Gaurav Bahl of Koolchas Talks About The Essentials Of Running A 24*7 Dining And Delivery Restaurant.

Gaurav Bahl of Baljeet's Amritsari Koolchas.

Gaurav Bahl is an architect by profession, but the real estate business never enticed him. His love for the F&B business made him shift from the real estate business to opening Baljeet’s Amritsari Koolchas. Bahl chose Koolchas as his main product when he realized that koolcha as a dish was not acknowledged much in the market. With this idea in his head and two years of hard work and sleepless nights, Baljeet’s Amritsari Koolchas came into existence.

In Conversation With Gaurav Bahl Of Baljeet’s Amritsari Koolchas

Gone are the days when fast food was a synonym for junk food. At Koolchas, you get the balance of wholesome home-cooked food at an economical price. Besides, when you get an option to choose from seven different flavors of koolchas, you know an appetizing meal is just a step away.

In an exclusive conversation with The Restaurant Times Gaurav talks of his journey in the industry, the story behind Koolchas, the importance of location and a lot more.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

The customer is always the king, and there may be times when the customers are not happy with their experience at a restaurant. They may convey their resentment through the feedback form, complaint to the wait staff/manager on the spot or post a negative review on social media. The way these problems are addressed and the issue is talked about understanding their grievances are of great importance. 

Importance Of Location

According to Bahl, customers usually choose a restaurant that is right in front of them. If the outlet is not readily visible the customer is likely to go elsewhere. Hence, the choice of location is the key that can be a fate deciding factor for any brand. Along with the traffic in an area, it is essential to see if the desired location has easy accessibility. Is it easy to drive to a particular location? These factors hold a significant position.

The current location of Koolchas is in a densely populated site in Gurgaon, which makes it highly visible and accessible for people, and especially the corporate crowd who love going there after work. According to Bahl, a QSR outlet needs to be easily accessible to target customers. Very few people will travel places for a quick meal. So, it is essential to be visible to the target customers. 

Ensuring Staff Happiness 

According to Bahl, the unity of workers at the workplace is vital for a restaurant’s success. Upset, annoyed workers can utterly bruise the restaurant’s reputation and the profit margins. It is imperative to create a pleasant work environment, and encouraging entire staff, from a dishwasher to the manager, is of great significance. Employees must feel recognized for their hard work. Improve work morale by working on team building and volunteering exercises. Monthly or quarterly social activities also work to raise spirits and foster confidence.

‘By hiring, training, and treating employees right, ranging from simple recognition to accelerated compensation and ownership shares, restaurants can see enhanced efficiency and a “trickle-down” effect on customer satisfaction, says Bahl.’

Delivery Process

The USP Of Koolchas is that it provides 24*7 dining and delivery services to its customers, so the staff at the outlet specifically the delivery boys are well trained to articulate and greet the customers at any point of time.

According to Bahl running a delivery operation successfully requires careful planning. The appeal of scaling too fast can backlash if not handled correctly. Restaurant chains that understand the prominent role of deliveries and the flexibility that come with it will gather the benefits of creating a deeper bond with their customers, turning technology and operational efficiencies into superior brand experiences and lasting customer loyalty. 

Technological Bedding

Technology is advancing heaps and bounds and has carved a space in the restaurant industry. Customers are very dependent on the internet for everything, especially for searching for food outlets.  If a restaurant is not easily found on the internet, it can have a significant impact on the number of new customers you can acquire.

‘Technology these days has become as important as salt in the food for restaurant management. We use Posist software at all our outlets. It is very easy to use and all our staff has been using it quite efficiently. Posist has helped us manage the overall circulation of the food, view and assess the stock requirements of multiple outlets and generate Purchase Orders as per the need,’ says Bahl.

Bahl concludes by saying that, soon the customers will see 5 new outlets of Koolchas around Delhi. 

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