Running Restaurant Ads On Google – A Handy Guide

Running Restaurant Ads On Google - A Handy Guide

There is no denying that Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world and using it as a platform to run your restaurant ads is the wisest move for your business. Google has several powerful tools available which small or big restaurant businesses in UAE can use for advertising. It allows you to show your ads to the people searching for similar services or to the people searching for your restaurant nearby.

It also lets you target desired audiences within UAE or outside so that your ads are shown to relevant people. All these features make Google a popular platform to run your restaurant’s advertisement.

Types Of Restaurant Ads To Run On Google

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords is a paid service by Google which you can use to advertise to people searching for your restaurant or similar restaurants. There is no fixed minimum cost to start advertising on Google. You can easily signup for this service and start running an ad with whatever budget that best suits your restaurant’s business model.

Google ads have a pay per click(PPC) module, i.e., you are charged only when someone clicks on your ad if your ad appears on Google but no one clicks on it you won’t be charged for an impression.

To advertise on Google, you have to have a website, or you can create a brand page on Google+ where your ad takes people when they click on it.  

There are several campaigns available on Google Ads:

(i) Search Campaign

Search campaigns are the ones that appear on Google itself and the partner sites. You can use relevant keywords like an Italian restaurant, best restaurant, etc. that best describe your restaurant business. Whenever someone would have these terms in their search queries your ad would start showing up.

You need to bid on these keywords that you wish to show your restaurant’s ads for again, there is nothing like a minimum bid amount; you can choose whatever amount you want to spend for one click.

Example of the restaurant ads that appear on Google for the search query “best restaurant in UAE.”

(ii) Display Campaign

They are also known as picture ads because they let you add pictures along with your ads. Unlike search ads, display ads do not use keywords because people can’t search for it, Google shows your ads on the partner sites based on the audience or the topic you have targeted

For example, if you have selected food and lifestyle as one of the topics, then your ad would be shown on the websites or blogs that talk about food and lifestyle. Display ads are very eye catchy and attract a lot of attention, all you need to keep in mind is to use high-quality pictures when advertising using display ads.

Example of a restaurant ad for promoting an event at the restaurant that is shown on a food and lifestyle blog, which is the most relevant placement considering the blog talks about food trends

(iii) Universal App

If you have an app of your restaurant which you wish to promote and have people download it you can go for the universal app campaign. It promotes your app on Google search console, Google play store, YouTube, etc.

With the growing popularity of apps in UAE, restaurants are coming up with their applications that people can use to order food, leave a review, etc, therefore, the universal app campaign is a good way of letting people know about your app and have them download it.

(iv) Call Only Ads

Google Ads also lets you run call only ads. These ads enable your customers to directly place a call when they come across your ads on devices capable of making a call like cell phones, tablets, etc.

These kinds of ads are beneficial if you have a takeaway set up, people can directly place a call and order the food. Here you can also track the calls that you have received from the call only ads and measure the ad’s performance.

Google Ads is a great means of showing your ads on top of the search results. It is one of the most efficient ways of running your restaurant ads within your budget.

When you advertise online, you are sure to reach out to a lot of people. Online advertising helps you reach out to relevant customers who are looking forward to interacting with yours or with a similar restaurant business in UAE.

Target customers you think are relevant to your business and never miss out on an opportunity!

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