How Tablet POS System Boosts Loyalty Programs For Restaurants

Enhance loyalty program with tablet POS system

A good restaurant loyalty program could be a customer magnet for your restaurant. When it comes to rewards programs, customers have expectations, and if those expectations are not satisfied, it can be tough to persuade them to participate in your loyalty program. When you offer a loyalty program, you offer access to exclusive deals and offers, ease of enrolment and gaining reward points, and also redeem them. In a restaurant with a tight environment, it can be far more challenging than it may appear to meet all these expectations. To remove all these hassles, we have come up with five ways you can boost your loyalty program with a tablet POS system in your restaurant.

5 Ways How A Tablet POS System Can Boost Restaurant Loyalty Programme 

Here is how a tablet POS system can boost your loyalty program and how your restaurant can benefit from it. 

1. Track Rewards Points 

According to specific restaurant loyalty programs, customers spend 39% more on average when they unlock their loyalty incentive. When customers have a simple and easy way to track their rewards, it becomes easy for them to redeem them daily, which could also profit your restaurant. 

Moreover, when they can track their progress and know that they are near to unlocking a new incentive, they can increase the average spending at your restaurant. Overall rewards and the additional points earned after each meal would be beneficial for customers when your tablet POS system allows you to personalize digital receipts.

2. Digital Receipts 

With the introduction of tablet-based POS systems which feature digital receipts, which allow consumers to text or email receipts by entering their phone number or email address. Customers are not required to give any more information to opt into the loyalty program if the loyalty program is correctly connected with the POS system. 

With the ease of a tablet device, customers can join without providing excessive personal information, which is essential because loyalty members often express frustration or dissatisfaction with the amount of personal information requested during loyalty program enrolment. 

3. Better Customer Relations 

The information gathered and given by the loyalty program, aid in the improvement of CRM customer service. As a restaurant owner, custom and pre-generated reports about your CRM that updates automatically and keeps you informed which is essential. On the other hand, cultivating a relationship necessitates a focus on customers’ intentions even after the dining experience is over. 

Therefore, as a restaurant owner, you contact customers prior to the important days with tailored communications that push them to celebrate at your restaurant if they get some loyalty points or remit value from the ones they already have. When you know your customer’s tastes and likes as a restaurateur, you can adapt the menu to suit the majority and offer appropriate meal order suggestions based on their interests. 

Tablet POS system

4. Connecting Customers With Security

As a restaurant owner, you are responsible for the data that your customers share with you. With the ongoing covid pandemic, customers find it easy to pay online without putting themselves at any risks of physical payment. For instance, you can utilize the pay-at-the-table technology with tablet-based POS software, allowing customers to settle their bills swiftly and simply. 

Customers who are concerned about the security of their credit cards will also be relieved to learn that when it comes time to pay the bill, payments are processed right in front of their eyes, and their credit cards never leave their sight. 

This added degree of protection almost eliminates the chance of theft, allowing diners to pay with their credit cards with confidence. In addition, whenever customers pay for a meal, they will receive automated points and the ability to redeem incentives without having to produce a physical loyalty card or account number.

5. Increased Productivity 

A tablet POS can decrease the time spent on going back-and-forth from the tablet to the kitchen or the register to enter information and send it to the kitchen.

For instance, instead of going to the computer to input the order you just wrote down, with a tablet POS, the server can enter it into a tablet and send it to the kitchen before even leaving the table. As a result, this saves time and can be better spent conversing with customers about promotions or upselling beverages and sides. Workers can also use their tablets to search for questions regarding the menu that they might not be asked frequently, such as allergen information, pricing adjustments, and calorie counts. 

Tableside portable devices and POS tablets that can become customer-facing can make the loyalty opt-in process a snap, in addition to helping businesses serve more customers and turn tables quicker.

Restaurants can benefit from the mobility that a tablet POS system provides in various ways, including faster tables, turns, better profitability, less waste, and enhanced business flow. Restaurant owners should make sure their tablet-based POS system has the features and functionalities they want to get the most out of it, and you can offer the best loyalty program with an effective POS tablet.

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