How a Smart Restaurant CRM Enables Targeted Marketing Campaigns

How a Smart Restaurant CRM Enables Targeted Marketing Campaigns

The importance of a proper restaurant marketing goes without mention. In today’s era, digital communication is constantly evolving, hence it becomes imperative for you to stay on top of your competition. While you must constantly innovate with new marketing trends and channels, you must remember that personal touch goes a long way to leave that lasting impression. Hence, there is nothing better than personalizing and running targeted restaurant marketing campaigns. The easiest way to run targeted restaurant marketing campaigns is by using customer information from your restaurant CRM database to the fullest.

Having a restaurant management software that helps you to gather a comprehensive CRM will have a great impact on making your restaurant a success. You can use the data from the CRM and create innovative restaurant marketing campaigns that will ensure that you are never out of mind and sight of your customers.

A stellar CRM software helps you capture customer data from multiple channels such as Online Ordering, Feedback Management or Surveys and upload them to one central database. If you run a restaurant chain then you will be able to share customer data across all your restaurant outlets at different geographic locations. To make your filtering easy, you can even segment the data based on customer behavior. For example, sort your customers on the grounds if he is a regular or one time visitors, his meal preferences and the spending habits. Having a CRM report handy helps you run targeted restaurant marketing campaigns. 

Smart Ways To Use Your Restaurant CRM For Personalised Marketing

If you have a robust restaurant management software, you will without a doubt be able to maintain a rather comprehensive CRM database. Once you do have a well defined and well-structured data of your customers, it will make it easy for you to run targeted restaurant marketing campaigns that will help you to reap rewards.

Mr. Nair gave his insights on integrated Restaurant CRM

1. Upselling Will Be Made Easier

Upselling is a major part of in-house marketing. You got to market your new items, new combos to your customers, or even an item with a rather higher profit margin. Unless you do so well enough, you can be sure that there will be certain items especially the ones that are a little pricey to be never ordered by your customers.

This is where your comprehensive database will come in handy in your restaurant marketing.
A progressive restaurant CRM allows a customer of one outlet to become the customer of your entire brand, allows you to segment data based on the customer behavior, and identify regular & one time visitors and gather meal preferences of each customer. CRM is a restaurant customer profile. Once you have the meal preferences of your customers, your servers will be able to upsell items rather easily. They can suggest items related to the customer’s preference or try and suggest something that will accentuate their entire dining experience. Thus leveraging on the CRM database any restaurant can very effectively run a very robust restaurant marking on the floor of the restaurant itself.

2. Run Loyalty Programs

Since a customer of one outlet becomes the customer of your entire restaurant brand, you can run loyalty programs across multiple outlets. You can do away with the traditional concept of loyalty cards to add or redeem points and start using cloud-based loyalty programs.

Taking into consideration that your restaurant CRM will capture the eating habits, the meal preferences and the spending habit of all your customers you can leverage on these statistics and personalize your loyalty programs. Who doesn’t like anything that has been personalized just to suit their needs? You can also launch outlet specific offers or run global loyalty programs campaigns as a part of your restaurant marketing strategies across multiple outlets.

3. Email Marketing

Living in the tech-savvy world, you know how important it is to keep your restaurant deals in the spotlight. That is the reason why you have already taken steps to get daily, weekly or monthly email promotions into your customer’s inboxes. Here you can harp on to your CRM database and run effective email marketing.

Engage your customers by sending them regular emails. Create custom emails for various custom segments and schedule them according to your convenience. Keep your customers updated about the latest offers running in your restaurant through engaging emails. Aesthetics is very important on emails, hence make sure that your email looks good, with catchy informal taglines for maximum customer engagement. Greet your customers on their Birthdays and Anniversaries by sending them personalized emails. You can even send customized offers to your customers based on their ordering habits and behavior. Make use of the restaurant customer profile and send targetted emails to your customers! 

4. SMS Marketing

A high open rate makes SMS marketing one of the most preferred restaurant marketing strategies. Using the number collected from the customers at your restaurant, you can send them instant updates about the latest deals and offers running at your restaurant, or the event to be hosted, through SMSs. Create personalized offers based on their ordering habits and send custom SMSs to your regulars. Sending greetings and wishes to your customers on special occasions and festivals along with a customized offer or discounts never fails to catch the attention of your customers.

Restaurant marketing is a very integral part of your restaurant operations. Hence, you got to do something more that will help you to get an edge over your competitors. So, what are you waiting for? Use your restaurant CRM data and run comprehensive and targeted marketing that will help you to keep your customers tied to you for a long long time!

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