5 Signs You Need To Change Your Restaurant Inventory Management System

5 Signs You Need To Change Your Restaurant Inventory Management System

Restaurant inventory being the lifeline of restaurant operations needs to be properly optimized to ensure the success of the restaurant. Poor restaurant inventory management would not only lead to escalating food costs, but it can also lead to the potential failure of your restaurant business. Unless you have a strong restaurant stock and inventory management system in place, you would not be able to identify the source of loss and the reasons for high food costs. 

Tale-Tell Signs That Indicate You Need To Change Your Restaurant Inventory Management System

Are you struggling to streamline your restaurant inventory in spite of having a restaurant inventory management system on board? Then we think you should sit back and try recognizing the several signs that tell you, quite out loud, that its time that you change your restaurant inventory management system that will bolster your restaurant operations like never before.

1. You Constantly Run Out of Stock

Does your restaurant still run out of important inventory items on a busy day? Do you still have to dishearten your customers by telling them that a particular item they ordered is out of stock? If answers to these questions are yes, then we think you should raise serious concerns about your restaurant inventory system and it is time for you to change your restaurant stock management software. 

Your restaurant inventory system must be empowered to send you real-time alerts whenever an item reaches its re-order level. This means that whenever an item in your inventory is on the verge of getting over, you as a restaurant owner will receive a real-time alert right on your mobile. This will save your restaurant from running out on any item unexpectedly and will save you from disheartening your customers.

2. You Are Unable To Track Daily Item-Wise Consumption Reports  

Keeping a check on your restaurant inventory on a daily basis is crucial. Since restaurant inventory is notorious for internal thefts and pilferage, it becomes all the more important for restaurant owners to keep track of the inventory items on a daily basis. If your restaurant inventory management system is not competent enough to provide you with daily item wise consumption reports, then you might be putting your restaurant’s success at stake.

3. Unavailability of Begining and Closing Inventory

Receiving the beginning and the closing inventory is one of the best ways to track any loopholes that might be present in your restaurant inventory system. Since you can tally this report with the total item wise sales happening in a particular day, you can very conveniently check if there’s any misappropriation occurring at your restaurant.

If the current restaurant inventory management system you are using does not provide you with the daily beginning and closing inventory, then we recommend you to consider having that system on board. Considering that inventory is a section where if you do not have strong control, has the potential of burning a hole in your pockets.

4. Unable To Optimize Restaurant Chain Inventory System

While managing inventory for a single restaurant outlet is not an easy affair, think about the task at hand when one runs a restaurant chain. Generally, when running a restaurant chain, it is advisable you establish a base kitchen or a central kitchen where all the raw materials would get delivered from the vendors. It is in the base kitchen where all the raw materials are semi-processed and are then distributed to the various outlets depending on the indents raised by the respective outlets.

Such a process streamlines the restaurant chain operations which ensures the consistency is maintained across all the outlets.

5. Rising Food Cost

Most of the restaurants find it very hard to control the rising food cost. If you already have a restaurant management system onboard, but it is unable to help you to reduce your food cost, then how is it helping you anyway? A stellar POS must help you know the most and the least selling items on the basis of which you can do your menu engineering, and it should help you keep track of your restaurant inventory to ensure that you are not making unnecessary expenses that are causing your food costs to soar. If your restaurant management system is unable to help you out in reducing your rising food cost, then we suggest that it is time for you to switch your restaurant POS.

An intelligent restaurant POS must suggest the changes in your restaurant menu which might be contributing to high food cost. In addition to this, it must help you understand any mistakes that you might be doing while managing inventory section that might be increasing your cost.

If your answer to any one of the above questions is affirmative, then it is a high time that you think about switching to a restaurant POS that will leave no stones unturned to hone your restaurant inventory system further. 

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  1. Restaurant food inventory management is connected to everything from planning your menu to determining how many guests you can feed, making it essential to the daily operation of any foodservice business. Good Read and informative as well.


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