How A Mobile Restaurant POS Saves Your Money And Time

How A Mobile Restaurant POS Saves Your Money And Time

While technology has been in use in the UAE restaurant industry for ages, with the advent of new age innovations, the restaurant business has witnessed a rapid transformation. Initially, it was the traditional or the legacy POS that ruled the restaurant space, however with the introduction of the cloud-based restaurant management system, the industry saw the ease they would experience when their reliance on hardware would decrease. Then came the era of mobile restaurant POS, which is handy, slim, easy to use and cost-effective, which made the life of the restaurant owners even easier. 

A mobile POS is typically a Point Of Sale system that can be accessed through any Internet-enabled hand-held device such as a mobile or a tablet that is used for accepting orders, generating bills, and receiving payments. Mobile POS systems are becoming increasingly popular as they are handy, pocket-friendly, and facilitate restaurant operations like never before.

5 Reasons You Should Invest In A Mobile Restaurant POS

A mobile restaurant POS is more than just a tech-savvy addition to your business. Read on to know how a mobile POS is beneficial for your restaurant.

1. Easy On The Pockets

Getting a stellar restaurant POS on board can be relatively heavy on your pockets. The traditional restaurant POS comes with bulky hardware, which is physically enormous. It involves the troublesome process of installation, which comes in with an installation fee and also requires regular maintenance charges. There may be instances when the system might crash, and the entire data can be lost, if the POS was not a cloud-based one. In such instances, you would have to re-install it again which will involve additional charges.

A mobile restaurant POS, on the other hand, is relatively cheaper. It only involves the initial purchase cost and hence is almost inexpensive if compared to the traditional POS systems.

2. User-Friendly

There is a dearth of skilled staff in the UAE hence it is advisable that you use a technology that doesn’t require any training. A mobile POS hardly requires any training since everyone knows how to use a mobile. In addition to this, mobile is handy, sleek and can be used anytime and anywhere.

Since the mobile restaurant POS is user-friendly, it will help you accelerate your restaurant operations. Not only will it enhance the order taking and the billing process, but will also help you cover more tables and thus increase your sales.

3. Time-Saving

The server can have the mobile restaurant POS with himself, and this accelerates the order taking process. The customers can view the full menu while placing the order. This reduces the instances of mistakes while taking the orders marginally. The mobile restaurant POS when synced with the CRM, it will help the servers to view the entire order history of the customer which helps the server to apply the suggestive upselling techniques and pitch for the high-profit-margin menu items. This ensures prompt order taking while enhancing the customer experience.  

A mobile restaurant POS will reduce the table turnaround time exponentially. This is primarily because the server will not have to run to and fro between the table and the POS. This, in turn, will help you cover more tables than usual. 

4. Environment-friendly

Traditional POS involves the use of paper while billing. This leads to the generation of unnecessary waste which is not very environment-friendly. On the other hand, when it comes to the mobile restaurant POS, all bills and receipts can be emailed to the customers or uploaded on the website. Not only is this environment-friendly, but it is also a preferred way especially by the customers since there is no risk of losing the records.

5. Saves Space

The need for bulky hardware and POS terminals is gone if you use a mobile POS. Considering the high rental costs in UAE, you need to utilize the space you have wisely.  With the help of a mobile POS, you can accept orders easily, and print bills easily with a handy Bluetooth printer. Mobile POS is especially useful if you run a small cafe, QSR, or even Food Truck.

A mobile restaurant POS comes in handy especially when you have a restricted restaurant space. Since keeping a large POS machine can take up a considerable amount of space you can easily shift to the handy mobile restaurant POS. This will not only smoothen your operations, but it will also be extremely cost-effective, which will help you to be ahead of the competitors in the UAE restaurant market.

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