How Bars And Microbreweries Are Celebrating The International Beer Day To Increase Bar Sales

International beer day restaurant marketing campaigns

Microbreweries and bars keep a keen eye on upcoming events and occasions to increase their bar sales. This International Beer day, many pubs and bars from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore are working on their marketing campaigns to attract customers like no other. International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of August, every year. It was founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California, especially to unite friends to celebrate beers of different nations together. 

We have made an extensive list for all the restauranteurs to see what the high-fi bars are doing to enhance their beer sales this season. The interesting part is that there are some bars and breweries who keep this a month-long event, to keep attracting customers. Let’s look at what these restauranteurs have planned for us on this International Beer Day! 

20 Beer-Amazing Deals To Make Your International Beer Day! 

As far as the brewery business is concerned, there is immense competition among bar owners of various metropolitan cities. All the bar owners are focussing on bringing something better to their tables than the rest of the bars in town. With this unsaid competition, comes a huge benefit for the microbreweries as most of the customers are attracted to beer fests, beer games and so on. 

1. Arbor Brewing Company, Bangalore

First, on the list, we have the Arbor Brewing Company of Bangalore. The bar has been using a lot of social media tactics to increase bar sales. On the occasion of International Beer Day, they are serving people with deals on all the 10 freshly brewed ‘Arbor beers’. Some different kinds of deals are also put on the table including ‘Peak pairing’ and ‘all for one’, wherein the customers would be provided with a three-course meal and craft beer to go with it for just Rs. 1200. 

Their All for One marketing campaign enables customers to get a free pitcher of beer on buying a glass of each kind of beer they order. The bar offers it on a Friday night, which is August 2nd, 2019, which would increase the footfall at their bar without a doubt. 

2. The Beer Cafe, Delhi

Rahul Singh’s Beer Cafe has taken the marketing strategy around International Beer Day with much gusto. The owners of the Delhi based outlet, which have their outlets across the globe did not want to restrict the celebrations to a day. Instead, they kept the celebrations for a month to keep the customers coming in again and again. Their ‘Beer Cheer’ campaign allows customers to get free beer.

They are serving Bingo tickets wherein the customers can order beer from the countries mentioned on their tickets, namely Belgium, Germany. Holland, Mexico and so on. The server stamps the tickets of the customers once they are provided with the beer they asked for. Once all the countries are served, the customers get new tickets with their completed “bingo” These customers can avail of a premium beer from the country free. The offers run till August 31, 2019. 

3. Molecule Air Bar, Gurgaon 

It is always better to have campaigns around a big group of people so that you can cover up your drinks costs either through high priced food ordered by a large group. Molecule Air Bar in Gurgaon did something around the same lines. The bar is trying to bring in a large number of customers as groups with their “Beer Friends Forever” campaign.

The campaign is valid from August 2nd to August 4th, wherein the customers would be offered bigger discounts in the proportion of the group they are bringing in. Basically, the bigger the group, the bigger the discounts! 

Molecule air bar campaign for international beer day

4. Unplugged Courtyard, Delhi

Unplugged Courtyard, Cannaught Place is one of the top restrobars of Delhi and has been making big bucks in lieu of its marketing strategies. Its Instagram page has a lot of marketing around their best beer. Their latest stories are about a question that they asked their customers about the ‘bitterest beer’ they have tasted. Such constant questions or polls keep customer engagement high on social media platforms and thereby help in increasing bar sales. 

5. Beer Castle, Panchkula

Beer Castle in Panchkula came up with a different idea to make International Beer Day special for their customers. They decided to launch a new kind of craft beer on that day and created an entire campaign around the same. Their ‘Pineapple Beer on International Beer Day has already gained a lot of attention on social media and made people curious about the whole idea. 

Along with that, the beer brand has also introduced ‘Happy Hours All Day’ to enhance their bar sales. The 1+1 offer attracts a lot of customers even in odd hours of the day. The brand also added quirky quotes on their social media platform like “It’s time for you to be a hero and rescue some fresh beer tapped in our Microbrewery” to add a little spice to their campaign. 

