Manil Sachdeva of Sachdeva Confectioners Talks About The Growing Trend Of The QSR Buisness

Manil Sachdeva of Sachdeva Confectioners talks about the growing trend of QSR Buisness in India

Manil Sachdeva took over his family-owned bakery, Sachdeva Confectioners and pivoted it into a popular QSR and bakery that is a popular hangout spot for college students in Delhi. Sachdeva Confectioners is a twenty-year-old brand and is known for its variety of cakes and bread. As a QSR, Sachdeva Confectioners deals with appetizing North Indian and Mughlai food and delightful Chinese preparations.

In Conversation With Manil Sachdeva Of Sachdeva Confectioners

In an exclusive conversation with The Restaurant Times, Manil Sachdeva talks about the growing trend of the QSR setup, the importance of location, his plans and a lot more.

Growing Trend of QSR Business

According to Sachdeva, the growing demand for convenient and delicious food has paved the way for the fast-food and QSR business. People lean towards something which fits their pocket and at the same time fills their belly. QSRs serve food which is economical for the patrons and delightful at the same time. 

Different brand setups will keep coming, but QSR as setup will remain one of the most popular because the customer desire for fast food and quick service will only keep growing. As a business, it is also one of the most profitable formats since the investment is significantly less and the operating costs are also reduced. 

Importance Of Location

According to Sachdeva, the location is one of the most critical factors that impact the success of a QSR. A QSR outlet needs to be readily accessible for target customers since few people will drive several kilometers for a quick meal. A location at the front of a building without obstructions has the maximum visibility.

It is also crucial to analyze the customer base and be present in the right areas. While it may sound alluring to be able to cater to everyone, in reality, one must be aware of the customer demography and decide the location and the cuisine based on the demand.

‘Sachdeva Confectioners is a hub for college- students, it is located in an area which is nearby colleges. Our USP is being one-stop food joint for college students, and so we are located in an area with easy accessibility and visibility for students, and sell items at a price that won’t burn a hole their pockets,’ says Sachdeva.

Operational Challenges

According to Sachdeva, efficiency is the key to success when it comes to QSR operations. It is essential to record and minimize wait times for customers. Longer wait times, especially while standing in the queue before ordering can seriously notch down customer satisfaction levels.

Maintaining cost efficiency with the increasing cost of raw materials is another one of the most prominent challenges which all restaurant owners face. ‘There are times when we have zero profits, and there are times when we have the maximum ROI. You just need to ensure that your good days can save you on a rainy day,’ says Sachdeva.

Technological Bedding

According to Sachdeva, no business will survive without technology today. That’s why it is important to invest in a point of sale system that can provide the owner and the employees the technical support needed to keep daily operations running smoothly.

‘I have been using POSist at my outlet, and it has been very constructive in my day-to-day operations. It helps us streamline our bulk data and also enables us to view the full display of the menu items and analyze their performance,’ says Sachdeva.

Sachdeva concludes by sharing his plans. ‘We aim to restructure and rebuild our current outlet first because it is essential to set the base right before starting something new. We also aim to open two more outlets of Sachdeva Confectioners by the end of 2019’, says Sachdeva.

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  1. The wise word of a successful entreprenuer Mr. Manil Sachdeva is always a treat to listen. He explain in details the QSR model. I really like his style of working and dedication. Thank you Sir for guiding us.


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