How A Cloud ERP Software Makes Restaurant Franchise Management Effortless

How A Cloud ERP Software Makes Restaurant Franchise Management Effortless

Franchising is one of the best ways to scale a restaurant business. Standardization of processes and streamlined operations is essential for growing the business through franchising as it helps maintain the brand ethos and enables you to deliver a consistent guest experience. Hence taking refuge in a robust ERP software that will streamline the operations of your franchise restaurant is supremely necessary.

Firstly, you should know the major things you must look for before finalizing on any ERP software. It must help you to manage all franchise outlets from one place, give you control over its payments, sales and stock requirements without the need to physically visit the franchise outlets.

Ways A Robust ERP Software Will Streamline Your Franchise Restaurants Operations

A 2016 Restaurant Trade Survey found that 63% of restaurant owners would invest in technology if it made day-to-day operations more efficient. Not only it will help you to reduce your dependency on the manual labor, it will also bring in a lot of transparency in the operations which will prove healthy for your business.

Managing franchise outlets isn’t a cakewalk. You will have to have a restaurant ERP software that will enable you to run multiple franchise outlets seamlessly right from one place.

1. Master Franchise Management

If you are running a chain of franchise restaurants, then it is imperative that you have a master franchise outlet from where the franchises are managed centrally. If you are running different brands, you will be able to keep track of all the partners of all the brands, their royalty amount and the status of their operations right in one place.

  • Manage multiple Franchise outlets through the Master Franchise Management Module.
  • View the stock requirements of various outlets and monitor the items received.

2. Payouts and Commission Management

Centrally monitor the payments of all the outlets from one central panel. This not only helps you to keep track of all the payments diligently, but it also ensures that none of the outlets goes out of your mind.

  • Manage the royalty fee and the payment of your Franchise outlets with ease. Different franchise outlets will be paying you certain royalty fees, and it might get difficult for you to manage the payments. However, a robust ERP software will help you to control the royalty payments with ease.
  • Consolidate the payments and commissions of multiple outlets from the Master Franchise Panel. If you have one central panel where all the payments of all your franchise outlets are mentioned it will automatically help you keep track of all the payments from one central point.
  • If the master franchisee wants to give special offer probably one scoop free for ice creams on the occasion of Independence Day. The franchise outlets will then have to raise a reimbursement request. After the master franchisee calculates the sales report and approves the reimbursement, the amount will then be deducted from the royalty amount.
  • Total royalty fees minus the debit request, that will be the royalty amount that the franchisee outlet will have to pay after the reimbursement request is approved.

3. Sales Management

The restaurant ERP software would help you manage the sales of all your franchise outlets from one central panel.

  • Monitor the sales happening at your Franchise outlets at the Master Panel. You will be able to view a comprehensive status of the sales in all the outlets at one place.
  • View and compare the sales of multiple outlets for performance analysis. Once you have the sales reports for all your franchise outlets, you will be able to compare the different outlets to see which strategy works better in which outlet and then make changes appropriately to bolster the sales

Hence, whenever you are looking for a restaurant ERP software, it is highly recommended that you do look for the above-mentioned features, this will make managing the multiple franchisee outlets a rather easy affair. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and streamline your entire franchise restaurant chain with a robust restaurant ERP software.

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