Valentine’s Day Restaurant Promotion Ideas That Are Sure To Attract The Love Birds

Valentine's day restaurant promotion ideas

Just like any other festival and occasion, Valentine’s Day too is a very lucrative way to weave some innovative ways to attract a queue of customers outside your restaurant. Be a part of the merrymaking, help people spread and express love by curating some exceptional Valentine’s Day restaurant promotion ideas, and see how you get tired of managing the extra crowd.

According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association on a Valentine’s Day,

  • Consumers spend about $13.19 billion
  • Each consumer spends an average of $116.21.
  • About 34.6% of people go out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day

Considering that people already are in the mood to celebrate the festival of love, here are some stellar Valentine’s Day restaurant promotion ideas that are sure to attract customers.

Try These Valentine’s Day Restaurant Promotion Ideas

It is not uncommon to see couples screening over all the restaurants in the vicinity, to book tables for Valentine’s night. With Valentine’s Day around the corner and with the knowledge that there is a vast crowd waiting out there to be welcomed and allured at your restaurant, what are you waiting for? Sit with your team, decide on your strategic plans for 14th of February, and see how love and merry walks into your restaurant that night. The Valentine’s Day restaurant promotion ideas that you can implement right away are:

1. Make The Special Menu

Any special day calls for a special menu, and Valentine’s day is no different. Sit with your chef and curate the most exciting dishes for the day. Name them catchy, so that your customers are compelled to order them. Try and innovate with the plating of your meals. For example, you can presents pastries like Red Velvet in the shape of a heart, or use rose petals when plating a dish, use that extra bit of whipped cream and chocolate on your dishes and see how your customers keep licking that extra bit off their plates.
Also, remember to price your dishes right for the night. You must remember that there is a lot of competition, so keep a vigilant eye on what your local competitors are up to. You must tie up with a whole lot of online table reservation platforms to make sure that you are within sight of those who are hovering on those platforms to book a table for the day.

2. Offer Something Extra

You can leave a souvenir on all your tables, for your customers to take home. Your primary motive is to make your customers feel special, and you can do so, by providing free champaign, dessert or a complimentary dish. Also, by giving a takeaway, you can make sure that your customers remember you for their next special night!

Decorate your restaurant so that it is in tune with the celebration of the day. Make the color red, your restaurant’s color for the day. Light your restaurant intimately so that it can create the much needed romantic ambiance. You can either play soft music or have live singers who will build the mood and encourage couples to step up and dance to their tunes.

3. In-House Restaurant Event Ideas For The Day

You can run various in-house restaurant events on that very day itself. For example, the couple who danced the best can be provided with some hamper, or there might be a contest where the couple will have to express their love or sing a song and dedicate it to their better half, and whosoever does it the best will be provided a free meal on a latter day. Such a move will not only make your customer feel wanted, but it will also help you to retain your customers.

4. Keep An In-House Photographer

Who doesn’t want to capture the moments they make? This holds true for all your customers as well. Couples will love to picture the lovely moments they make. Many a time couples decide to propose there better half on this day, and they do inform the restaurants beforehand so that they make arrangements accordingly. Now, if you have an in-house photographer, who can capture and video those lovely moments which they can cherish for life, then there will be nothing that will stop them from dropping by at your restaurant. Also, remember to post these pictures on your Facebook page and tag your customers as well.

5. Don’t Forget the Singles Out There!

Since most of the restaurant who are your competitors will be indulging in curating the best possible night for all the lovely couples out there, you can try and do it differently. One must realize that there are people who are not all that in for celebrating Valentine’s Day, and there are a whole lot of singles out there. And hence, you can very effectively run a campaign to attract all the singles in your vicinity. This will no doubt draw the eye of all singles out there, and even the media, since it will be a different affair. Have a Single’s menu or meal-for-one; you can also promote it effectively on social media to attract the crowd. Also, arrange for events and activities that the single people can enjoy as well.

6. Market It Well

You must let your customers know what you intend to do on that particular day. Unless they know how you will be different from the other restaurants in the vicinity, why will they choose to visit yours? Here comes, the importance of marketing your restaurant promotion ideas well. You can create a special event for Valentine’s Day on your social media pages; you can post pictures that will exhibit your plans for the special day. You can even leave small papers on the tables, which will contain in details of your plans for the Valentine’s Day, your customers can never overlook this. Why don’t you dress a staff in a big heart costume and ask him to distribute pamphlets and flyers to the passersby outside your restaurant? This will be a great way to let the world know, that you will be celebrating love in the unique way possible. Try and cultivate such Valentine’s Day promotion and marketing ideas that will make the event a success. 

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According to the National Restaurants Association, Valentine’s Day remains to be one of the biggest dining out holiday. This statistics clearly shows, how important Valentine’s Day is, and hence should compel you to be a part of it in some way or the other, that will bolster your overall profit.

Valentine's day restaurant promotion ideas and marketing tips

We will sign off with the hope that taking into consideration the importance of this day; you will curate some innovative Valentine’s Day restaurant promotional ideas. Ideas that will help you to attract more customers on the day and be apart of the merry and love all around. And be prepared to tackle the enormous holiday rush, that you will be experiencing on the upcoming Valentine’s Day!

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