6. The Hook, Gurgaon 

The International Beer Day brings in a lot of potential for beer sales and increases your bar’s overall image. The Hook at Sector 29, Gurgaon is taking complete advantage of the opportunity. They are offering unlimited freshly brewed beer just at Rs. 299. The bar is increasing the price of the beer by Rs 100 till 7 pm, which would ultimately increase the number of customers walking in it’s their off-hours, thereby increase bar sales.

“It’s just for fun. Here we give quality food. Options are less about the good quality of food and beer in time. We want people to experience good time here,” says Shikha S Malhotra, owner of The Hook added on being asked about the fundaments of their marketing strategy. 

7. Ministry Of Beer, Gurgaon 

Ministry Of Beer, Gurgaon is offering just the right marketing campaigns for its customers on this International Beer Day. Customers are offered with two beers and pay for just one. The bar is also creating an entire menu around beers, which include special beer cocktails such as Beer Delight, Beer Dear, Beer Craft in their menu.

Ministry Of Beer campaign for international beer day

8. The Classroom, Gurgaon

Gurgaon has always been a go-to destination for beer lovers. Especially after the big news of a few branded beer being banned in Delhi, the bars from Gurgaon and Noida are taking complete advantage of the situation. There are high chances of a shift of customers from Delhi to Gurgaon to chug their favorite beer, and thereby a high increase in bar sales. 

A lot of bars from Gurgaon, like The Classroom in Sector 29, Gurgaon are building their marketing campaigns around the beers that have just been banned in Delhi. The ‘Man vs Beer’ campaign of the Classroom brought its customers their favorite beer and prepared a contest around it. If any customer finishes a mug of beer, which is around 500 ml within 7 seconds, the next one would be given to him/her free. 

The restrobar is keeping the offer valid for an entire month to keep the buzz alive.

9. Philtre – The Bistro, Gurgaon

Philter-The Bistro, Sector 29, Gurgaon is attracting its customers by offering beers at really low prices, as low as Rs. 13. The strategy revolved around bringing more customers in their off-hours. Since the offer is valid from 12 pm- 5 pm only, it would encourage their off-hour visits and thereby increase bar sales.

10. Darzi Bar And Kitchen, Delhi

Beer games and competitions attract a lot of customers, which is why the Darzi Bar and Kitchen in Cannaught Place, Delhi created an entire campaign around the same. The bar is organizing games like Beer Pong and Beer lift in which the participants, as well as winners, would be getting free drinks or a 50% off on their food bill. The offer is valid for an entire month, which would increase bar sales to a marginal level. 

11. The Drunken Botanist, Gurgaon 

The Drunken Botanist of Gurgaon is introducing an ‘Unlimited Beer’ campaign for its customers coupled with a music fiesta. The bar is focusing on creating a perfect ambiance by setting a beer fountain right in front of the bar area. This way, the bar also gains a lot of social media publicity as customers mostly like to click pictures around such fancy settings. 

12. Irish House, Delhi

Another great marketing effort is seen in Irish House, Cannaught Place, Delhi where the customers would be offered with a BOGO on everything beer all through the day. The food items and drinks are mixed and matched to compliment the occasion of International Beer Day. Two of its other outlets in Nehru place and Noida would also be organizing similar campaigns to create a better brand image overall. 

The outlet from CP is extending the celebrations till August 12, 2019, to attract customers in the heart of the city. Since CP already has a lot of footfall, the bar would be certainly increasing its sales by extending the offers in CP.

Irish House Campaign for international beer day

13. Gravity Bar And Kitchen, Gurgaon 

Gravity, the famous bar in Gurgaon is focusing on the brand name that it has built over the years to attract customers on this International Beer Day. The major offers that it has for its customers on this occasion is ‘Buy two, Pay for One’, especially on its freshly brewed beers. 

The bar has put in a lot of effort in their marketing, by keeping constant updates on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Since most of the customers are attracted to a particular bar through these social media platforms itself, it becomes an integral part of their marketing strategy. 

14. Local, Delhi

Since customers almost always look for something new in their drinks and food, Local, in Cannaught Place, Delhi has decided to introduce the concept of ‘Beer marinated kebabs’  and ‘beer golgappas’ this International Beer Day. This not only helps the bar to increase bar sales but also helps the food sales to grow exponentially. 

