10 Habits That Make A Restaurant Manager Highly Effective

10 Habits That Make A Restaurant Manager Highly Effective

Being a restaurant manager is not an easy task, it involves long working hours, hectic schedules and overwhelming pressure. A restaurant manager is required to be on their toes throughout the day, managing everything from the operations, staff,  inventory, and customers.

A manager needs to be attentive as there is little to no scope for mistakes in the restaurant industry. No matter how good your restaurant is doing there is always scope for improvement, and an effective restaurant manager understands that!

All you have to do is take cues from this article and learn about the habits that make a restaurant manager highly effective. 

10 Habits All Great Restaurant Managers Have

A restaurant manager is somebody everyone looks up to; therefore a manager needs to understand all the new initiatives they wish to suggest for the betterment of the restaurant.  These effective restaurant manager traits make a restaurant manager highly efficient.

To start effectively managing the restaurant, here are ten habits a restaurant manager should adopt to run the restaurant business effectively.

1. Being Proactive

An effective restaurant manager does not wait for the problems; instead, they identify the issues beforehand and starts working towards them. Two main areas where the restaurant managers need to be proactive are staffing and stocking. You should be overlooking the staff and their requirements now and then, maintaining a healthy and professional relationship with the staff elevates their performance.

Stocking also requires the proactive participation of the manager; it is their duty to ensure the inventory is never out of stock else the sales and the reputation of the restaurant is affected. A manager can make use of stock and inventory management system to proactively check through the real-time updates of the inventory status.

2. Good With Providing Resolutions

The restaurant industry is highly unpredictable and faces a new challenge every day. A good restaurant manager should have the capabilities to meet these challenges and provide a feasible resolution for the same. Managing a restaurant involves taking a lot of stern decisions every day sometimes the staff might not agree with the recommendation provided but the manager should have a clear idea of how beneficial the resolution is for the betterment of the restaurant and stick to it no matter how tempting reversing the idea might look. Accepting and resolving any challenge is a good effective restaurant manager trait that every restaurant manager should inculcate.

3. Prioritizing The Tasks

On a busy day, there could be a lot going on in a restaurant, and it is the responsibility of the manager to prioritize the tasks by importance and urgency. This is a good habit every restaurant manager should have as it ensures the more important work is taken care of on priority basis.

Finding a balance between important and urgent tasks is crucial. For example, if a manager is busy taking care of the inventory and is informed about a dissatisfied customer, the manager has to cater to that guest first.

The ability to prioritize the work on the basis of urgency makes a restaurant manager more effective.

4. Punctuality

This is one habit that is of great value and is essential for both the restaurant manager and the staff. This quality trait is valued in every industry, and the restaurant business is no different!

Punctuality ensures all the deadlines are met on time and makes managing the restaurant a seamless task. Coming to work on time will give you enough time to schedule and brief the staff about the day’s activities and set the expectations before the restaurant opens for the public.

A manager should set an example for the co-workers before he/she can ask others to come to work on time.

5. Staying Updated

It is essential for a restaurant manager to stay up to date with all the latest changes in the food and beverage industry. A manager should make it a habit of reading through food blogs or magazines that would help him/her identify the latest trends.

If your restaurant is unable to meet up with the trends, it might result in your restaurant’s failure.

Also, the manager needs to stay updated with what is going on within the restaurant. He/She should have all the necessary information about the staff, food quality, etc. Staying up to date is restaurant manager skills and qualities that can’t be ignored. 

6. Building A Strong Team

It is difficult to manage everything yourself; therefore a manager should realize the importance of building a strong team. This fact might be a little harsh for a restaurant manager to accept but the sooner they realize it, the better it’ll be for the success of the restaurant.

It is necessary to devote ample amount of time and energy towards each task to yield the best results which can a little difficult for a manager since they have to be present at several places at once. Delegate the work and have a trustworthy employee look over a particular task and report back to you. If you end up exhausting yourself at the end of the day, it is time to evaluate your managerial strategies.

7. Communication

Communication is the key to building a cooperative team. It is necessary to interact with the staff and other managers to keep the restaurant business up and running. Here are some excellent tips to make communication more effective.

  • Hold a regular staff meeting: You can hold a staff meeting at the beginning to set expectations and the end of the day to see if the targets were met.
  • Encourage staff: Take out time to give positive feedback to your employees and let them know that they are doing a great job. This creates a positive work environment.
  • Be amiable: You should be approachable as this would help your staff initiate communication.

A restaurant manager should also be a good listener; this is one habit that makes a manager a true leader. Restaurant manager skills and qualities include good communication and listening skills. 

8. Understanding The Value Of Customer Care

A good habit of an effective manager is that he/she will value the customer interaction. Your guests are responsible for bringing business to your restaurant; therefore identifying their needs is very crucial for a restaurant manager as it helps him/her understand what the guests expect from them.

Listening to what your customers want to say is the key to survival in the restaurant industry. Another good habit is remembering the names or preferences of your repeat customers; this helps build goodwill of your restaurant and keeps your loyal customers faithful for long.

9. Upbeat Attitude

Bringing in a negative attitude to work is the worst thing you can do to your staff. Make sure you have an upbeat attitude as it can elevate the mood of your employees and make them efficient.

If you have a black cloud over your head at work, it can affect the entire diners energy. If someone made a mistake instead of being harsh about it tackle the situation in a professional way and try to find a solution to overcome the error.

Make it a habit of inculcating a positive attitude when at work and asking your co-workers to do the same.

10. Innovative

A manager should be innovative and open to new ideas, this an excellent habit that paves the way for unique proposals. Great managers embrace innovations as it helps in keeping the restaurant competitive.

Innovations prevent your restaurant from going mainstream because you cannot afford to be monotonous in the food and beverage industry.

Being unconventional and open to new ideas is a good habit every restaurant manager should develop.

The success of a restaurant is tied back to how you tune-in with your work. Every restaurant manager has a unique way of operating the restaurant, but there are some same habits that all the effective restaurant managers portray. We have mentioned those ten habits in this article that a manager should possess to run the restaurant business successfully.

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  1. Restaurant managers have high-pressured, demanding jobs that incorporate a multitude of tasks. From time management to employee care and customer service, restaurant managers must have special skills to do their job well. The article is very helpful and easy to understand and analyze, I especially liked the content under Understanding The Value Of Customer Care. Good Read. Thank you.


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