Integrating With Multiple Food Delivery Platforms Made Easy With Deliverect

POSist integrated with Deliverect

COVID-19 has been a shot in the arm for online deliveries. The apprehensiveness of customers to dine out worked positively for the restaurants as they diversified online ordering channels. As online ordering increased, cloud kitchens also made their space into the market, further propelling the trend. A recent report by Posist, in collaboration with the Dubai Restaurant Group, highlights that almost 70% of the UAE restaurateurs are open to investing in cloud kitchens in 2021. Further, the report also shows that 66% of the diners prefer online ordering to dine out. This explains the vast expanse of online ordering. 

However, as a side-effect, the boost in online ordering has given rise to several delivery-related concerns. Consequently, restaurateurs now have to come up with better solutions to manage the high influx of orders and streamline their delivery operations to keep their customers hooked. 

Let us look at some of the significant delivery-related issues restaurateurs stumble over and how the third-party integration helps them resolve these issues. 

Accepting Orders From Multiple Food Delivery Platforms

Being a restaurateur, you already know the importance of taking your business online. However, integrating with multiple food delivery platforms comes with the massive hassle of device management. Each food aggregator comes with its software and device to accept orders from its platform. 

Suppose your cloud kitchen has five virtual brands, each present on five food delivery platforms. To keep facilitating the orders you will have to manage 25 different devices. Moreover, keeping all the 25 devices online will be necessary to not miss out on any order. 

Integrating with third-party order management platforms like Deliverect, resolves this issue as it offers an omnichannel approach to accept orders from multiple platforms and manage them from one centralized dashboard. By collecting orders centrally, they substantially reduce the staff labor and enhance the accuracy in receiving orders. In addition, you can come up with your own innovative strategies to optimize delivery time, thereby satisfying the customers as much as possible. 

Posist Deliverect Integration
Source: Deliverect

Menu Management Across Multiple Online Ordering Platforms

Managing the menu is a daunting task when there are multiple brands or outlets to maintain. The concern is valid especially because you have to set up and update the menu of each brand on every platform. It gets further cumbersome when changes like limited menus, happy hours menus, menu of the day are to be introduced. Thus, managing the menu swiftly in such situations is hard.

The third-party order management platforms enable you to manage all your brands’ menus from one single screen. You can create and upgrade your menus and publish them on all integrated online ordering platforms in just a few clicks. 

Fragmented Data Is Hard To Analyze

To monitor the restaurant revenue, you must analyze the sales made by each online ordering platform associated with your business. Unfortunately, having a multitude of platforms integrated, the sales data of each brand is too scattered or fragmented to gather. This slows down the entire analyzing process, further making it prone to errors. 

To resolve this problem, you need to connect your POS system to multiple ordering platforms via third-party solutions like Deliverect. Having all the critical data collated in one place gives a complete overview of the restaurant sales and helps analyze it better. You can also leverage this feature to know the stock requirement of all your brands and generate collaborative purchase orders saving ample time. 

On a similar note, Posist has recently integrated with Deliverect, a fast-paced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup, to streamline orders from various food delivery aggregators like Deliveroo, Zomato, Talabat, Careem, etc. for restaurants and cloud kitchens. The integration will facilitate easy menu updation, smoother inventory management, and provide you with detailed channel-wise sales analytics to gauge your restaurant’s growth. This will also ensure accuracy in order management, and save the restaurant’s time and resources.

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