15. Bunta Bar Live, Delhi

Bunta Bar Live in Delhi has been working on its marketing strategy for international Beer Day, offering beer at just Rs 99/- throughout the day. The offer also includes refreshing beer cocktails priced at INR 299/-, valid from 12 am – 12 pm on 3 rd August. Bar owners are quite particular about their sales, which is why they need to keep a keen eye on sustaining these losses. Most of them achieve the same through keeping a separate budget for marketing of these events, and others reduce their profit margins a bit to make up for the losses. 

16. Big Boys Lounge, Gurgaon

Another great campaign around the International Beer Day comes from Big Boys Lounge, Gurgaon wherein the customers would be provided with several beer cocktails like Desi Lava, Lost In Translation, BBL Ecstacy and more. The bar has also incorporated ‘Happy Hours’ to attract more customers till its peak hours. Unlike most of the restaurants, Big Boys Lounge has given special attention to its menu. 

Keeping exciting offers on your drinks along with restructuring your food menu a little would help you boost up your restaurant sales like no other. Big Boys Lounge has picked up the same strategy, in which they restructured their food menu around beer as a whole. They have been constantly marketing for both their drinks and food menu, creating a buzz among their customers. 

In addition to that, they added some more exciting things to the celebration of the day, which revolved around the launch of a premium wheat beer in India, which was from Mahou. The bar has introduced happening deals around the same and managed to create an entire lucky draw campaign around Mahou Maestra beer to pull more and more people into their bar. 

17. Aurum Brewworks, Bangalore 

Sumit Gulati, owner of Aurum Brew Works, Bangalore came up with a brilliant idea for marketing on International Beer Day. He created an entire campaign called ‘What’s In Your Pint?’ which revolves around engaging top brewery owners and restauranteurs of Bangalore. In the campaign, Gulati’s marketing campaign is focussing on talking about different craft beers consumption, what goes into the making of craft beers and so on.

Apart from that, there are beer games set up for their customers for an entire week, including a Beer Pong Table right in the front of the brewery. The brewery has organized a couple of music events including live bands gigs and so on. A very interesting concept of ‘ringing the bell’ has been introduced, wherein a bell is rung every hour for an entire week, and at that moment, the customers can ask for flat 100% off discounts.

The brewery is sustaining such high discounts by mixing their craft beer with their beer mocktails and beer oriented starters, which are priced slightly higher than other starters.

18. Global Junction, Mumbai, and Bangalore 

Global Junction is focusing on creating a big brand image by offering 25% off on imported bears on all its outlets. Both Bangalore and Mumbai are very different markets when it comes to the bar business. Customers from both cities expect differently from the bars they are frequenting, in terms of discounts offered or the ambiance of a bar. 

On this International Beer Day, Glocal Junction is trying to create a campaign that serves both the cities equally, by offering great discounts on imported beer. 

Global Junction Campaign for International Beer Day

19. Beer Fest-Beery, Mumbai

Beer Fest-Berry, Mumbai, hosted by Eskay Resorts is bringing an exciting event wherein the customers can enjoy different beers from all across the globe. This kind of marketing strategy would help the bar to attract different people, of different cities and even countries to the bar. There are also specific offers on selected beer, valid from 3pm-12pm on 4th and 5th August, encouraging off-hour sales. 

20. The Little Door, Mumbai 

Bar owners from metropolitan cities like Mumbai face huge issues related to attracting customers and getting the kind of footfall they need, as there are several options for people to drop by. The Little Door attracting customers on this International Beer Day by introducing various beer battles at the bar. The bar would be organizing various games like Beer Pong, Beer Chug and Flip the Cup on August 3rd, 2019, from 8 pm to 2 am.

Occasions like International Beer Day offers to be a great platform for restaurants and bars to increase bar sales. Although bars and breweries offer phenomenal discounts and offer on their drinks, they tend to sustain such discounts by a various number of inside tricks. Some cover it through the volumes of beer served, or by mixing your beer up with a high-priced food item. Even after decoding the tricks for their bars, the bar owners never sell their drinks at a loss. 

A combination of rigorous marketing, a beautifully built campaign with the right discounts could attract several customers to your bar. You could build your network with newer customers and use their customer data in perpetual marketing campaigns. 

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