Do’s and Don’ts of a Good Restaurant Manager

Do’s and Don’ts of a Good Restaurant Manager

The hustle-bustle of a restaurant is frantic and adds to the constant pressure of the restaurant manager and the wait staff.  But, a good manager has to handle his staff and also at the same time maintain a balance with the patrons and be ready for any unforeseen situation. The job of a restaurant manager is not easy and can be overwhelming at times, but a good restaurant manager does everything with passion and with a smile on his face.  Here is a list of Restaurant Manager duties and a free checklist to help you carry out your managerial roles with ease.

Restaurant Manager Do’s

Read the must do’s for a restaurant manager below.

1. Proactive Approach

From scheduling, to inventory check, to being ready to handle any unexpected problem, a good manager needs to be organized. You as the manager need to maintain a daily checklist to keep a track of the everyday needs of the kitchen, of the delivery counter and so on. To be effective, you need to be proactive and plan every shift with utmost care and by keeping in mind even the minutest of details.

You should make a weekly plan on how to utilize the hours that are slow and use it for cleaning of the equipment, repairs of any kind etc.

2. Positive Attitude

You as a manager are the leader and your crew will tend to follow you so you need to be an example and a force of motivation for the staff. If you expect your staff to be on time, you need to be the first person they expect to see when they walk through the doors and the last person they want to see leave. Your staff will make mistakes but it is you who needs to communicate their faults while not harming their self-esteem and confidence. Most importantly, look at the bright side of things making the working environment happy and positive.

3. Consistency

Consistency plays a very important role in maintaining rapport with both the customers and the staff. Customers who have already been to the restaurant come back with an expectation so as a manager, you need to make sure that the customer experience at the restaurant is always up to the mark and consistent to keep them coming back to you.

You need to be consistent with your staff because your staff expects you to be fair with all your decisions and any biases will make you look like the ‘bad guy’ and create a factor of mistrust.

4. Top Customer Service

Everything about your restaurant boils down to just one thing, customer service. As a manager, you should get to know regulars, make them feel appreciated, show your gratitude for their loyalty by giving them a drink or an appetizer on the house. Be on a lookout, if you sense a customer is confused or has a concern, be present to help them out and address their concerns. You should always remember, never say ‘No’ to your customer even if their demands are absurd and impossible. First, say yes and try to figure out how to fulfil it. This article will teach you about the art of customer management. 


how to be a good restaurant manager

Restaurant Manager Don’ts

Read below the list of Don’ts for a Restaurant Manager.

1. Lack of Communication

Communication is the key to the smooth functioning of the restaurant and also to have a huge bunch of happy customers. Your employees will work more efficiently and effectively if clear instructions are given to them, you need someone to be served in a certain way, give them clear directions.You have to be an effective communicator because all your employees need to know if they are doing something wrong or if there is a change and it’s part of your job to correct them and inform them.

You are the representative of the restaurant and for your customers; you are the authority so you need to be able to communicate well with them. Taking in their complaint; understanding their concern, taking their review and talking with them, is all part of your job.Communication can be a great way to make your customer feel like he belongs there and he is a part of the place so he keeps coming back.

2. Ignoring Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest ways to understand what your customers think about you. It’s a great way to interact and connect with your existing customer base and also a great way to reach out to more. Also, remember you need to respond to any queries and feedback given on the online platform. And sometimes, people may not like something and decide to go public with their grievance, they may be wrong but don’t argue with them, you should correct them but do so politely. You need to understand that there are more people who are seeing that conversation and it doesn’t put you in great light.

3.Sticking to the Rules

Yes, it’s good to follow the rules but it is also good to be flexible especially when it comes to your customers. When you are strict, you may come across as bossy and rude which will not make your customer happy. Be flexible and accommodate the needs of your customers if it isn’t too much inconvenience. You may just have added a bonus point for the restaurant in the minds of the customer.

4. Poor Employee Management

The most important part of employee management begins with the Training Session. It is important to empower your staff with the skills they need to perform at the job.

Your employees need to respect you and be able to trust you, and at the same time, they need to feel loyal and dedicated towards the restaurant. In order to do so, you need to treat them with the respect you expect from them. Pinpointing and badmouthing them doesn’t help you and it doesn’t make your job easier. Remember, happy employees reflect towards a happy environment of the restaurant.

train your restaurant staff well and provide them with a good working environment.

A good restaurant is always the result of the hard work of a good restaurant manager and his crew.  And to be a good manager, you need to take up many roles at certain points but remember you always need to plan ahead and communicate well all the while being consistent and you may just see the best in you that you hadn’t known.

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