4 Pub Ideas To Lure Customers Through Events

Pub event ideas

Since the coronavirus, pubs have been less popular than ever. With new social distancing guidelines, they are starting to reopen and people are enjoying going back and having a fun night. Because of the increased competition, getting into the bar sector and staying in business has become a very challenging undertaking. Many taverns and restaurants have come and gone, fading into obscurity as time passes. If you are a pub owner and want to attract more customers to your business again, you must come up with out-of-the-box ideas and establish a good marketing tool. It’s critical to work on how you portray yourself to customers if you want to stand out from the crowd and keep your business going. 

Working within your budget’s limits is critical, as is developing an effective company plan that accounts for all employees, food, beverages, entertainment, maintenance, promotion, cleaning, and bills. Marketing is never simple, but it’s significantly more difficult in a crowded market. Bars are also constantly up against dozens, if not hundreds, of competitors. This means that your ability to promote your bar, as well as the experience your customers have there, is crucial. One way to attract more and more customers is through launching events. Not only does an event like this attract the customers of other bars but also could help you gain popularity in the local space. 

4 Pub Event Ideas To Attract More Customers 

This article aims to present you with a few pub ideas to draw more customers through events. 

1. Live Music 

One of the most efficient ways of having people come over to your pub is hosting live music. Live music adds up to the aesthetic of a pub and you can even bring in highly requested bands or just your locals to give them a good platform to launch. Playing live music in restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops has a psychological component too. There is nothing better than a bar with live music to enjoy an intimate evening. 

Live music in a hotel lounge, restaurant, or bar, no matter how lovely the design, helps to enhance the atmosphere and create a romantic or energetic vibe. People want to unwind and forget about their worries and frustrations from hard days at work. Live music assists them in becoming calmer. After all, music releases pleasant hormones into your body, which helps you get rid of your sleepiness. 

2. Open Mics And Karaoke 

You already know the importance of live music and how to create the perfect ambience. Open mics are a new trend that has been doing wonders for bars and pubs. Host comedy nights, poetry nights, or even book reading sessions at your pub and see the difference in footfall. Karaoke evenings will surely provide your bar extra visibility, as millennials seek out locations that provide this experience.

Theme based events are one of the best karaoke ideas for a bar. For example, hosting karaoke nights on a regular basis is a terrific strategy to keep customers coming back because it keeps things unique while also appealing to your hardcore karaoke fans who just want to sing. If you want to go all out, you can have a themed song list, décor, and even unique drinks. When you advertise the event, you can also urge attendees to dress up in costume to get into the spirit. Offer two for one or happy hours when the customers are at your hub to keep them coming back. 

pub event ideas
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3. Social Media And Influencers 

Host a special event for local food influencers. In exchange for a story or exclusive content, provide free food and drinks as well as VIP treatment to them. This can drive publicity, as well as boost growth. Hype up the event on your Instagram page which can help you gain more followers as well as more people in the event. 

Social networking is the simplest and most effective way to interact with customers in real-time. Keep people up to date as to what’s going on via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Invest in a robust social media strategy and update your accounts with high-quality videos and photos regularly. If people contact you through Instagram or other social media platforms, be sure to answer swiftly. Consider launching an e-mail newsletter for further bonus points.

4. Charity events 

People are heading out to the bar today to have a good time and to raise money for a good cause. There has been a substantial increase in philanthropic bar parties in recent years. Customers are more “awake” than ever before, and they understand the power of their dollar. 

Charitable activities are an excellent alternative to attract value-driven Millennials. Organize a “philanthropic foodie” event with other area bars and eateries. Choose one – or more – charities to receive a share of the proceeds from meals and drinks sold during that week. Charity events have the potential to bring in new business. Hosting a fundraiser is a terrific way to promote your business and bring in new customers who have never visited before. While you can be donating a percentage of your sales to a charity or cause, fundraiser nights often see greater traffic, allowing you to enhance your short-term profitability. 

Plus, by throwing an event, you’ll build goodwill within your community and persuade people to return, which will help you boost your revenues over time. Make sure to share how much money your fundraiser raised on social media after it’s over. Restaurants and bars should consider hosting a charity night since it allows them to improve short-term earnings and nurture long-term consumers while also supporting a good cause.

Finally, organizing events can attract more customers to your establishment and take sales up a notch. It’s not enough to have a nice environment and great beverages; you also need to be able to market your bar successfully in order to attract and retain clients. Hopefully, these pub ideas give you some fresh techniques to try out in order to take your bar to the next level of success. 

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