Budget Restaurant Decor Tips To Lift Ambiance

Restaurant decor ideas

There are two types of customers in a restaurant. One is in your restaurant for food, and the other is the pool that focuses on the ambience to get aesthetic pleasures and pictures. Of course, delicious food is always the priority for every restaurant, but Insta-worthy restaurant decor has undoubtedly become the second most crucial aspect in this industry. Therefore, restaurateurs are willing to squander a considerable chunk of money and time to provide the best ambience to their customers. 

Choosing a perfect restaurant decor is challenging as there are so many aspects you need to focus on. You can also hire a professional interior designer to beautify your ambience and suggest these ideas to them. 

8 Restaurant Decor Tips To Beautify Your Ambiance

This post aims to bring you creative decor ideas to draw in more customers to your restaurant. You can choose one and stick to it. Here are some ideas that you can consider implementing:  

1. Set The Theme 

Imagine yourself in a satin gown, raising a toast in front of your family and friends. Ironed silk table cloths, sparkling cutlery, dim amber lights, a person playing the piano in the corner, isn’t that amazing? You can already picture the aura of this place, right? Likewise, one must decide the theme of the restaurant before moving forward to decoration. The interior design of a restaurant sets the mood. Your interior design tells a lot about your restaurant. Is it a fine dining restaurant or a casual dining restaurant? Is it a cafe or a quick-service restaurant? Interior design is the key to any pleasing ambience. The cost may vary according to quality and quantity, but every penny is worth it.

2. Have An Attractive Entrance 

Restaurants rely to a great extent on the customers on foot. To draw in more customers, you need to have an attractive entrance. There must be something in your restaurant that makes your customers go, “Wow! That looks good. Let’s go there!”. If you have got that thing in your restaurant entrance, it will make your customers think something is worthwhile inside.

For instance, Big Yellow Door, a renowned Delhi-based cafe, has an impressive entrance that catches glances. A yellow-coloured tilted door is a signature entrance of all its outlets, attractive enough to give cafe vibes. 

Restaurant Decor
Source: So City

3. Design A Statement Wall

Want a perfect picture for your Facebook cover? How about an eye-catching statement wall? A statement wall is one of the most popular and budget-friendly choices in modern-day restaurant concepts. You just have to concentrate your resources and energy on a single wall. You can use bright colours, dramatic designs, striking shapes, any graphical designs to arrest your customer’s attention.

Pouring all your creativity on a single wall will serve as a background for your customers to click pictures as well. Once you’re done with your striking wall, you don’t have to do much with the rest of the settings. The minimalist approach will provide an aesthetically soothing vibe that will balance out the tone of your place.

To do something different, you can choose a local artist to decorate your wall to bring new and creative ideas to the table. Then, implementing those ideas on your wall will showcase their art and will get your work done. It is a win-win opportunity for restaurants and local artists. 

4. Old Is Gold

We human beings always long for the ‘those were the days’ stuff. We love to live in the classic black-and-white era where life was simpler yet enjoyable. You can always work with the classic theme if that agrees with your menu. In the world of modernization, the vintage touch can be a fresh breath of life. You can complement it with era-specific menus or the era-specific dress codes of the workers.

5. Conceptualize Your Ambiance

Bringing out a concept from the overall ambience of your restaurant is a great decor idea. You can decide on a picture and manifest it through each element of your ambience. Creative concepts like eco-friendliness, movie and TV show-themed, colour-based themes, etc., are likely to attract more customers. 

For instance, a Gurgaon-based bar, the Molecule Air Bar located in Sec 29, has a beautiful concept depicted in its theme. The resto-bar represents the idea of World War II through its ambience. Its interiors resemble an atomic lab and abandoned building which is quite a unique concept. As said by Manish Sharma, the owner of Molecule Air Bar, 

I wanted to depict World War II times when the American soldiers were attacking Germany, and they used to take shelter in abandoned buildings. So the interiors are designed like a bunker. If you see our bar, it is designed as an atomic lab, and the rest of the interior is like an abandoned building. Even our crew is dressed as military. So we tried to reflect our concept through the interiors as much as possible.

Restaurant decor ideas
Source: TripAdvisor

6. Plan Your Lighting

Lighting plays a pivotal role in restaurant decor, as in other retail outlets. Available in all shapes, sizes, and shades, lights can set a particular tone. Therefore, it is essential to plan out your restaurant lighting. According to various studies, light can affect one’s appetite. It affects how much a person eats, which type of food they are more likely to order, or how fast they will finish their meal? People tend to consume less or eat slowly when sitting in a softer light. Good lighting can also make food look tempting.

On the other hand, it can set an atmosphere. For instance, if you want to provide a romantic setting, you need a few candles and soft diffused lights. This will create a very relaxing and intimate atmosphere for such customers.

7. Utilize The Spaces

One can experiment with his creativity by filling up the unwanted spaces of a restaurant. People look for interesting places to dine in. Your ambience is as important as your food. Restaurateurs don’t have to invest a lot of money for this. Let’s discuss a few ideas which can be implemented in such settings.

  • Put a few asymmetrical colour-coordinated frames.
  • Set a small stage for late-night gigs & special events
  • Typography or graffiti can be done on the very cool walls these days
  • Indoor gardening brings a very fresh look to your place
  • Modern restaurant furniture
  • Testimonials of customers
  • Place random items for dramatic effect- a bike, a statue, a board, anything

8. Choose Your Artwork Wisely

This depends on your restaurant theme. A particular design can be perfect for a bar or lounge but at the same time inappropriate for a family restaurant. You have to select the artworks keeping your customers in mind. If you want to connect with your customers, then take charge of choosing the artwork. Customers will feel empathy towards your personal touch and will relate to your restaurant even more.

You can put your old stuff to good use, like a vintage vase or a lamp. Small paintings can be used to tell stories, open for interpretation which will intrigue your customers. Fairy lights can be wrapped around or into glass bottles to give a good vibe.

The ambience is very crucial for the success of your business. If you are lagging then it’s going to be tough for your restaurant to attract potential customers. But, on the other hand, there’s no secret that an appealing ambience will increase your sales and establish you as a brand. So what are you waiting for? 

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