Manage Your Business From Anywhere With A Restaurant Mobile Analytics App

why a restaurant mobile analytics app is important for every restaurateur

Running a restaurant business on an enterprise level requires convenient accessibility and better visibility of daily restaurant operations. Restaurateurs are constantly on the move, and it may not always be possible for them to monitor the day-to-day operations physically. With the increasing dependence on mobile apps for connecting different verticals, restaurant POS makers have leveraged mobile technology to facilitate comprehensive visibility and provide better control to restaurateurs. The switch from traditional POS to a mobile POS system has improved seen a remarkable jump, such that nearly 80% of the restaurant operators are now willing to deploy technology in these trying times. This is enabling operators to gain complete control over restaurant operations from anywhere, at any time. This article features POSist’s Restaurant Mobile Analytics App that has been exclusively designed to give you more control and power over your restaurant!

Features And Benefits Of A Restaurant Mobile Reporting App

POSist’s Cockpit app has been specially designed to provide insightful data that helps you gain thorough knowledge and complete control over the operations of your restaurant. Mentioned below are significant features of our latest Restaurant Mobile Analytics App which provides a better view of business operations from any time, anywhere!

1. Detailed Data Representation

The integrated analytics feature of the app represents the entire restaurant data in simple graphical formats for easy understanding and analysis. Restaurateurs can view detailed reports about their restaurant business including hourly sales data, monthly sales trends, item wise sales, sales by categories, etc.

Apart from a detailed representation of sales data, restaurant operators can also access the customer data, waiter performance, payment details, and marketing statistics and compare historical performance to identify gaps and take corrective action, if needed. This saves time and makes the comparison of data effortless. Visual representation of the data makes understanding the restaurant’s performance easy and helps in making meaningful decisions. 

“The Cockpit app helps you recognize and reward the highest performing server, identify the highest performing food item, etc. All this information further helps in designing the menu and boosting the revenues,” says Umesh Singla, Managing Director-Ministry Of Beer

2. In-Depth Sales Analysis

A detailed sales analysis on POSist's Cockpit AppPOSist’s Restaurant Mobile Analytics app delivers multiple views of essential sales data enabling you to receive real-time updates on sales performance right on your mobile. For restaurants running multiple outlets, the app integrates the entire cumulative sales data across all outlets, making it easier for restaurant owners to make decisions instantly. 

This user-friendly reporting feature displays sales data for specified time periods, such as weekly, monthly, annually, hourly, and tracks popular sales trends in real-time. You can also view the net sales, gross sales, most popular items, total orders received through different ordering platforms, and analyze this data to tweak your menu and marketing strategies, which will help in increasing your restaurant’s revenue.

3. Access To The Customer Details

With the readily available customer data on the app, you can extract insightful information and formulate strategies to enhance the customer experience. It allows you to keep track of different consumer ordering patterns and total customers served. This helps in measuring the volume of business at your restaurant. 

Detailed Customer Analysis in POSist's Restaurant Mobile Analytics App

In addition, the app also provides crucial information about average spend by each customer, preferred mode of payments, most convenient ordering platforms, comparison of spends made by new customers and repeat customers to help restaurateurs make data-driven decisions and introduce targeted campaigns to increase customer footfall.

4. Analysis Of Monetary Trends And Performance

The robust restaurant app provides a holistic overview of the restaurant revenues and keeps a steady track of its costs. Restaurant operators can examine total revenue, taxes collected, Average Revenue Per User(ARPU), and avg. Revenue per bill. The app also allows you to view the item-wise offers combined with the total amount of discounts offered by each restaurant outlet. 

It provides a clear picture of the outlet wise hourly sales performance, the average amount spent by each customer, gross sales, among other things. It is also effortless to track the total number of discounts offered,” says Himanshu Gupta, Founder-Clique

5. Summarizes Marketing Campaigns 

The Cockpit app measures and analyzes SMS and Email marketing campaigns and assesses the effectiveness of these marketing campaigns in capturing the interest of customers. You can view the credits of each campaign and the total number of SMS and Emails sent during a prescribed period. For a much clearer understanding, the email sent statistics are represented in a bar graph. The total mails sent, click rate and open rate stats depicted on the chart are other parameters restaurateurs can use to measure the progress of their Email campaigns. 

marketing campaign analysis on POSist's Cockpit App

6. Live Outlet Count

If you are running a chain of restaurants, it becomes crucial to track the business on the move. With Cockpit’s live count feature, restaurant owners can track the performance of all their outlets right on their mobile devices. They can keep an eye on outlet-wise revenues at any given point in time, including details such as total orders accepted and overall guests served.

7. Analyzes The Total Bill Count 

With the Cockpit app, you can access all the details related to billing and gain a thorough knowledge of the day’s collections. The app updates operators about the total number of invoices generated at each outlet at a particular time. It also provides specific billing details for each outlet such as offers on bills, covers, unsettled bills, average revenue per bill and provides a total bill count for easy analysis of discounts and payments.

In-depth bill count analysis in POSist's Restaurant Mobile Analytics App

8. Detailed Item Level Reporting

The app provides in-depth insights into the menu and item-wise performance. Integrated with the POS system, it offers statistics on total items that have been sold on a particular day. The different trends observed in the sales of each item helps in adjusting the menu according to the varying interests of customers. Based on the item level reports, restaurant operators can decide the optimum price points, monitor the performance of their restaurant, and make customer-oriented decisions.

Detailed Sales Reporting on Restaurant Mobile Analytics App

9. Real-Time Alerts

The restaurant business is prone to internal thefts and bill alterations that ultimately affect the bottom line. POSist’s Cockpit app is equipped with real-time alerts that notify users of any misappropriations in billing, such as void bills, reprinting, unsettled bills, etc. The app also sends alerts when discounted offers are applied on the bill, which helps in keeping an eye on on-counter thefts as well. 

With a restaurant Mobile Reporting & Analytics app, you can gain complete control over your restaurant business and access real-time insights right on your mobile. Choose POSist and never lose touch with what is happening at your restaurant!

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