How A Robust Restaurant POS Software Can Deliver Customer Experience

Here’s How You Should Use Your Restaurant POS to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience

For a fine dining restaurant, a stellar customer experience is significant to attract and retain customers.  Good food, good ambiance, good service from the staff, is what constitutes good customer service.  The humble Restaurant POS at your cashier’s desk is not just a tool to generate bills, but can also be used to increase the efficiency of your restaurant, provide enhanced customer experience, and improve customer delight.
It is crucial to improve customer experience in a restaurant and here is how you can enhance customer experience using restaurant POS.

How to Use Restaurant POS To Increase Customer Experience

Read about the ways you can use your restaurant POS to delight your customers.

1. Table Billing

Letting the customer order without needing to dictate it to anyone removes the chance of an error while also making the customer enjoy the simplified ordering. When the customers have finished dining, the bill is automatically generated, and they can pay for their meals immediately.

Providing customers with tablets through which they can order and pay from their table does not only make them feel better, it also helps in cutting down your expenses of manual labor required to take orders. Find out how Automatic Billing Improves Customer Experience

2. Online Table Reservation

Many Fine Dining restaurants provide the option of table reservation to the customers to provide them with a pleasant experience without the hindrance of a bad seat or no tables available. Letting your customers book their favorite seat in your restaurant helps you increase customer delight, as well as prevents them from going to your competition, especially during peak hours.

You can also include the added feature of providing a virtual tour of your restaurant on your website that allows your customers to get a look and feel of your restaurant, and choose their seats according to their preferences.

Here’s How You Should Use Your Restaurant POS to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience

3. Order Precision

Many customers have specific tastes, and they might want to make some alterations in the dishes you serve them, for example, someone might want a little less black pepper or an extra topping of cheese and olives. These requests should reach the kitchen the same way they have been instructed without any scope for error. The instructions by the customer can be misunderstood as whether it is for one dish or the whole meal and it can prove to be a bad experience for your customers.

Kitchen Display Systems are extremely useful in this case. The order placed at the restaurant POS is automatically visible at the KDS which is visible to the kitchen staff. This helps avoid order mix-ups and delays in order processing. Allowing you to enhance customer experience using restaurant POS.

4. Table Management

Managing tables in the restaurant, especially during busy hours can be a tedious task. The table management feature helps you keep track of the number of customers in your restaurant, the duration of their visit, etc.  Also, if a customer wants to shift their table, instead of adding all the items on the restaurant POS for the new table, you should be able to copy their entire order on their new table in a matter of clicks, thus eliminating the odds of errors, and increases the overall efficiency. These things help improve the customer experience in a restaurant.

5. Customer Relationship Management

Your CRM software is one of the essential tools in relationship building with customers. It helps you provide excellent customer service while your guests are dining at your restaurant, and also engages with them after they have left your premises. Find out How Integrated CRM Increases Customer Loyalty and Boosts Restaurant Business

CRM software stores the customer’s data such as order history and food preferences from their last visit. So if someone is visiting you repeatedly, and they like to order a certain dish first, the CRM can help you by telling you exactly what they like to order. While they settle in, your waiter can ask them if they would like to order their usual dish again, or remember a particular allergy of the customer. This not only helps you get orders fast, but it also makes the customer know that the restaurant cares about its usual visitors, thus strengthening the customer relationship with your restaurant.

With the gathered customer data you can run personalized restaurant marketing campaigns which will be very useful in helping you to retain customers.

6. Feedback Management

Asking the customer how their meal or experience is a great way to increase the customer-restaurant communication, and feedback is a great way to get to know what and how you can improve. Using restaurant POS-based item-wise feedback is an excellent way of getting customer feedback. You can present a tablet at the end of the customers’ meal and get feedback on each item that the customer ordered. This also helps you understand the performance of dishes, and would also give you insights when you are redesigning your menu.

Here’s How You Should Use Your Restaurant POS to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience

Also, if a customer shares negative feedback, you should be alerted in real-time by your restaurant POS so that you can take immediate actions to make the customer’s experience better.

Does your restaurant POS provide all these features? Upgrade now!

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