Employ A Robust Restaurant POS For Complete Restaurant Management In The UAE

How To Employ Your Restaurant POS For Complete Restaurant Management

The FnB Industry in UAE has changed drastically over the last couple of years. And technology has played a major role in that. A smart restaurant POS system will provide an end-to-end solution for all your business problems. It will help you accentuate all sections, from keeping track of billing, inventory control, CRM, and help you in tracking reports diligently. Such an end-to-end solution will help you hone your business and open a lot of avenues to garner more profits. This article provides a comprehensive list of POS features that are prerequisite for restaurant operators in the UAE

Provide End-to-End Management In Your UAE Restaurant With A Robust POS

Read below to know how a stellar restaurant POS system will help you accelerate your operations in the UAE. 

1. Table Reservation and Queue Management

Restaurant operations and management start even before the customers start coming in through your restaurant door. A smart restaurant POS with the Table Reservation and Queue Management feature enables you to accept reservations with ease, and also tell your guests the exact time it would take for the table to be ready.

Table reservation and queue management are especially important for a competitive market as UAE since, during the rush hours or peak season, guests often leave due to long queues and waiting time. A smart restaurant POS with these features will help you accept reservations with ease, increase your customer delight, and ultimately improve your profits.

2. Quick Order Taking And Billing

Billing is one of the most fundamental functions of a restaurant. And since its all about monetary transactions, it’s best if you can automate the entire process. Such a step will negate the possibilities of manual mistakes, or internal theft and pilferage. Having a restaurant management system will take you a step closer to automating the entire process.

It should accelerate your table billing process, by ensuring easy order taking. For this, the system must be empowered to show the entire menu on the tablet screen, allowing split billing and table transfer when the customer demands one, instant KOT generation process, and track and optimize the table turnover time that will help you deliver stellar customer service.

You can track the number of bills generated, and the discounts conferred, remotely without visiting the restaurant. Such advanced features will nullify the need for restaurateurs to be dependent on the restaurant manager or the staff to keep them informed about all the billing details.

4. Customer Feedback Management

This task will be completely streamlined with the help of a restaurant management system. If you have a feedback app, which is synced with your restaurant POS, the moment the customer gives his feedback and the details, it will automatically get updated on the restaurant POS. This will not only reduce your dependency on manual labor, but it will also reduce the scope of manual mistakes. This rich repository will also come in handy and help your run personalized restaurant marketing campaigns. This will help you nurture a personal bond with your customers and help you increase the chances of getting them back at your restaurant.

While initially this process was carried with paper-based feedback forms, and with time it was realized that the task being extremely tedious, is often neglected by the restaurant staff. For example, segmenting the paper-based feedback forms, updating all the information correctly, and they segregating them to run personalized marketing campaigns is no cakewalk, and hence the forms finally become piles of unwanted papers and are disposed of.

5. Personalized Marketing

While increasing the customer trial base is important, what is more, important is creating a band of loyal customers. This makes it imperative for you to nurture the relationship with the customers after they visit your restaurant for the first the, and provide them with stunning customer service, offers, and discounts that will bring them back to your restaurant. And unless you collect the customer details and create a comprehensive repository, being in touch will them will be a distant mirage once they leave your restaurant.

A smart restaurant POS with a Marketing Module will help you create custom SMS and email campaigns based on the customers’ ordering history and behavior.

6. Inventory Management

Inventory management is bar far the most difficult operation in a restaurant business. And trying to control it manually is a task that most fails to perform diligently. This task will get immensely streamlined ones you take refuge in a restaurant management system. This will help you in ways more than one. The task of manually calculating all the inventory items can be easily avoided since the software will be empowered to provide you with real-time reports of the inventory counts of each item, along with the outlet-level item counts.

Restaurants often find themselves running out of an important inventory item on a busy day. Such situations can prove to be extremely detrimental to the health and the reputation of your restaurant. A restaurant management system that is equipped to send you real-time alerts whenever an item reaches its re-order level, will save your restaurant from running out of stock unexpectedly.

Whenever an indent is raised by an outlet the request goes to the vendor if it is standalone, and to the base kitchen if it is a restaurant chain. In the case of the former, the vendor initiates the process, while in the latter the base kitchen raises the request and the vendor sends the raw materials to the base kitchen, and then it is distributed to the different outlets in accordance with the indents raised.

7. Running Multiple Outlets

While running a standalone outlet is a task that many takes years to master, imagine the huge task at hand if one is running a restaurant chain without ERP software. It becomes extremely important for a restauranteur to be in close touch with the operations of the restaurant, however, expecting a restaurant owner to visit all his restaurant chain outlets religiously is something that you simply cannot keep. This is where stellar restaurant management will be your best friend and help you run your restaurant chain in the best way possible.

A restaurant POS that can be viewed as an app, will make the life of the restaurant owner extremely simple. This will ensure that he will be able to view detailed reports of all his outlets in one central place. The total sales generated across all the outlets, the opening and the closing inventory, the discounts conferred, the most-selling and the least selling items on the basis of which you can go about analyzing your menu, the scalability of your marketing campaigns, manage the inventory of all your outlets and the base kitchen from one central place. Once you have all these detailed reports you can very effective strategize further to hone your business exponentially.

8. Employee Management

While running a restaurant in UAE, it is exceptionally important for you to manage your employees diligently. The case remains the same both while running a single outlet or a restaurant chain. However, expecting a restaurant owner to be present and monitor the employees is something that is not possible. Moreover, completely relying on the restaurant manager to manage the staff is also not recommended. A restaurant management software will come to your rescue here. It will empower you to assign roles, tasks, and select permissions to the reports that you would want to confer on the various staff.

With the rising competition in the UAE restaurant market, it has become compulsory for restaurants to leverage a smart restaurant POS system can help you run your restaurant in the UAE seamlessly while ensuring that you provide your customers with splendid customer service.


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