8 Ways Restaurant Billing Software Enhances Customer Experience

8 Ways Restaurant Billing software Promotes Improved Customer Experience

Billing, the origin of revenues, is the most crucial part of the restaurant business. Hence, utmost care must be taken to guard against billing disasters at restaurants. Presenting wrong bills to customers can damage your restaurant’s reputation. Find out what to do in case of such a situation here. Luckily, here is an easy hack to avoid such billing disasters – Posist restaurant billing software.

How A Smart Restaurant Billing Software Improves Operations and Enhances Customer Experience

Posist’s billing module not only automates the process but helps minimize billing nightmares such as inaccurate calculation, missed entries, deletion of registries, thefts etc., improves customer experience and brings more customers. Following are the 8 ways to put an end to billing disasters and increase restaurant revenues.

1. Automatic Billing

A delay in bill generation is a common stigma that can ruin customers’ dining experience if they have to wait long after they have finished eating. Even with a panel of efficient staff in place, producing plenty of bills during rush hours may result in several issues such as erroneous entries, printer error, paper jam, network issues and many other problems. That’s when Posist comes handy!

Posist restaurant billing software automates the process and aids in producing bills for customers as soon as they finish dining. Our restaurant point of sale (POS) software generates bills as per the data fed in the Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT), thereby eliminating the risks of wrong bill generation.

Hatti Kappi, Bangalore, uses automatic billing which speeds up the bill producing process without having their customers wait for the bill. Thus, Posist aids in increasing their customer satisfaction and restaurant revenues.

2. Splitting of Bills

8 Ways Restaurant Billing Promotes Improved Customer Experience

Often a large group of customers wishes to divide the entire bills to pay for their individual shares – and ask for separate bills. Segregating the entire bill as per each customer’s orders can be a tricky task, and is often carried out by billing staff since automated split billing system is not in place at many restaurants. Splitting bills manually is extremely time-consuming and can be prone to miscalculation and other mistakes – to overcome this problem, Posist introduced split bill module in the restaurant billing software.

This module generates separate bills upon request, in two ways:

a) Amount: The split billing module of Posist aids in dividing the total amount to be paid by customers, on demand. For example, if the total bill amounts to Rs 2000 and there are three guests, the bill can be split as per guests’ individual orders into three separate bills.

b) Items:  Customers often demand their bills to be split into different items, especially when they order both foods items and beverages/liquor items. They prefer separate bills stating bill amount for foods and beverages – that’s why our billing module offers itemized billing option that automatically differentiates the bill amount for different items. One of the best uses of itemized billing tool is at bars, pubs or lounges where it comes handy in splitting bills into total amount accumulated for liquors and food consumed.

Woodstock lounge, Mumbai, makes use of our split bill feature to facilitate their customers paying their respective bits, without burning a deep hole in their pockets.

3. Table Billing

8 Ways Restaurant Billing Promotes Improved Customer Experience

Table billing is another notable feature of Posist’s billing module that allows customers to view the menu, select and order items using tablets, conveniently place on each table, without any unwelcome intervention of waiters at their tables.

Best use of table billing option is during those busy hours when your staff is swamped and customers lose patience to wait longer for waiters to get the menu and place their orders. Moreover, table billing option prevents the risks of orders getting muddled up or missed thus, reducing the odds of negative feedback or customer dissatisfaction. Also, customers can directly pay using any payment gateway using tablets, with table billing option in place.

4. Easy Billing for Online/Mobile Orders

With a variety of ordering options available at customers’ disposal, tracking payments can be a daunting task, especially if your restaurant is listed on several online ordering platforms and you have to track from different channels.

Here is our quick fix: we introduced this new online ordering integration feature that consolidates all orders at the billing terminal. Therefore, your customers can place orders using multiple online ordering tools such as FoodPanda, FooDrool or any other that your restaurant is associated to. Thus, monitoring orders and spotting which service is drawing more businesses becomes a breeze!

5. Works Offline

One of the worst nightmares of restaurateurs when it comes to using an online or cloud-based application is their POS would stop working during internet issues or outage. We have taken care of it too! Posist software alternates from online to offline mode by storing all the data on the local server when internet issues or power failure occurs. Posist restaurant billing software continues working, generating bills, tracking data and also backs up the entire data as soon as the software is connected to the internet again. Moreover, if the connectivity issues persist the next day, you can login in the offline mode.

6. Multi-Currency Support

Posist has a global presence in over 62 cities across five countries. Our customers can take advantage of multi-currency feature –that is, you can have multiple chains across the globe, and our POS would work just fine for each one of them, irrespective of the currency being used in that region. We don’t let geographical boundaries come in the way of providing a complete restaurant management platform for you.

Sagar2Go, in Thailand, is one of our happy clientele which accepts Thai baht, the currency of Thailand using our POS software.

7. Detailed Customized Bill

Posist assists in generating detailed customized bills for customers. This feature is especially handy in not only listing each item clearly but in the calculation of rates and tax per item. The detailed bill helps clients maintain transparency on bills so that customers don’t feel they are charged more than their items purchased. The more transparent you are with customers, the more you become reliable and achieve repeat customers.

8. Billing on-the-Go


Who says Food Truck cannot be tech-savvy? Our Food Truck POS aids these mobile eateries in equipping restaurant management technology which includes this unique feature called mobile billing feature.

The best part is that you don’t need installing additional hardware or software to install our POS – our restaurant billing software is completely hardware and software independent. Hence, food truck users can double their notebook, tablet or smartphone as a POS terminal irrespective of existing software or hardware configurations. With our cloud-based application, they are free from installation costs; operate online from anywhere and anytime. Likewise, they can receive orders and accept payments from any locations, any payment gateway or in any currency, owing to our online orders and payment application integration.

Still searching for more? Apart from these aforementioned features, Posist restaurant billing software offers advanced Track Billing feature (to help maintain billing logs), real-time reports (to measure and analyze sales data, customer details, their favorite items etc.), inventory, customer relations and much more. And there are many more ways Posist helps streamline restaurant operations and makes restaurant management a cakewalk – tell us what you want on your POS here.

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