How to Create a Human Resource Structure for Restaurants

How to Create a Human Resource Structure for Your Restaurant

One of the common traits of a successful restaurant is a strong restaurant staff that works tirelessly to deliver top-notch service to the customers. However, with strict competition in the restaurant industry, high rentals, and rising costs, hiring the right staff and creating a human resource structure restaurants still remains as one of the biggest challenges for the restaurant owners. The restaurant industry sees one of the highest attrition rates in the employment sector, and care must be taken while hiring. Thus, it is important that you know the human resource structure, different levels of staff requirement, desired qualification and experience for each profile, and the designated salary to offer, etc, while hiring for your restaurant. Read how to hire better for your restaurant here. 

Human Resource Structure for Restaurants

In this article, we will have a look at the basic human resource structure for restaurants.

Human Resource Structure for Your Restaurant

There are generally five departments in any restaurant business – Kitchen Staff, Managerial Staff, Floor Staff, Bar Tenders and Delivery Staff. However, depending upon the restaurant format, the number of departments can vary.

For example, in QSR format there would be only three departments such as Kitchen Staff, Managerial Staff and Delivery Staff. However, for a fine dining restaurant, all the five are required. Further, each department has different requirements of employees which are briefly explained below.

1. Kitchen Staff

The Kitchen is the heart of a restaurant. For smooth operations, a proper employee structure is required. In this particular department, there are various levels such as Gourmet Chef(Head Chef), Sous Chef, Chef De Partie, Commis, and helpers.  However, in formats like QSR, takeaways and casual dining, the post of Head Chef and Sous Chef may not be required.  Below is the chart that discusses and explains the different levels, qualification, experience required and the average salary of each post.

Structure Of Kitchen Staff In Your Restaurant

2. Managerial Staff

The second most important part of the human resource structure for restaurants is the Managerial Staff. These people are the intuitive soul of the restaurant, as the decisions of the Managerial Staff can make or break the customer experience and expectations. Managing and allocating right resources at the right time can help the restaurant to achieve efficiency, which can further help create a better experience for customers and better profit for owners. Managerial Staff is broadly divided into three levels – Restaurant Manager, Cashier, and Storekeeper. Below is the picture explaining the details of salary and qualification required.

Structure of managerial staff in your restaurant

3. Floor Staff

Employees of the floor staff are the brand ambassadors of your restaurant, as they are the ones in direct contact with the customers. Customers’ best and worst experience is often due to the floor staff. Therefore, it is important to have them well trained and on their toes.

The Floor Staff has a different set of employees such as Captains, Stewards, House Keeper and Guard. This department is primarily required in Fine Dining, Restaurant cum Bar and Casual dining formats.

Structure of the floor staff in your restaurant

4. Bar Staff

The Bar Staff handle the most precious and important part of your menu: the drinks! People in this department should be fully aware of the type of drinks they serve, be it a cocktail or mocktail. These people also give certain kind of experience and they can add a fun element to the whole environment with their juggling skills. The number of employees in this department is totally dependent upon the size of the restaurant.

Structure of the Bar Staff in your restaurant

5. Delivery Staff

Your Delivery Staff is as important as floor staff, as these employees take your restaurant brand out on the roads and to the homes of the customers. They are the representatives of your brand and must be trained properly. Also, for delivery staff, restaurant owners should be extra cautious about their driving licenses and background verification.

Structure of the Delivery Staff in your restaurant

Each and every person working for your restaurant is an important part of the organization and is an integral part of the human resource structure for restaurants. It is important to take care while hiring someone, train them right, and keep them happy to retain them. Learn how to keep your restaurant staff happy and motivated here.

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