What Makes A Restaurant Truly Iconic

What Makes A Restaurant Iconic

The most iconic restaurants have one thing in common. A strong staying power that only grows with time. The restaurants that have lasted for decades and surpassed the stiff competition have been following certain practices that resonate with their customers. Thus, it would be right to say that the longevity of any restaurant brand depends on doing the right things. 

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Spain’s Restaurante Botin has been in continuous operation since 1725, making it the world’s oldest and one of the most iconic restaurants around the globe. For your restaurant brand to be recognized and labeled as ‘iconic’, you certainly wouldn’t have to wait so long. But the recipe for success behind these iconic restaurants is worth a look. If you want to turn your restaurant into an iconic hotspot, this article will guide you on your way to success. 

How To Turn Your Restaurant Into An Iconic Hotspot

Finding your restaurant brand listed as one of the ‘Best places to explore’ or ‘Most Iconic Restaurants’ is an ardent wish of every restaurateur. The best restaurants often receive complimentary word of mouth marketing that influences customers to travel for miles just to have a taste of its delicacies. 

Try these effective tips for turning your restaurant into an iconic spot.

Be Consistent

The success of any restaurant depends on consistency. Food is what keeps the customers coming back to your brand. The exact same taste, size, texture, and quality of the dishes across multiple outlets is bound to be every customer’s delight. In spite of running the business for a long time or expanding your business into different outlets, if you are able to offer the same taste in your dishes, you will be able to gain the trust of your customers and convert your restaurant into an iconic place. 

The award-winning iconic hotspot in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, Karim’s, is famous for its lip-smacking and authentic Mughlai cuisine. Karim’s cuisine has evolved with the culinary recipes and tastes from the days of the Mughal empire. Established in 1913, this historical culinary destination has till date carried forward the same consistency in their recipes. 

Master The Backend Operations

Replicating the same dish with the exact taste, each day is a challenging task.  To maintain consistency in the dishes, it is important that you set certain standards that are followed across your kitchen such as automating the backend operations. Strong backend operations are beneficial for your restaurant in the long run.  Whether it is setting up a uniform standard of food preparation and adequate raw material usage in the recipe or sourcing the best quality raw materials, mastering the backend operations is a mandate. An automated backend solution streamlines the entire task of inventory and recipe management and reduces any scope of error. It ensures that your customers are delighted with your dishes every time they dine- in at your restaurant. 

Focus On Flagship Dishes

In order to reach a large customer base, stay relevant and abreast of the competition, restaurants strive to modernize their menu by adding interesting new dishes to it. You might have begun your restaurant business by offering a simple menu that served limited non-vegetarian delicacies. Today, your restaurant menu probably boasts a huge variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items that are served in a much more appealing manner.  While menu innovations are necessary, remember not to tweak the signature dishes of your restaurant. 

One of the most striking features of iconic restaurants is their focus on flagship dishes. New Delhi’s ITC Bukhara has been admired by customers and even the most reputable celebrities for ages. Best known for offering an impeccable dining experience and intricately designed dishes, it is also famous for its signature dish, Dal Bukhara, that is carefully prepared and cooked for over 18 hours. Sold at a slightly higher price, this authentic dish is the most loved and demanded items from its vast North Indian cuisine menu. 

iconic restaurant ITC Bukhara
Source: Delhipedia

While you concentrate on offering a wide choice of menu at your restaurant, highlight the signature dishes of your chefs and indicate that across your ordering systems. A unique flavorful offering from your kitchen can potentially turn new customers into regulars and attach a new attribute to your brand. 

Offer An Experience

What makes a restaurant iconic is the experience it offers to the customers. Apart from serving good food, many factors elevate the overall experience of the customers and make their visit memorable. It can be an amazing view that your restaurant offers, presentation of the food, exceptional service or the personalized touch in the overall ambiance. 

The best restaurants make sure that they provide exceptional service to their customers. A courteous smile, welcoming gesture, swift order management, addressal of issues and consistent feedback are great ways of enhancing the guest experience. Your restaurant staff should be well aligned with the culture and overall aesthetics of your restaurant. After all, for customers quality of services is as valuable as the quality of their food.   

There’s nothing like offering a mesmerizing view to the customers. Parikrama, India’s highest revolving restaurant located in New Delhi is popular for its uniqueness and the leisurely experience it offers to its customers. Complimenting its unique theme, it also provides a breathtaking 360-degree birds-eye view of the city to its customers. 

iconic restaurant Parikrama CP
Source: Triphobo

The overall atmosphere of a restaurant can go a long way in labeling your restaurant brand as ‘iconic’. Adding a distinctive element in the restaurant’s interiors has become one of the reasons for customers to repeatedly visit a restaurant brand. Some restaurants offer an unforgettable experience to their customers by communicating the brand aesthetics in the overall theme of their restaurant.  

One of the most iconic restaurants in Mumbai, Britannia & Co. offers traditional Parsi cuisine to the customers. Stationed in Mumbai’s Fort Area from 1923, the place still lingers with the charm of age-old heritage and furniture that adds a personal touch to the overall ambiance of the restaurant. 

Your restaurant’s USP is not only in the unique taste of your dishes, but it also needs to be coupled with a personalized touch in services and ambiance.  Bringing together good food, remarkable service, and a carefully crafted ambiance can result in an exceptional, extravagant experience for your customers, making your restaurant the most iconic place! 

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