5 Ways Micro Influencer Marketing Benefits Restaurants

Why You Should Implement Micro Influencer Marketing For Your Restaurant Right Away!

As the trends keep changing, restaurant marketing also evolves to target the audience. Lately, micro-influencers such as Food Bloggers and Restaurant Reviewers are driving the local branding and marketing for restaurants. Micro influencer marketing is a relatively newer term to have hit the restaurant space. Micro-influencers are people who have a smaller following (than the celebrities) usually on social media, but they have a more significant impact as they interact and influence their followers on a more personal level. Therefore, using influencers for restaurants is a great way of reaching and connecting with your desired customers.

Since micro influencers typically post local content, people can relate to them on a personal level. They have better targeting and high engagement rates. Micro influencer marketing works exceptionally well for restaurants since restaurants operate in a particular area and target a specific customer segment.

Collaborating with Food Bloggers, Vloggers, and Social Media Influencers is a great way to reach out to your potential and existing customers.

Instagram has emerged as the prime channel for influencer marketing and being a visual platform; it works very well to attract customers through tantalizing pictures and videos of food.

importance of micro influencer marketing in restaurants

Why Micro Influencer Marketing is a Must for Restaurants

The power of restaurant influencers such as food bloggers, people whose followers count ranges from about 5,000-25,000, can dramatically increase a brand’s presence online. These micro influencers are all around you and can significantly influence the buying decision of the customers. We all have that one friend on Instagram, who consistently posts fantastic content and receives many authentic likes and comments. There are several restaurateurs that are using influencers for restaurants and are doing well! This article will tell you all about how to collaborate with micro-influencers and make the most of it. 

1. Helps In Being Socially Credible

Social credibility has become mandatory in today’s time since the younger generation prefers to see what people have posted about your restaurant on social media before they decide to visit your restaurant. In such circumstances, if your restaurant does not have a strong social media presence, and if no bloggers are writing about you, then you might be losing on a lot of your potential customers, and hence, you might lag behind your competitors in a big way. Can you afford that? Of course not!

Hence make sure you have a host of food bloggers and influencers for restaurants who religiously post pictures or content on these social media platforms and makes your restaurant’s presence felt. Such actions will not only increase your reach, but the tantalizing photo of dishes will have the ability to compel customers to drop by at your restaurant.

2. More Cost Effective

Influencers with over 100,000 followers have a higher compensation expectation than those whose followers range from INR 5,000-25,000. Hence, if you have a stiff budget to follow, then you can get a host of micro-influencers posting on behalf of your restaurant, instead of getting just one or two elephant influencer, who might charge a lot.

3. User-Generated Content

While restaurant on various occasions host in-house photographers to take professional photographs on a regular basis, which you can then feature on your pages. But, in instances where you do not have professional photographers, you will have to rely on the pictures that you take through your iPhone or other standard cameras which have the picture quality good enough to be posted on the social media pages. But, you might very quickly run out of these images; it is now when your influencer-generated content can be precious. With the influencer’s permission, you can repost the content that they had created before, giving you more content for your page.

4. Better Targeting

Micro influencers are useful because of their close relationships with their right, loyal, hyper-targeted communities. This category of influencers generally focuses on a narrow spectrum; hence there is a good chance that they are specialized in that area. On the contrary, most big influencers have a wide range of followers with many different demographics and interests.

micro influencer marketing in restaurants by mister tikku

 5. More Online Exposure

Micro influencer marketing gives your restaurant great online exposure. One important thing to keep in mind is that for generating this online exposure, you will not have to reach out to influencers with 100k followers. Many marketers realize that by partnering with micro-influencers, they can get better online exposure for their brand. This is primarily because of the micro influencers target a narrow niche and hence they can target the right customers and create a better online exposure for your restaurant.

How Micro Influencer Marketing Will Benefit Your Restaurant

The need for micro-influencers marketing in your restaurant goes beyond mention. It will not only increase your reach to all the potential customers, but it will also enable you to garner more customers and in turn, but it will also bring in more sales to your restaurant.

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