Why Your Restaurant Needs A Mobile POS System

mobile POS system

A mobile POS or an mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) system is any internet-enabled smartphone or a tablet dedicated to performing the functions of an electronic point-of-sale terminal. 

For the vast F&B market in the UAE, mobile POS systems are an asset. Whether it’s delivery and takeaway or dine-in services for food and beverages, the fast-paced environment of the restaurant industry demands speed and portability. This is exactly what a mobile POS system has to offer. In addition, the portability factor lets you access restaurant data from anywhere in the world at any point in time.

According to a report by Global Market Insights, the global mPOS terminals market size passed the 20 billion mark in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18% in the forecast period of 2021-2027. This formidable growth rate is evidence that mobile POS terminals do not just elevate the restaurant industry but other industries as well. In the restaurant industry, however, mobile POS systems have made a significant difference. 

5 Ways Mobile POS Systems Refine Restaurant Operations

Mobile POS systems are not just relevant for mobile businesses like food trucks, they add value even to the dine-in outlets. The various features of mobile POS systems streamline multiple restaurant operations. 

This article will deal with how a mobile POS system quickens customer service. 

1. Enhance Service Levels

Mobile POS systems enhance the service levels of restaurants as they provide mobility to order-taking procedures. Using a mobile or a tablet that supports POS facilities makes it easier for the waiting staff to maximize the number of customers they cater to. 

With a mobile POS’s assistance, waiters can instantly punch in orders that go directly from the table to the kitchen instead of manually taking them to the stationary POS terminals to punch it. This system saves them time to cater to the problems of other customers. Therefore, mPOS systems reduce the staffs’ movement between tables and boost the restaurant’s service quality by making everything quicker.

2. Reduce Table Turnaround Time

Since the movement of the serving staff is reduced and the system is able to cater to customer’s grievances more quickly, they have to wait less for their problems to be solved. 

Besides, after the meal is over, waiting for the bill is another reason that increases restaurant table times. The mPOS systems are integrated with multiple payment applications which simplify the payment process for the customers. It enables them to pay from their seats without waiting for the waiter to get the bill. When everything is so quick, the table turnaround time is bound to decrease and you can profit off the freed tables by catering to as many customers as possible. 

mobile POS system
Source: Retriever, Advantage Merchant Services

3. Increase Efficiency

Efficiency leaves a great impact on your outlet’s customers. Conversely, erroneous service might disappoint customers and lead them never to come back. Mobile POS systems eliminate the possibility of any error as the entire procedure from order-taking to payment is now online. 

Even though memorizing each order with sides is an extremely valuable talent for waiters, it is unreliable. It is highly likely that they may forget one or the other items, or custom requests, which directly impacts the customer service of the restaurant. With an mPOS system in hand, the staff can now go from table to table punching orders accurately add without missing out on any dish. 

4. Provide Detailed & Accurate Dish Description

There are ample instances where a customer does not understand a dish’s ingredients and is curious about its preparation process. When asking the staff, guests usually expect a precise and accurate answer to know what to expect from the dish they are mulling to order. 

In most cases, the staff sends the manager to answer these questions as the waiting staff is not well-versed with the ingredients and the preparation procedure of every single dish. With a mobile POS system, the waiting staff can easily provide the desired information to the customers instantly. 

The immediate access to every little detail of the menu saves the time wasted in going back-and-forth between the kitchen and the customers. This makes your restaurant’s service more efficient, accurate, and reliable.

5. Reduce Labor Cost

Labor costs contribute a substantial portion to the operating costs of a restaurant. With the traditional or stationary POS systems, the waiting staff has to move back and forth from kitchens to tables to serve customers. 

However, with mobile POS systems in place, you can introduce certain improvements to your staff. For example, you can provide the mPOS to the manager and the lead waiting staff, and hire runners at a lower cost to bring orders from the kitchen and take the empty dishes back to the kitchen. This way, it will save time for the professionals to punch in orders and take up customer grievances while the incompetent ones will do the running chores. 

Mobile POS systems are the future of the restaurant industry as they significantly increase customer satisfaction, enhance workflow, and improve the overall bottom line of the restaurant service. If you are a restaurant owner and interested in investing in one, click here! 

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