How A Restaurant Operations Manual Gives UAE Restaurants A Competitive Edge

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Looking at the competitive restaurant space in the UAE, running a restaurant is a challenging task. KPMG’s Food and Beverage Report for the UAE says that restaurant outlets face plenty of challenges when it comes to staying afloat. A considerable number of restaurants shut down in the UAE every year, principally due to proper management and lack of standardized procedures. A restaurant operations manual is essential in providing a systematic approach to the way daily restaurant operations are carried out. 

A Brief Description About Restaurant Operations Manual

A restaurant operations manual is a comprehensive list of tasks that can be considered as the backbone of your restaurant business. The manual includes essential guidelines, documents, checklists, or any kind of valuable information that employees must be aware of. A restaurant operating manual is useful and an excellent way of setting standard operating procedures for your restaurant and ensuring that your employees follow these procedures. For restaurants operating multiple outlets or franchises, a standard restaurant operations manual will be of great help in maintaining consistency across the enterprise 

Why A Restaurant Operations Manual Is A Must-Have For Every Restaurant

These are some of the main reasons that highlight the importance of a restaurant operating manual.

1. Streamline Employee Training Period

Newly hired employees take a long time to get accustomed to restaurant operations. If your restaurant has a comprehensive and well-constructed manual, it will be easier for them to understand what is expected of them and the protocols and guidelines they should follow. Ask your employees to follow the manual regularly and mark the tasks they have accomplished. This will help them in self-training and act as a ready reckoner for their day-to-day tasks.

2. Doesn’t Hamper Restaurant Operations

There may be some times when one of the leading restaurant staff members would be unable to come to work. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the restaurant operations would come to a standstill. However, situations like these have enormous potential to hamper the day-to-day activities of your restaurant.

It can also have negative consequences on the restaurant’s sales. In such critical situations, by referring to the operating manual, your restaurant can quickly fill any gaps without interrupting other operations. This will also ensure that your restaurant employees are trained in all areas of restaurant operations.

3. Maintains Uniform Standards and Consistency In Operations

With a restaurant operations manual, you can have detailed guidelines for every employee must adhere to. It is easy to maintain the standard and consistency of your daily operations with a manual. You can rest assured that uniform consistency will be maintained while preparing dishes, serving the guests, and maintaining hygiene standards in cleaning. This will also help you to attract and retain customers more efficiently.

4. Easy Delegation Of Tasks 

A restaurant operations manual includes the organization chart of the business, contact details for each staff member on board, including a short job description. Say if a restaurant manager has to delegate a specific task to the employees, with all the details available at a glance, they can quickly identify the employees who will be able to help or advise them. Hence, it would be right to say that a restaurant operations manual uncomplicates daily supervision.

5.Increases Customer Delight Through Consistent Service

A restaurant operations manual clearly defines the standard for dealing with customers queries regarding promotions, follow-up, refunds, etc. It ensures that all your patrons are reasonably satisfied with the service you provide and helps in enhancing their interactions. Delivering consistent customer service will help in creating a band of loyal customers and keep your cash registers ringing.

Consistency and efficiency are fundamental aspects of a successful restaurant. Looking at the diversity of the UAE’s F&B industry,  restaurants must create standard operations manual to drive efficiency and cost savings. A comprehensive manual will streamline the functioning of the restaurant and minimize the inconsistencies that occur when proper documentation is not provided. Create a stellar restaurant operations manual and utilize these tips to help your eatery grow! 

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