take care of all the backend and frontend operations seamlessly, giving the restaurant owners complete control over the business.

The restaurant POS provides you with the real-time analytical reports which make it easier for the restaurant owners to manage the daily operations.

We have curated a list of restaurant POS reports you can use to have complete control over your restaurant.

1. Restaurant Sales Report

As previously mentioned, there has been a decline in the restaurant sales over the past few months in UAE which makes it imperative for the restaurant owners to look through their sales and see how it can be improved.

A restaurant POS system gives you detailed sales reports and lets you analyze the trends. A restaurant’s persistence solely depends on the sales; therefore restaurant owners need to keep a close check on it.
The restaurant POS will give you an overview of the sales made in real-time as well as for a selected time period.  

Some restaurant POS systems available in UAE also let you keep track of the reports through a mobile phone application which comes handy if you are not physically available at the restaurant.

Make use of the sales reporting feature and stay ahead of your competition!

2. Billing Reports

Analyzing the billing reports is an excellent way for the restaurant owners to supervise the money that’s coming in.

You can keep track of the total number of bills generated at your restaurant. It is also a great feature if you own multiple outlets as it will give you real-time reports for all your restaurants at one place.

Billing is something you cannot go wrong with after all it is the cash that keeps a business going!

It also lets you keep track of the discount that was offered on each bill. This enables you to track if employees provided any unnecessary discounts.

3. Inventory Reports

Managing the inventory is one of the biggest challenges for any restaurant owner. Due to high pilferage and the lack of local produce in UAE, it is crucial for the restaurant owners to keep a close check on the inventory levels to avoid overspending. A restaurant POS inventory reporting feature can undoubtedly help you with that.

Inventory reports are vital as it helps you ensure the costs are being maintained, it avoids any internal theft and prevents you from running out of any vital raw material.

You can quickly check through the inventory levels and analyze the stock-in/stock-out reports in real-time. This lets you manage the raw materials effortlessly and avoid any wastage by ordering the raw materials only when required.

4. Item-level Reports

Planning to redesign your restaurant menu? Item-level reports will definitely come handy!

A restaurant POS provides you with item-level reports that let you analyze the menu items are performing the best and the worst.

It empowers you to keep track of the best selling items, high-profit-margin items and the performance of each menu item for smart decision making.

This report is essential if you wish to gain more profits, eliminate the menu items that are not performing well and invest in the ones doing good.

5. Employee Reports

At times it can get difficult for the restaurant owner to monitor the performance of the restaurant staff, but a restaurant POS system’s employee reports make the task of observing the employees performance seamless.

It lets you manage the entire staff by keeping a check on their performance. It also allows you to view the total number of tables served, bills generated and the hours served by each employee. Employee reports provide detailed insight into how your employees are translating into sales.

This report comes handy during the time of promotions and while revising the pay scale. It also helps you in giving honest feedback to your employees.

6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Reports

If your restaurant POS system allows you to capture your customer’s details like phone number, email address, etc. you can make use of the CRM reports in order to determine customer behavior.

In UAE, this report comes extremely handy since it is a tourist-centric destination which gives the restaurant owners more opportunity to reach out to new/old customers.

CRM reports let you determine the customers who spend more or visit your restaurant often, which makes the task of sending promotional emails and SMS easier. It also enables you to do in-depth research on individual customers and lets you know the average check size, the last visit date, etc.

This enables you to learn more about the guests’ experience and how you can take it a step further!

7. Multiple Outlet Reports

If you run various outlets, you know how difficult it can be to manage all the restaurants. The multi-outlet report feature in the restaurant POS will let you monitor all your branches without any hassle.

Get billing, sales, inventory, etc. reports for all your restaurants in one preferred device. This lets you monitor all your branches even when you do not have the time to visit every single one of them. Multi-outlet reports give you complete control over your business remotely.

UAE provides an excellent opportunity for any restaurant business to prosper provided the restaurant owner has complete control over it. No matter how efficient your restaurant manager is, it is the responsibility of the restaurant owner to manage the restaurant.

A smart restaurant POS system generates in-depth reports that will be your helping hand running your business smoothly.

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