How An Integrated Restaurant Ordering System Simplifies Restaurant Operations

How Integrated Restaurant Ordering System Can Help Your Restaurant Blossom

Since the entire restaurant operations have now got automated, it has enabled the restaurant to broaden their reach and push their limits. This is especially true when it comes to how the ordering system for restaurants helps in increasing sales. A restaurant ordering system is a system that allows restaurants to accept orders from customers. With the rise in online orders, it becomes essential that the ordering system is integrated with online ordering. The point of sale (POS) has now evolved to become an integrated restaurant ordering system that can accept and process orders online apart from facilitating manual order taking. 

3 Ways to Use Restaurant Ordering System to Increase Your Sales

Restaurants are nowadays on the lookout for employing a technology that will help them to run their restaurant without a headache. Hence, the restaurants have found various ways through which your restaurant ordering system can bolster the sales of your restaurant. Read and know how you can make that happen.

1. Mobile and Website Restaurant Ordering 

You as a restaurant owner must realize that customers nowadays place orders through their mobile and laptops. Online ordering has come up in a big way. Hence you must have a very customer friendly website and mobile app so that they can place their orders without any hassles. The main things that must be taken into consideration to make a website and mobile ordering to make it a viable option for your customers are:

  • Real-Time Menu: Any changes made in the central POS menu are updated instantly on the website and mobile app. This is a two-edged sword. While this will be beneficial for you since you can avoid hassles of manually making changes on the website and mobile, it will also make sure that your customers are always in tune with all the new menu items that you insert in your menu.
  • Customers Can Have Their Profile: If your customers can save their details, like their favorite orders, multiple addresses and the like, it will make it much easy for your customers to place delivery orders.
  • Save Order History: If all the previous orders get automatically saved, the customers can easily mark their order as Favorite and place the same order with a single click. Such a restaurant ordering system will make ordering for your customers an easy affair.
  • Ability to Place Advance Orders: Many a time the customers prefers to place an advance order, however, the majority of the restaurant do not provide this feature. Hence, if your restaurant ordering system offers this feature, it will automatically help you to increase your restaurant sales.
  • You Must Be Able To Collect Customer Feedback: It is essential to receive your customer’s feedback so that you can work on it and make all the required changes. You can engage in a conversation with them. If they have appreciated, kindly acknowledge, and if they have posted a complaint, do apologize. Once you start accepting your customers’ feedback, they will feel valued and will surely revisit your restaurant.
  • CRM Integration: If your website ordering system is integrated with your POS, then the customer details will automatically get synced. Now, once you have all your customer details on your POS, you can send customized and emails, on your customers birthdays and anniversaries. You can even inform them through these SMS and emails about the new happenings at your restaurant, new interactions in the menu and the like. Such actions will help you to build a strong customer relationship, and in turn, help you to retain customers.
  • Avoid the Risk Of Missed Orders: Since all your orders from the website will go directly to the POS, this will help you to reduce the risk of missed orders immensely. Losing an order means missing out on a potentially loyal customer, which you obviously cannot risk it!  
  • Push Notifications: To cultivate an even more well-knit relation with your customers you can use push notification feature on your mobile app. This feature will enable you to send your customers instant push notifications on their mobile, regarding changes in your menu, or any new events or offers that your restaurant will be hosting or offering.

restaurant ordering system enables placing of online food orders

2. Your Restaurant Ordering System Must Have A Delivery App

Having a delivery app will augment your restaurant ordering system completely. The feature that you must include in your ordering system for restaurants or delivery app which will, in turn, help you to increase your restaurant sales are:

  • Have Real-time Reporting About The Available Delivery Boys: Many a times customer orders get canceled since the information on available delivery boys are not available. To avoid such instances, your restaurant ordering system must have a delivery app, which will give you the report about the available delivery boys so that you can assign them orders accordingly.
  • Real-Time Tracking Of Delivery Boys: If you have the real-time reports of where your delivery boys are, how much time they will take to finish delivering an order, then you can assign them the next order. Accordingly, this will ensure that you never disappoint any hungry customer which in turn will help you to attract more sales.
  • SMS Integration: Your customers will always be happy if they are given a chance to track their order. If your delivery app provides this feature, then your restaurant will be the first choice for your customers.

3. Servers App

Your restaurant ordering system must have a servers app, which will help your restaurant staffs to sell and upsell the restaurant’s products well. The ways through which a servers app will help you to increase your sales are:

  • It Will Reduce Delays In Order Taking and will reduce table turnover time: When the servers will be taking orders, the orders will be directly pushed to the POS, hence reducing any delays in order taking. Dependency on manual labor will be reduced a lot with the help of a restaurant ordering system.
  • CRM Integration: All your customer details will be available right in front of the customers. By just entering the customer name or mobile number, your staffs will be able to access the entire customer details like their previous orders. By their last order, your servers can then suggest your guest items and even try to upsell new items in the menu. restaurant ordering system CRM integration
  • Your Servers Will Have The Entire Menu In Front Of Them: while taking the orders the waiters will have the entire menu in front of them through the servers app. This will help the waiters in order taking, suggesting and upselling items. The servers app will make sure that no item goes out of sights and out of mind os your customers.

how to use integrated restaurant ordering system to increase your sales

This clearly shows how implementing the right restaurant system can help you increase your restaurant’s overall profit. Since making a profit is the primary motive of all businesses, what are you waiting for? Bring in these quick restaurant ordering system and see the influx of customers and in turn profit.

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