Try These SMS Marketing Tips To Double Your Restaurant’s Business

Try These SMS Marketing Tips To Double Your Restaurant's Business

The restaurant business is tough and fickle at best. During weekends and holiday season, your restaurant witnesses a flurry of activities to fulfill the queue of orders. And, then comes a Monday or a lull period, when your restaurant is almost half-empty. While seasonal factors can have a considerable impact on the restaurant business, the right SMS marketing for restaurants can ensure that yours doesn’t experience sluggish times. Try this Restaurant Marketing manual for detailed insights on how to do the proper marketing of your restaurant business. 

Among several marketing tools, CRM software and smart restaurant POS available for restaurateurs, SMS or Text marketing is the easiest, cheapest and most effective one to attract and nurture both old and new customers. And, there are statistics to prove its effectiveness. According to a report, it was found that text message open rates are 99% and 90% of all text messages is read within the first 3 minutes of being received. Another study revealed that a considerable proportion of SMS responses from brands happened within the first 15 minutes of a customer receiving the message. These numbers are too good for restaurateurs to not venture into ‘text message’ or ‘SMS marketing’ for their restaurants.

India’s mobile phone subscriber base is currently more than 1 billion users, which includes the age group of 15 to 24 years- the largest demographic of people who visit restaurants regularly and use text messaging on a regular basis.

If you are worried about spamming the inbox of your customers’ mobile handsets, then don’t be for two reasons. One, most customers who love to dine out, want to stay updated on the latest happenings and new offerings in the restaurants. Two, they have an option to ‘opt-out’ of your SMS service, just the way they can mark an email as spam in their mailbox. But, trust us; they won’t opt-out if you always have something hot and exciting to offer them!

Restaurant SMS Marketing Tips 

Now, do you need any more reasons to run a restaurant Marketing campaign for your customers? Here are a few ways to benefit from this marketing strategy:

1. Discount Coupons

This is one of the most popular ways to increase awareness of your restaurant and invite new customers. You can send coupons informing about exclusive discounts and offers as an SMS. You can send out these coupons once a week for regular meals or during festive seasons. Make sure these coupons are sent to only those in your SMS list. Such exclusive coupon-only deals will make your customers feel connected and privileged. You can also target these to days when business is slow so that your customers have an incentive to come to you and that will boost your sales and revenue.

2. Loyalty Programs

As time goes by and your restaurant survives and grows through the initial phases, you will rake up a long list of regulars who frequent your restaurant. This could be either because they like the food or ambiance, or it is on the way to their home or because it becomes a hangout place for them along with their friends. Noticing and acknowledging such customers will give you a solid base even when business is slow. Create a loyalty program for such returning customers by texting them offer them special discounted rates or VIP passes to events or tastings. They will appreciate it all the more, and your restaurant will get some free and very effective word-of-mouth advertising in the bargain.

Try these 7 Tips that Elevate Your Loyalty Program Campaign and Increase Restaurant Sales

For instance, a 16-store franchise of Subway restaurants located in New York launched an SMS marketing campaign called ‘My Subway Mobile SMS’ program to increase repeat business from its existing customers. It sent them product offers such as ‘a free 6 inch sandwich with purchase of a 32-ounce drink’. After a few months, these Subway outlets witnessed a 9% redemption rate, which was significantly higher than the 1% redemption rate Subway experienced with their direct mail campaigns.

3. SMS Contests and Polls

This is another method of engaging with your customers through texting. You can create regular contests or polls where people, customers or not, can answer a simple question or enter a draw and win discounts or other prizes such as a free meal. This fun SMS will also serve as advertising for your restaurant and bring in more business.

4. Promoting Special Tastings and Events

When you design a new menu as per the season or any special occasion or host an event such as a musical night or a charity dinner, send a text invite to customers. You can also tempt them with discounts or a free sampling by referring a friend’s mobile number. This sort of SMS marketing for your restaurant will also get you in touch with many potential customers.

5. Reservation Reminders

The modern-day yuppies have a lot more on their mind other than dinner plans. You can remind them of the reservation they made at your restaurant in advance so that they don’t miss it. An SMS will make sure that they remember the reservation and can schedule it accordingly with their friends or family and arrive at your restaurant on time. A win-win situation for both parties. You could also use your restaurant POS to make sure you get reminders at the right time.

6. Customer Feedback

SMS marketing can not only be used for marketing and advertising purposes but also used a survey tool. You can get customers to tell you what additions or changes they would like in your restaurant in terms of the food, ambiance, and service. Asking for feedback makes your customers feel like a part of your restaurant and encourages them to continue their patronage.

7. Staying Connected

With the ever-increasing number of new eateries all over, customers are spoiled for choice. People like to try new food and new restaurants. But since more than 60% of restaurants close down within their first year, customers find it hard to stick to one place for long. However, if you send out reminders that your restaurant is not just alive but kicking, it will bring them back. These regular reminders through restaurant SMS marketing campaigns will tell the customers that they are always invited to your restaurant to have a good time with their friends and family.

SMS marketing is a great tool for restaurants to find their way with customers. So, start making a list of your customers’ phone numbers and put your restaurant’s mobile number on the menu and other places where people will take notice of it. You will have customers lining up in front of your door in no time!

Posist’s Marketing Platform allows you to integrate your customer data and send promotional SMS and emails to your customers. Ask how you can implement SMS marketing for your restaurant here.

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